Nothing in this Section Sample Clauses

Nothing in this Section. 15 shall prohibit a party to this Agreement from (i) instituting litigation to enforce any arbitration award or (ii) joining another party to this Agreement in a litigation initiated by a person which is not a party to this Agreement. IN ENTERING THIS AGREEMENT, THE PARTIES EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT THEY ARE KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARILY WAIVING THEIR RIGHTS TO A JURY TRIAL.
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Nothing in this Section. 11.3 shall be deemed to relieve any Lender of its obligation hereunder to make its Loan on the Closing Date, nor shall any Lender be responsible for the failure of any other Lender to perform its obligations to make any Loan hereunder, and the Commitment of any Lender shall not be increased or decreased as a result of the failure by any other Lender to perform its obligation to make its Loan.
Nothing in this Section. 8.13 shall prohibit the Borrower from transferring, selling, assigning, leasing, subleasing or otherwise disposing of an insubstantial part of its properties or assets, excluding Receivables of the Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries, to any Person from time to time, in the ordinary course. Section 8.14
Nothing in this Section is intended to nor shall it operate in derogation of any requirement imposed on Verizon by a governmental body or agency outside the United States. 15.11 Supplier shall remove from the project, at Verizon’s request, any person furnished by Supplier who, in Verizon’s reasonable opinion, is incapable, uncooperative or otherwise unacceptable in the execution of the services to be provided under this Agreement; provided compliance with such request does not violate any law or regulation. 15.12
Nothing in this Section. 10.6 shall modify or interfere with the rights and obligations of EPIL and the Parties to Developed Technology as established in and pursuant to the EPIL License Agreement.
Nothing in this Section. 9.1 shall prohibit the Lessor from maintaining, at its expense, other insurance on or with respect to the Property or the operation, use and occupancy of the Property, naming the Lessor as insured and/or payee, unless such insurance would conflict with, cause the Lessor to be a coinsurer or otherwise limit or adversely affect the ability to obtain, or the cost of the insurance required to be maintained under Section 9.1.
Nothing in this Section. 6.2 shall permit Santa Xx Xxxxxx to enter into any agreement with respect to a Santa Xx Xxxxxx Acquisition Proposal during the term of this Agreement, it being agreed that during the term of this Agreement, Santa Xx Xxxxxx shall not enter into any agreement with any person that provides for, or in any way facilitates, a Santa Xx Xxxxxx Acquisition Proposal, other than a confidentiality agreement in reasonably customary form.
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Nothing in this Section. 6.03 shall restrict TI from specifying in its Forecasts quantities less than its minimum loading requirements under Section 5.01, provided TI satisfies those requirements on a six-month rolling average basis as set forth in Section 5.01.04.
Nothing in this Section represents a guarantee of employment or a guarantee of employment in a particular position or classification; nor does it represent a guarantee of particular hours, shifts and/or days off.
Nothing in this Section. 16.2 shall preclude Teijin from making proposals on a confidential basis, to Versartis or its Board of Directors, or from seeking a waiver from Versartis of any provision set forth in this Section 16.2, on a confidential basis, and provided such proposal or waiver is not designed to, nor could reasonably be required to, result in public disclosure of such proposal or waiver by either Teijin or Versartis.
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