Broadband Services definition

Broadband Services means Verizon's Fios or DSL-based Internet services (whichever applies). Verizon's DSL-based Internet service is also known as "High Speed Internet" ("HSI").
Broadband Services means those services, including, but not limited to, voice, video, and data, that provide capacity for transmission in excess of 200 kilobits per second in at least 1 direction regardless of the technology or medium used, including, but not limited to, wireless, copper wire, fiber optic cable, or coaxial cable. If voice transmission capacity is offered in conjunction with other services utilizing transmission in excess of 200 kilobits per second, the voice transmission capacity may be less than 200 kilobits per second.
Broadband Services means the internet access we provide you with through either a standard ADSL or fibre optic connection. You will not have a fibre optic broadband service unless we have accepted your request for fibre optic broadband and installed it at your address;

Examples of Broadband Services in a sentence

  • Broadband services were not available to approximately 30 thousand total passings and telephony services were not available to approximately 500 thousand total passings.

  • The BSP aims at creating an institutional and regulatory framework in the Region to boost competition and investment in order to enhance access, adoption and usage of Broadband services.

  • Broadband services include Fiber Internet, Shared Gigabit, Active Ethernet, Dark Fiber, and Transit.

  • NTUAW Residential Broadband/Internet to Home ProjectsOutdoor Unit Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)Residential and Small Business Broadband services will be delivered through two primary technology approaches: Fixed Wireless Broadband and Fiber to the Home.

  • Broadband services will play an increasingly important role in supporting older people by: − Providing access to on-line services, shopping, banking etc.; − Enabling people to stay in touch with family and friends helping to reduce social isolation; − Supporting people to stay at home for longer by supporting the introduction of new health and Social Care services, such as, tele-medicine and tele-care.

More Definitions of Broadband Services

Broadband Services means the use of online information, communication and other services provided by us, (but excluding Utility Warehouse hosted email accounts), and access to information and services provided by third parties, on the internet, where we are providing a fixed line broadband connection.
Broadband Services means all broadband communication services, including Broadband Carrier Services, cable television, telephone, other telecommunications and high-speed internet access service, provided by any Person to residential, business or other customers.
Broadband Services means the services through which you may gain high-speed access to the Internet via a telecommunications network together with the services and facilities provided by us in connection with such Internet access service, which may include the provision of an email account, personal web space.
Broadband Services means the service provided by Frontier that allows you to access the Internet, and offers you a capability for acquiring or retrieving information from, generating, storing, transforming, processing, or utilizing information on, or making available information to other Internet end points connected directly or indirectly to, the Frontier network. Services or Broadband Services include (whichever applies): DSL-based Internet services; fiber-based Internet services, including Fiber Internet broadband and Frontier TV, satellite Internet service; Fixed Wireless Broadband; and, in some locations, Wi-Fi access. Services may be provided directly by Frontier or indirectly through resale or agent arrangements Frontier has made with third parties. By using or paying for the Service, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in this Agreement. If you subscribe to Frontier residential VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or Frontier Digital Voice Service, the terms of this Agreement and the additional terms and conditions on pages 1 to 3 above. (“Frontier Residential VoIP and Digital Voice Service Terms of Service”) also apply to your use of the Services and the VoiP and Digital Voice Service. References to “Frontier,” “we” and “us” and to “you” include our respective subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, employees, predecessors in interest, successors, and assigns, as well as all authorized or unauthorized users or beneficiaries of Frontier Service or Broadband Services under this or prior agreements between us or our predecessors in interest. THIS IS A CONTRACT. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY AS THEY CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS, AND OURS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, DO NOT USE THE SERVICE AND CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY TO TERMINATE IT. Time-Period Term Arrangements Frontier may provide discounted term arrangements, gifts and/or promotions to customers who purchase multiple services at the same time (“Bundled Services”) and/or commit to a minimum time-period term contract arrangement. If you subscribe to a Bundled Services plan with a term commitment, you agree to maintain such Services for the minimum term of that plan. You understand and agree that you must continue to purchase all Bundled Services, without change, for the minimum term agreed upon to receive any promotional offer, discounted rates, gifts or other incentives. You agree that if you change or discontinue any part of a Bundled Services plan, you may lose all...
Broadband Services means the use of online information, communication and other services provided by us, (but excluding Utility Warehouse hosted email accounts), and access to information and services provided by
Broadband Services means Core Network Services, Tail Circuit Services and access to the Public Internet.
Broadband Services shall include both broadband and internet services within the meaning of 30-A M.R.S. § 2203(9); and