To Repair Sample Clauses

To Repair t) Throughout the said terms that the Sub-Lessee’s expense well and substantially to repair pave, cleanse and keep in good and substantial repair and conditions (including all usual and necessary internal and external painting, colour and white washing) to the satisfaction of the Estate Manager, SEEPZ-SEZ, the said building and premises and the drains, compound walls and fences thereto belonging and all fixtures and additions thereto.
To Repair. The Corporation will, and will cause each of the Subsidiaries to, at all times, repair and keep in repair and good order and condition, or cause to be so repaired and kept in repair and good order and condition, all buildings, erections, machinery, plant and equipment used in or in connection with its business which are necessary for efficient operation up to a modern standard of usage, and renew and replace or cause to be renewed and replaced all and any of the same which may become worn, dilapidated, unserviceable, inconvenient, obsolete or destroyed, even by a fortuitous event, fire or other cause, and which are necessary for efficient operation, and, at all reasonable times during normal business hours allow Lender or its duly authorized Lender access to its premises in order to view the state and condition of the same.
To Repair. Well and substantially to repair cleanse maintain amend and keep in good and substantial repair the Demised Premises (including the Main Structure and all fixtures fittings Plant machinery and apparatus belonging thereto) and all additions made thereto and the walls fences drains appurtenances and decorations thereof and to renew and replace the same from time to time insofar as the same may be or become beyond repair at any time during or at the expiration of the Term (howsoever determined) damage in all such cases from any of the Insured Risks excepted so long as the Policy of insurance effected by the Landlord shall not have been vitiated or payment of any Policy moneys refused in whole or in part by reason of any act neglect or default of the Tenant its undertenants or their respective servants agents or licensees
To Repair. By the Lessor and its agents, employees and contractors with workmen and others and all necessary materials and equipment for the purpose of complying with any request, requirement, notification or order of any authority having jurisdiction or authority over or in respect of the Premises for which the Lessee is not liable under this Lease or for the carrying out of repairs, renovations, maintenance, modifications, extensions, alterations or replacements to the Premises and all plant, machinery and other building equipment within the Premises PROVIDED THAT in the exercise of this right the Lessor shall use its best endeavours not to cause any undue inconvenience to the Lessee.
To Repair. The Corporation and each Material Subsidiary shall maintain and preserve all of their respective property and assets in good repair, working order and condition (reasonable wear and tear excepted) and, from time to time, make all needed and proper repairs, renewals, replacements, additions and improvements thereto, so that the business carried on by the Corporation and the Material Subsidiaries may be properly and advantageously conducted at all times in accordance with prudent business practices;
To Repair. To keep the Premises in good and substantial repair and condition (except only damage by the Insured Risks, save where the insurance monies are irrecoverable in consequence of any act, default or neglect of the Tenant unless the Tenant has paid to the Landlord such monies) AND without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing:
To Repair. At all times until the Satisfaction Date to keep the Demised Premises in good working order repair and condition (fair wear and tear excepted and damage by the Insured Risks excepted unless payment of any insurance moneys be refused in whole or in part other than as a result of the Landlord's default) and to carry out such repair maintenance renewal overhauls and replacement as are required in accordance with Good Industry Practice and all Applicable Laws and to comply in all material respects with all manufacturers' and mandatory operational modifications Provided that the Tenant shall not be obliged to put the Demised Premises into any better state and condition than they are in at the date of this SubLease and Provided further that for the avoidance of doubt nothing in this Sub-Lease shall prevent the Tenant demolishing decommissioning or dismantling any part of the Demised Premises at any time after the Satisfaction Date;
To Repair. To repair the Demised Premises and keep in good repair order and condition and, as often as may be necessary, to rebuild, reinstate or replace the Demised Premises and to maintain, repair and keep in good working order and condition and, as often as may be necessary, to renew and replace by articles of a similar kind and quality all Plant and Conduits in, upon, over or under the Demised Premises and to repair any damage caused to the Demised Premises by the breakdown, misuse of, or failure to repair such Plant and Conduits and to indemnify the Landlord against any loss or liability resulting therefrom Provided that the Tenant’s liability under this clause does not extend to damage in respect of which the Landlord is indemnified under a policy of insurance or to damage in respect of which the Landlord has no such entitlement through his own default and, if the damage caused by any of the Insured Risks would otherwise give rise to a right to surrender this Lease under the provisions of Section 40 of the 1860 Act or otherwise, the Tenant hereby absolutely waives and abandons such right. AND TO paint or decorate in a good and workmanlike manner in every third year the interior of the Demised Premises in every subsequent third year of the term hereby granted and also in the final year of the term (however determined) PROVIDED ALWAYS that the Lessee shall not under this Clause (7) be permitted to carry out any works to the Building.
To Repair. 55 Any promise to repair, clean, or improve the Premises (including the promised date of completion) that was made by Landlord before execution of this 56 Contract, is listed under Special Provisions or in a separate addendum to this Contract. Time being of the essence as to completion of repairs does 57 not apply to any delay due to causes beyond the Landlord’s control. Landlord shall give timely notice of any delay to Tenant.
To Repair. To put and keep in good and substantial repair and well and substantially to uphold support sustain and maintain throughout the term hereby granted the whole of the demised premises to the reasonable satisfaction of the Lessors and insofar as it shall be inappropriate to repair the same to renew rebuild or replace the demised premises or any part or parts thereof with good and substantial materials and in a thorough and workmanlike manner and to the reasonable satisfaction of the Lessors PROVIDED THAT to the extent that the cost of making good such damages is recoverable from the insurers or to the extent payment may be made to the Lessors by the Lessees under the terms of Clause 2(3) hereof the Lessees shall not be required to repair any damage to the demised premises which shall be insured against by the Lessors and which the Lessors are required to reinstate under their covenants in that behalf hereinafter contained