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Services Included. HP System Support Options are offered in one year and three year increments. HP System Support Options provide the following features for HP Products. Not all of the features are offered with every option or supported Product. Features for each option will be provided as described in the specifications sheet for HP System Support Options. Some service features have prerequisites. Service features may include one or more of the following: - On-site hardware support during warranty - Flexible call submittal - Phone-in software assistance - License to Use software updates - Software media and documentation updates - HP SupportLine electronic support - Escalation management - Remote support (for selected HP Products) - HP PowerPatch tapes (for selected HP Products) - Assigned account support engineer - Assigned HP Response Center account advocate - Patch management assistance - Operational reviews - System release planning seminars and assistance - Installation of software updates - Installation, configuration, and verification of systems and network
Services Included. Xxxxx 0 agrees to sell to Customer, and Customer ----------------- agrees to purchase from Xxxxx 0, the following Services: Colocation Space (including Technical Assistance); Broadband Services; Private Line Services (collectively the "Services").
Services Included. The following services or features are available under this SSMA:
Services Included. During the period commencing on the Effective Date and continuing for one (1) year thereafter (the “Term”), Dentist agrees to provide the following, subject to the terms of this Agreement:
Services Included. The services included in this SLA are those approved by UICTC as being core ICT services. These are defined as essential shared ICT services that meet all or most of the following criteria. • They support the core business of teaching, learning, research and administration. • They need to be reliable and available. • There is significant risk to UCT if standards are not monitored, implemented and enforced. • They are widely used across UCT, and do not require specialised content knowledge. • For the most part, they are provided to the customer free of charge. • Accountability for their provision rests with ICTS, while governance remains with UICTC; in some cases, similar services are also provided elsewhere at UCT. Networking Services • UCT network identity and password managementcampus, wireless and residence network • access to internet servicesremote access to UCT Libraries’ e-resources (reverse proxy services) • remote access to resources on the UCT network (UCT-VPN) Core IT Systems • email and calendaring • access to files on central storage • network printingprovision of software • desktop security systems • UCT on-line directory • System for non-ICTS IT support staff: ServiceNow Phone, Fax and Video Conferencing Services • UCT switchboard • UCT telephone line and extension with handsetfeature phones & accessoriesfacilities to control access and usage on a telephone line • voicemailpersonal desktop faxing • central UCT fax numberconference callingTelkom phonebook entry • video conferencing • SMS service Support Serviceshardware and software acquisition and installationrental of ICT equipment • IT Helpdesk • hardware and software re-installation • hardware repairtraining servicesdata captureannual lab project management Central and Student Administration Systems • central administration system – SAP Financial, HR and Plant Maintenance modules • student administration systems – PeopleSoft, RMS and Syllabus+ • self-service online application and access to student information on the web • development of central and student administration systems • third-party system Classroom Support Services • classroom AV/IT equipment • CSS Helpdesk SERVICES EXCLUDED The following services are excluded from this SLA: • imaging and administration of student computer labs; this is not a core service, but is done where top-up individual SLAs have been negotiatedsupporting non-standard hardware and software beyond “best effort” lev...
Services Included. In the event the monitoring system does not receive a valid Ping response from the target node/device, it will then retry pings in rapid succession over a short period time. If there is still no response the monitoring system will then page personnel in the Network Control Center (NCC). The attending NCC person will then try to identify and resolve the problem (if an Exodus device/network problem). Typically ping response failure may occur due the following reasons: - The Server(s) itself is down (assuming it is the target device) - The line to the server is down - The device/port on which the server is connected may be down (i.e. router/switch/hub port). - In some cases a server may be too busy to respond to a ping request CUSTOMER ESCALATION PROCESS The customer will be notified initially of a potentially down or unreachable device. In parallel the NCC staff will troubleshoot the problem and escalate the situation to a senior Network Engineer (as appropriate). [EXODUS LOGO] 24x7 Network Device Monitoring PART NUMBER EXO-MONW 24x7 Network Device Monitoring (per Device) DESCRIPTION Under this service offering the Exodus Communications will monitor a colocation network device using the IP (ICMP) protocol. The monitoring system uses the Ping utility application to poll the status of the network device every five minutes.
Services Included. Managed Services All CyberRack products include the following basic services for ONE web server. Please refer to their individual specification sheets for detailed information. . 24 x 7 Network Monitoring . 24 x 7 URL Monitoring . 24 x 7 Reboot Service DNS . Exodus will setup or transfer up to two domain names. First years InterNIC charges will be billed back to the customer. InterNIC will xxxx all subsequent domain name charges directly to the customer. . Exodus will provide primary DNS support for up to two domain names and an unlimited number under secondary DNS. Project Management Each new Exodus customer will be assigned a Project Manager to coordinate and manage the installation process. The Exodus Project Manager works closely with customer personnel to ensure that the installation is successful. Some of the key tasks performed by the Project Manager include: . Development of the Installation Plan . Design of the Space Layout Plan . Coordinate space build out, domain registration and/or DNS transfer . Coordinate and assist with the installation of customer's equipment . Collect key customer data including contacts and operating procedures to be supported by Exodus . Customer setup in the Exodus Network Control Center for on-going monitoring and technical support VDC Setup Setup charges include all of the following: . Infrastructure equipment setup . Power wiring and circuit setup . POTS line cross connect installation Power All Exodus Internet Data Centers are facilitized with 20 Amp circuits. All circuits provide in-line UPS and diesel generator backup in the event of grid power failure. To conform to electrical code for peak power use, maximum power usage is limited to 75% of circuit value (i.e. 15 amps for a 20 Amp circuit). Exodus reserves the right to audit customer circuits at random to verify power usage. Custom circuit configurations can be accommodated, however, depending on exact customer requirements additional charges and lead times may apply. Please refer to the below chart regarding power specifications for standard product configurations. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of 20 Amp Maximum Power Additional Purchasable Circuits Included Usage (Amps) Power Increments -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Virtual Data Center EXO-VDC 4 60 20 Amp Circuits ------------------------------------------------------------------...
Services Included. Daily Performance Reporting § Advisor Information Source Web Portal Additional Services Available but not included above are the following services – Daily compliance testing (Cxxxxxx River), Section 15(c) reporting, equity attribution, electronic Board materials, and additional services mutually agreed upon. *Subject to annual CPI increase, Milwaukee MSA. Fees are billed monthly. Amended Exhibit B (continued) to the Fund Accounting Servicing Agreement - LoCorr Investment Trust FUND ACCOUNTING PRICING AND FACTOR SERVICES Pricing Services § $ xxx Domestic and Canadian Equities/Options § $ xxx Corp/Gov/Agency Bonds/International Equities/Futures/Currency Rates § $ xxx CMOs/Municipal Bonds/Money Market Instruments/International Bonds § $ xxx - Bank Loans § $ xxx - Credit Default Swaps/Swaptions § $ xxx - Basic Interest Rate Swaps § $ xxx /Fund per Month - Mutual Fund Pricing § $ xxx /Foreign Equity Security per Month for Corporate Action Service § $ xxx /Domestic Equity Security per Month for Corporate Action Service § $ xxx /Month Manual Security Pricing (>10/day) Factor Services (BondBuyer) § $ xxx /CMO/Month § $ xxx /Mortgage Backed/Month § $ xxx /Month Minimum/Fund Group Fair Value Services (Interactive Data) § $ xxx on the First 100 Securities/Day § $ xxx on the Balance of Securities/Day NOTE: Prices above are based on using IDC as the primary pricing service and are subject to change. Use of alternative sources may result in additional fees.