The Entity Sample Clauses

The Entity listed in Part 2 Schedule 1 as lender (the “Original Lender”);
The Entity. Though we may decide to acquire additional equipment, we will form an entity to acquire drilling rigs from the manufacturer in China. The name of the entity will be LARCLAY, LLC. The ownership will be 50% CWEI and 50% Lariat. The sole relationship of the parties is one of members in LARCLAY. Except as set forth herein, neither party shall owe any duty to the other for business opportunities arising in connection with the drilling rigs, such as for drilling, exploring or operating.
The Entity. The Entity represents and warrants to SOS as follows:
The Entity. 3.2.1. To inform THE UNIVERSITY before the starting date of the internship, about the number of participants required for each academic period, as well as the minimum requirements students should meet, through a written document which will be part of this agreement and referred to as TERMS OF REFERENCE.
The Entity. The University and the Sponsor guarantee that the biological samples (blood, urine, saliva, etc.) that may be collected from patients undergoing the Trial covered by this Agreement shall only be used for the purposes of the Trial in accordance with the provisions of the Protocol and of the current regulations. Any conservation and subsequent use are subject to the acquisition of specific informed consent from the patient (or the parent/legal guardian) to the favourable opinion of the Ethics Committee in accordance with the limits and guarantees provided for in the current regulations and guidelines referred to in Article 1 of Legislative Decree 52 of 14 May 2019.
The Entity 

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  • Company Not an “Investment Company The Company is not, and will not be, either after receipt of payment for the Offered Shares or after the application of the proceeds therefrom as described under “Use of Proceeds” in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus or the Prospectus, required to register as an “investment company” under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the “Investment Company Act”).

  • No Ownership Interest Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to vest in Parent or Merger Sub any direct or indirect ownership or incidence of ownership of or with respect to any Shares. All rights, ownership and economic benefits of and relating to the Shares shall remain vested in and belong to Stockholder, and Parent and Merger Sub shall have no authority to manage, direct, superintend, restrict, regulate, govern, or administer any of the policies or operations of the Company or exercise any power or authority to direct Stockholder in the voting of any of the Shares, except as otherwise provided herein.