Layoff Procedure Sample Clauses

Layoff Procedure a) In the event of lay-off, the employer shall lay-off employees in the reverse order of their seniority within their classification, provided that there remain on the job employees who have the ability and qualifications as required by law to perform the work.
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Layoff Procedure. A layoff is defined as a separation from service for involuntary reasons, other than resignations, not reflecting discredit on an employee. An employee and the Union shall be given written notice of layoff at least fifteen (15) calendar days before the effective date stating the reasons for the layoff. The layoff procedure shall occur in the following manner:
Layoff Procedure. Whenever there is a reduction in force, one or all of the following may occur, until the situation which necessitated the reduction in force has been eliminated:
Layoff Procedure. Where the layoff of a bargaining unit member is necessary, and provided ability, skill, and qualifications are sufficient to perform the job, employees shall be laid off in reverse order of seniority.
Layoff Procedure. In the event of a layoff, the following procedure will be followed:
Layoff Procedure. In cases where ability, experience, qualifications, special skills, and physical fitness, where applicable, as determined by the Employer, are equal according to objective tests or standards reflecting the functions of the job concerned, employees shall be laid off in reverse order of seniority.
Layoff Procedure. In order to promote an orderly reduction in personnel when the educational program, curriculum, or staff is curtailed, the following procedure will be used.
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Layoff Procedure. In the event the Hospital determines a layoff to be necessary, the following procedures shall be followed:
Layoff Procedure. When a College decides that circumstances require a reduction in personnel in any position the following provisions shall apply:
Layoff Procedure. Whenever layoffs become necessary, the agency shall designate the position to be affected. Layoff shall occur within employment condition (unlimited full-time, unlimited part-time, seasonal full-time, seasonal part-time, intermittent) and within the seniority unit. At least twenty-one (21) calendar days, and whenever practicable thirty (30) calendar days, written notice of the layoff shall be given to the affected employee and the Council prior to the effective date of the layoff. Agencies are encouraged to provide longer notice. The written notice shall specify the reason for the layoff and an estimated duration for the layoff. At the Agency’s discretion, an employee under notice of permanent layoff may be granted up to one hundred and sixty (160) hours of paid leave, ending at the date of layoff. Hours of leave may be granted at any time throughout the layoff notice period and shall not be subject to the Application and Reinstatement provisions of Article 10, Leaves of Absence. When two or more positions in the same class, seniority unit and employment condition are designated for layoff simultaneously, the affected employees shall exercise their layoff options in order of their Classification Seniority.
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