Layoff Sample Clauses

Layoff. A layoff of an employee shall be deemed to occur when an employee is removed from the work schedule for one (1) week or more due to lack of work.
Layoff a. When it becomes necessary due to lack of work, lack of funds, or in the interest of economy, to reduce the number of employees in a department, the order in which employees will be laid off within each class which is affected by the layoff shall be based on seniority as provided in Section 16.5.
Layoff. A layoff is defined as a permanent or prolonged reduction in the number of employees in a given bargaining unit resulting from a lack of funds, curtailment of work, and/or good faith reorganization for efficiency purposes. Prior to implementing a layoff, the Employer, within the context of its determination of the staffing needs of the layoff unit, will minimize overtime in the layoff unit impacted, the use of agency or traveler nurses in the layoff unit impacted, reliance on per diem and hourly staff in the layoff unit. The Employer will also seek volunteers in the layoff unit impacted who are willing to be reassigned or to be laid off in lieu of the employee(s) whose position is identified to be eliminated. Individuals who volunteer to be laid off will not have a displacement option but will retain the right to be placed on the rehire list.
Layoff. In instances where temporary interruption of employment is an established practice that the Agency used in connection with cyclical or scheduled shortage of work for more than fifteen (15) days, such practice may continue. Provided, however, that when such periods are for longer than fifteen (15) days, the Appointing Authority shall use seniority of employees by classification in the affected work unit in determining employees to be placed on leave without pay. The Appointing Authority will determine the work unit in each instance. If all such employees available for work cannot be returned to their positions, seniority shall be used to determine the order of recall.
Layoff. If (i) Grantee’s employment with the Company or a Subsidiary terminates as the result of a layoff and (ii) Grantee is entitled to receive severance pay pursuant to the terms of any severance pay plan of the Company in effect at the time of Grantee’s termination of employment that provides for severance pay calculated by multiplying Grantee’s base compensation by a specified severance period, then Grantee’s right to receive the Common Shares covered by this Agreement and any Deferred Cash Dividends then accumulated with respect thereto shall become nonforfeitable in accordance with the terms and conditions of Section 1(a) as if Grantee had remained in the continuous employ of the Company or a Subsidiary from the Date of Grant until the end of the severance period or the occurrence of a circumstance referenced in Section 2(a) or 2(b), whichever occurs first. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event Grantee’s employment is terminated as a result of layoff after Grantee becomes eligible for retirement at or after age 62 under a retirement plan of the Company or a Subsidiary, then Section 1(b) shall govern. For purposes of this Agreement, a “layoff” shall mean the involuntary termination by the Company or any Subsidiary of Grantee’s employment with the Company or any Subsidiary due to (i) a reduction in force leading to a permanent downsizing of the salaried workforce, (ii) a permanent shutdown of the plant, department or subdivision in which Grantee works, or (iii) an elimination of position.
Layoff. Both Parties recognize that job security shall increase in proportion to length of service. Therefore in the event of a layoff, employees shall be laid off by classification, in reverse order of seniority subject to the following.
Layoff. Both parties recognize that job security shall increase in proportion to length of service. Therefore in the event of a layoff, the following shall apply:
Layoff. In the event the University determines that the number of bargaining unit employees must be reduced as a result of adverse financial circumstances; reallocation of resources; reorganization of degree or curriculum offerings or requirements; reorganization of academic or administrative structures, programs, or functions; or curtailment or abolition of one or more programs or functions, the University shall notify the UFF Chapter no less than thirty (30) days prior to taking such action and, if UFF so requests, the University President or his designee(s) shall meet with UFF to discuss the layoff prior to its implementation.
Layoff. 3. Reduction of hours to an ineligible status;