Transitional Services Agreement Sample Clauses

Transitional Services Agreement. The form of Transitional Services Agreement set forth in Exhibit B to the Original Agreement is hereby deleted.
Transitional Services Agreement. On or prior to the Separation Date (or such other date as Mykrolis and Millipore may mutually agree), Millipore and Mykrolis may enter into a services agreement covering the provisions of interim services, including financial, accounting, legal, benefits-related and other services (including inter alia assistance with the establishment of Mykrolis ----- ---- plans as described above) by Millipore to Mykrolis or, in certain circumstances, vice versa, if appropriate or necessary.
Transitional Services Agreement. MEI and MTI shall have duly delivered authorized and executed counterparts of each of the Transitional Services Agreements containing the terms set forth in the term sheet annexed hereto as Exhibit A.
Transitional Services Agreement. 16 9.2 PAYMENT OF LIABILITIES, PLAN EXPENSES AND RELATED MATTERS......... 16 9.3
Transitional Services Agreement. The Transitional Services Agreement shall have been executed by all parties thereto.
Transitional Services Agreement. Seller shall have executed and delivered the Transitional Services Agreement.
Transitional Services Agreement. Buyer shall enter into a transitional services agreement containing customary terms with Seller providing for the hourly services of Xxxxx Xxxxxx based on an allocable portion of total employment cost.”
Transitional Services Agreement. From and after the Closing and until the third anniversary of the Closing Date, (i) LM shall, or shall cause its Subsidiaries to, provide to the Company certain transitional services to the Businesses and (ii) the Company shall provide to LM certain transitional services to the VLS Business and the other LM affiliated entities co-located at the Baltimore Facility, namely, the Lockheed Martin Federal Credit Union, Lockheed Martin Enterprise Informatiox Xxxxems, LMC Properties, Inc. and Loxxxxxx Martin Unmanned Systems Division, in each case, pursuant to a tranxxxxxxal services agreement (the "Transitional Services Agreement") to be negotiated prior to the Closing. Such services shall be provided by the providing party using the cost methodology currently used by LM or the applicable Subsidiary of LM to assess to the applicable Business the same or similar services, and if there is no such current assessment, then at the actual cost of the providing party. Except as provided in Exhibit IV, the Company or LM may elect to terminate any particular service provided to it upon 180 days' notice to the other party and in the event of a conflict between this Section and Exhibit IV, the provisions of Exhibit IV will control.
Transitional Services Agreement. Purchaser and the Seller Parties shall reasonably cooperate and negotiate in good faith to reach agreement on the terms and conditions of a transitional services agreement (the “Transitional Services Agreement”), pursuant to which services relating to the operation and conduct of the Properties following the Closing Date which are currently provided by the Seller Parties (or an Affiliate of the Seller Parties) or by a third party under a master or other agreement with the Seller Parties (or an Affiliate of the Seller Parties) will be provided to Purchaser for a transitional period following the Initial Closing Date. Subject to such good faith negotiations, the Transitional Services Agreement will include IT and collection services at such costs as are reasonably agreed by the Parties. Purchaser acknowledges that the Seller Parties’ ability to provide transition services may be limited by law, third party contract or internal company privacy and security issues (e.g., IT firewall considerations); however, the Seller Parties will use their good faith, commercially reasonable efforts to provide, arrange for or facilitate the continuation of services reasonably requested by Purchaser during the term of the Transitional Services Agreement. The period for the provision of services shall be as agreed upon between the Parties in negotiating the Transitional Services Agreement.
Transitional Services Agreement. Buyer shall have executed and delivered to Seller the Transitional Services Agreement.