Software Updates Sample Clauses

Software Updates. XXXXX agrees to keep current with software licensed from Skyward and will install new versions on a timeline approved by XXXXX governance. This timeline will be communicated by NWRDC to the Districts. School District Workstations Configuration requirements for devices and their software that school district personnel use to access WSIPC’s software modules can be found on our website: xxxxx://‐team/. State Reports XXXXX will provide, at no additional fee, all data reports required by the state that impact 50% or more of the school districts in the state. WSIPC and NWRDC will work with state agencies to gather requirements on the required data. WSIPC will inform NWRDC staff of any mandated changes to state reports and NWRDC will communicate the information to the District. Appendix B NWRDC FTE Fees Fiscal Only NWRDC Software Support Services XXXXX Software Licensing Total FTE Fee $13.63 $20.34 $33.97 $15.56 $13.08 $28.64 $24.52 $20.34 $44.86 Student Only Full Service
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Software Updates. Computershare shall (i) use the most current version of software required to support the performance of Services, including anti-virus and other security software, (ii) regularly review its software applications and systems in light of new products or software releases providing enhanced functionality, and (iii) replace or “patch” existing software as enhancements become available as determined appropriate by Computershare and consistent with good industry practice.
Software Updates. We may, from time to time in Our sole discretion, develop and provide Software updates, which may include upgrades, bug fixes, patches and other error corrections and/or new features (collectively, "Updates"). Updates may also modify or delete in their entirety certain features and functionality of the Services. You agree that We have no obligation to provide any Updates or to continue to provide or enable any particular features or functionality of the Services.
Software Updates. XXXXX agrees to keep current with software licensed from Skyward and will install new versions on a timeline that will be communicated to ISC’s and School Districts.
Software Updates. All WDD software updates shall be made available to Licensee at no cost for as long as Licensee account shall remain in good standing. Installing, updating or uninstalling WDD software versions will never compromise or affect processed data or compromise the configuration of WDD software, unless WDD data files, resource files or data directories shall be manually removed or altered by another third party process or system.
Software Updates. Licensor warrants and represents that (i) all Software Updates shall, at a minimum, be consistent with then-existing and released industry standards; (ii) no Software Upgrade will materially degrade the functionality, capabilities or features of the Product at the time of release of such Software Upgrade and; (iii) all Software Updates shall be backwardly compatible with the data structures, databases and system architectures employed with previously installed versions of the Software and Hardware provided under this Agreement and/or in use by Licensee nor shall such Software Upgrade require redeployment of any such data structures, databases, or system architectures.
Software Updates. Users are eligible to receive, from the Publisher, all new releases and updates of the software, at no additional charge, while under a maintenance agreement. A “
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Software Updates. Philips will install operating system software updates provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Covered System. Software updates mean revisions to OEM proprietary operating system software that enhance existing Covered System functions and operation without hardware changes but will not install operating system software upgrades to new software platforms or software options offered separately for sale by the OEM.
Software Updates. Licensor may provide Licensee with Software Updates and/or Content Updates from time to time at no charge during the Term of this Agreement. The Licensor may, at its sole discretion, decide if Licensee can get Software Updates and/or Content Updates free of charge or the Licensee has to pay for the Updates. For the purposes hereof, "Update" means a new version of the Licensed Software containing technical modifications, updated information, altered functionality, or any other changes that are intended by Licensor to improve or to add, delete or otherwise modify any aspect of the Licensed Software. "
Software Updates. Swisslog shall make available to Customer, who is Current with its account, Software Updates on existing software versions, as part of this Agreement.
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