Water System definition

Water System or “water works” means all public facilities for securing, collecting, storing, pumping, treating, and distributing water.

Examples of Water System in a sentence

  • It is included in this regulation to serve as a reminder that wells exempted from regulation by MDEQ because the surface casing diameter is less than six (6) inches, may still be regulated by the Mississippi State Department of Health if they are part of a Public Water System.

  • The Oregon Capacity Development Strategy for existing public water systems is the third of three phases of the Water System Capacity Program.

  • Resolution authorizing the parish president to accept Atlas Associates, Inc., as the responsible low bidder of the Community Water Enrichment Fund (CWEF) Blahut Road Water System Improvements (Phase II) Project as recommended by All South Consulting Engineers, the project engineer.

  • The requirements for developing the Water System Capacity Program are not tied to the EPA Primacy Agreement delegating enforcement authority of the SDWA to Oregon.

  • The third and final phase of the Water System Capacity Program is the development of the Oregon Capacity Development Strategy for existing water systems, which was initially approved by EPA on August 5, 2000.

More Definitions of Water System

Water System means the plants, structures and other
Water System means all structures, conduits and appurtenances by means of which water is delivered to consumers except piping and fixtures inside buildings served and service pipes from buildings to street mains.
Water System means any community water system or nonprofit noncommunity water system, each as defined in the Safe Drinking Water Act, that is eligible under the rules of the department to receive a loan under the program for the purposes of undertaking a project.2009 Acts, ch 30, §5; 2011 Acts, ch 34, §7 16.132 Securityreserve fundspledgesnonliabilityirrevocable contracts.1. The authority may provide in the resolution, trust agreement, or other instrument authorizing the issuance of its bonds or notes pursuant to section 16.131 that the principal of, premium, and interest on the bonds or notes are payable from any of the following and may pledge the same to its bonds and notes:
Water System means any plant, system, facility, or property, and any addition, extension, or improvement thereto at any future time con- structed or acquired as a part thereof, useful, necessary, or having the present capacity for future use in connection with the development of sources, treatment, purification, or distribution of water. “Water system” also includes dams, reservoirs, storage tanks, mains, lines, valves, pumping stations, laterals, and pipes for the purpose of carrying water to the prem- ises connected with such system, and all rights, easements, and franchises
Water System means the water supply, storage, treat- ment facilities and all structures and piping by which water is pro- vided for any purpose.
Water System or “Water utility” means that system of water reservoirs, treatment plants, pumping stations, feeder mains, distribution mains, service connections, valves, fittings, hydrants, meters, cross connection control devices and all other equipment and machinery of whatever kind owned by the City and which is required to supply and distribute water to all consumers and which is deemed to be a public utility within the meaning of the Municipal Government Act.
Water System means the water system owned and operated by the Municipality of Jasper and all accessories and appurtenances thereto.