Broadband Services definition

Broadband Services means Verizon's Fios or DSL-based Internet services (whichever applies). Verizon's DSL-based Internet service is also known as "High Speed Internet" ("HSI").
Broadband Services means those services, including, but not limited to, voice, video, and data, that provide capacity for transmission in excess of 200 kilobits per second in at least 1 direction regardless of the technology or medium used, including, but not limited to, wireless, copper wire, fiber optic cable, or coaxial cable. If voice transmission capacity is offered in conjunction with other services utilizing transmission in excess of 200 kilobits per second, the voice transmission capacity may be less than 200 kilobits per second.
Broadband Services means the internet access we provide you with through either a standard ADSL or fibre optic connection. You will not have a fibre optic broadband service unless we have accepted your request for fibre optic broadband and installed it at your address;

Examples of Broadband Services in a sentence

  • For most eligible services such as Installation, Basic Maintenance, Managed Internal Broadband Services, etc.

  • Broadband Services include Broadband Internet Access provided to Residential and Business customers.

  • Billing for Broadband Services will automatically begin on the date provisioning of your Broadband Service is complete ("Service Ready Date") which will be the Due Date established by Verizon (after the Equipment has been delivered) if you are self-installing the Service.

  • For Broadband Services, your Term Plan begins on the later of: (a) the date you change your existing Broadband Service plan to a Term Plan; or (b) your Service Ready Date; for Bundled Services, your Term Plan begins once all Bundled Services have been provisioned.

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More Definitions of Broadband Services

Broadband Services means the services through which you may gain high-speed access to the Internet via a telecommunications network together with the services and facilities provided by us in connection with such Internet access service, which may include the provision of an email account, personal web space.
Broadband Services means all high speed DSL services that allow for the transfer of high volumes of data at high speeds.
Broadband Services means a wired or wireless terrestrial service that consists of the capability to transmit at a rate of not less than 25 megabits per second in the downstream direction and at least 3 megabits per second in the upstream direction to end users and in combination with such service provides:
Broadband Services means the use of online information, communication and other services provided by us, (but excluding Utility Warehouse hosted email accounts), and access to information and services provided by third parties, on the internet, where we are providing a fixed line broadband connection.
Broadband Services means the provision of connectivity to a high‑speed, high‑capacity transmission medium or to a technology supporting the higher of: