Water System definition

Water System means all lands, property, rights, rights-of-way, easements and related facilities owned by a single entity, which are deemed necessary or convenient to deliver drinking water from source to the service connection of a consumer(s). This includes all water rights acquired in connection with the system, all means of conserving, controlling and distributing drinking water, including, but not limited to, diversion or collection works, springs, wells, treatment plants, pumps, lift stations, service meters, mains, hydrants, reservoirs, tanks and associated appurtenances within the property or easement boundaries under the control of or controlled by the entity owning the system.
Water System means all structures, conduits and appur- tenances by means of which water is delivered to consumers except piping and fixtures inside buildings served and service pipes from building to street main.
Water System or “water works” means all public facilities for securing, collecting, storing, pumping, treating and distributing water.

Examples of Water System in a sentence

Water system requirements range from 5 to 700 gallons per minute at a pressure of 50 to 70 psi up to 160 psi.

Water system of SEP is represented by river Sozh with its many tributaries flowing into the Dnieper.

Hence, this submission considers the role of the private sector in the delivery of water services (particularly integrated water services and local recycled water) and proposes alternatives for the determination of a fair and cost effective charging regime for interconnections to the Sydney Water system, whilst retaining postage stamp pricing.Table 1 maps where specific issues identified by IPART are discussed in this paper.

Water system infrastructure for each community will be evaluated.

We recognise that Sydney Water has a legal obligation to charge customers as set out in the Price Determination and agree that providing clarity around the appropriate mechanism to charge for the interconnection between a local recycled water system and the Sydney Water system would help provide certainty for both Sydney Water and for the private industry providers.

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Water System means the plants, structures and other
Water System means any community water system or nonprofit noncommunity water system, each as defined in the Safe Drinking Water Act, that is eligible under the rules of the department to receive a loan under the program for the purposes of undertaking a project.2009 Acts, ch 30, §5; 2011 Acts, ch 34, §7 16.132 Securityreserve fundspledgesnonliabilityirrevocable contracts.1. The authority may provide in the resolution, trust agreement, or other instrument authorizing the issuance of its bonds or notes pursuant to section 16.131 that the principal of, premium, and interest on the bonds or notes are payable from any of the following and may pledge the same to its bonds and notes:
Water System means the water system owned and operated by the Municipality of Jasper and all accessories and appurtenances thereto.