Hosting Services Sample Clauses

Hosting Services. GSI shall load the Web site onto server(s) that are connected to the Internet and readily accessible via the Web through use of the Domain Names. GSI shall ensure that the Web site is functional and ready to process transactions in a reasonably efficient manner.
Hosting Services. 13.1 If Supplier or its subcontractor, affiliate or any other person or entity providing products or services under the Contract Hosts Customer Data in connection with an Acquisition, the provisions of Appendix 1, attached hereto and incorporated herein, apply to such Acquisition.
Hosting Services. Ventiv will host the Software on Ventiv's Servers to provide the System to Customer in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, which will include administration of database objects, table structure, table space, scheduled programs, stored procedures, and automated backup and recovery processes performed by Ventiv to the Software (“Hosting Services”).
Hosting Services. Standard hosting services consist of a common infrastructure shared with other PeopleGuru customers and their end users. Dedicated hosting services, if subscribed to by Customer in this Agreement, consist of virtualized dedicated web server(s), database server(s), application server(s), and the software components necessary to operate the Service.
Hosting Services. If Client desires to purchase hosting services from xxx the Client Web Site, the parties shall execute the then current Xxxting Services Agreement, and xxxll render hosting services pursuant to the terms and conditions of such agreement.
Hosting Services. If the Service consists, in full or in part, of services regarding the storage of material and/or the transfer or provision of material to third parties, such as in the case of hosting the software, e-mail services developed by Betty Blocks for Client, the provisions of this clause also apply.
Hosting Services. The services that the Supplier provides to allow Authorised Users to access and use the Software, as more particularly described in the Supplier’s Hosting Policy from time to time, a copy of which is available in the client information section on the Supplier’s website (xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx) or at such other website address as the Supplier may notify to the Customer from time to time. Where the Hosting Policy conflicts with these Terms and Conditions of Use and/or any Service Level Agreement, the provisions of the Hosting Policy shall prevail to the extent they are lawful.
Hosting Services. 5.1 Hosting. Service Provider will host the Hosted Solution, including providing to Customer the Standard Hosting Services and any Optional Hosting Services which are part of the Hosted Solution, subject to and in accordance with the terms of the Process Manual and Service Class Manual. The initial Service Class purchased by Customer is set forth in the Purchase Table. Customer may upgrade the Service Class at any time, but may downgrade such Service Class only after the expiration of the Initial Term of this Agreement. In the event Customer elects to downgrade such Service Class, such downgrade will not be effective until the beginning of the next renewal of this Agreement. To modify a Service Class selection, Customer must submit a purchase order indicating the new Service Class.
Hosting Services. Company shall provide hosting for the Portal through GoDaddy Inc. or another comparable hosting service. Company has provided Customer with the technical specifications of its third-party hosting services and shall notify Customer of any change in the hosting provider or such technical specifications.
Hosting Services. Company will provide Client with access to the online Hosted Programs selected in the Order Form(s) and will provide for the storage and retrieval of Client Data in connection with use of the Hosted Programs. Client is responsible for obtaining access to the Internet using software and hardware that meet the minimum requirements, including security requirements, set forth in Company’s published System Requirements document available at