Safety Rules and Procedures Sample Clauses

Safety Rules and Procedures. ZESA and ZESCO will continue the present practice on Safety Rules and Procedures (covering the 330kV and 11kV interconnectors between the two systems). These procedures will be a subject of Systems Operations Memoranda.
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Safety Rules and Procedures. The Safety Committee shall review and recommend changes to safety rules and procedures and communicate in writing need for changes to the Public Works Director. Amended safety rules and procedures shall be posted and/or mailed to affected employees. Employees who fail for any reason to utilize safety equipment or to follow such adopted rules or procedures after being properly trained shall be subject to disciplinary action, including written reprimand, suspension without pay or termination.
Safety Rules and Procedures 

Related to Safety Rules and Procedures

  • Safety Rules 5.01 The safety rules of the State having jurisdiction shall be observed by the parties hereto. It is recognized that the Employer has the exclusive responsibility for providing a safe and healthful workplace. To assist the Employer in maintaining an effective and continuing safety program, a permanent Joint Safety Committee shall be established, consisting of two (2) members from the Union and two (2) members from the Employers, who shall meet at regular times to administer educational instructions, investigate serious accidents, and to draft appropriate safety rules. Such rules as adopted by this committee, shall become a part of this Agreement.

  • Policy and Procedures If the resident leaves the facility due to hospitalization or a therapeutic leave, the facility shall not be obligated to hold the resident’s bed available until his or her return, unless prior arrangements have been made for a bed hold pursuant to the facility’s “Bed Reservation Policy and Procedure” and pursuant to applicable law. In the absence of a bed hold, the resident is not guaranteed readmission unless the resident is eligible for Medicaid and requires the services provided by the facility. However, the resident may be placed in any appropriate bed in a semi-private room in the facility at the time of his or her return from hospitalization or therapeutic leave provided a bed is available and the resident’s admission is appropriate and meets the readmission requirements of the facility.

  • Policies and Procedures i) The policies and procedures of the designated employer apply to the employee while working at both sites.

  • Violence Policies and Procedures The Employer agrees to have in place explicit policies and procedures to deal with violence. The policy will address the prevention of violence, the management of violent situations, provision of legal counsel and support to employees who have faced violence. The policies and procedures shall be part of the employee's health and safety policy and written copies shall be provided to each employee. Prior to implementing any changes to these policies, the employer agrees to consult with the Association.

  • Overpayment Policies and Procedures Within 90 days after the Effective Date, Xxxxx shall develop and implement written policies and procedures regarding the identification, quantification and repayment of Overpayments received from any Federal health care program.

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