SENIORITY, LAYOFF AND RECALL. Section 1. Tenure or Sheriff’s Office seniority shall be defined as the length of continuous service in full-time employment with the Sheriff’s Office since the employee’s employment or re-employment and shall continue to accrue during all types of paid leaves of absence and other leaves when specifically provided in the Agreement. Sheriff’s Office seniority shall be used to compute vacation leave accrual, service awards, and other tenure-related benefits.
SENIORITY, LAYOFF AND RECALL. 1 A. Seniority shall be defined as the length of continuous employment and shall date 2 back to the most recent date of hire for nurses who complete the introductory period.
SENIORITY, LAYOFF AND RECALL. A. “University seniority” is the employee’s length of continuous service with the University from the employee’s most recent date of hire into a Bargaining Unit position. This date will be considered the date that the employee begins active pay status in a Bargaining Unit position.
SENIORITY, LAYOFF AND RECALL. Section 1. Seniority Definition. Effective on execution of this Agreement, “department seniority” is determined by the length of an employee’s continuous employment in the Department of Justice, Criminal Justice Division since the last date of hire. When an employee takes a leave of absence without pay for more than ninety (90) calendar days, the time spent on leave does not count toward seniority accrual, unless the leave without pay qualifies under FMLA or OFLA.
SENIORITY, LAYOFF AND RECALL. 16.1 For the purpose of this Agreement seniority is defined to mean the amount of time an individual is continuously employed in the bargaining unit. Periods of leave of absences (more than 90 school days) including layoff, teachers will not lose their salary position, but also will not accrue seniority or continuous years of service.
SENIORITY, LAYOFF AND RECALL. A. 1. a.) Seniority shall be a unit member's length of continuous regular service since the date of his or her employment at the campus where he or she is currently employed. A unit member with a work year of less than twelve (12) months shall not be considered to have suffered a break in service during the months which are not included within the unit member's work year. An employee shall have no seniority for the initial six (6) months of employment, but upon completion of this period, shall have seniority retroactive to the commencement of this period.