Every reasonable effort definition

Every reasonable effort means the use of the reasonably available personnel and equipment under the supervision and control of an owner or operator, which are needed and effective to fight the fire in the judgment of the forester and which can be brought to bear on the fire in a timely fashion.
Every reasonable effort means that we will make an initial request for evidence from your medical source or entity that maintains your medical source’s evidence, and, at any time between 10 and 20 calendar days after the initial request, if the evidence has not been received, we will make one follow-up request to obtain the medical evidence necessary to make a determination. The medical source or entity that maintains your medical source’s evidence will have a minimum of 10 calendar days from the date of our follow-up request to reply, unless our experience with that source indicates that a longer period is advisable in a particular case.

Examples of Every reasonable effort in a sentence

  • Every reasonable effort will be made to rectify the abusive situation to the mutual satisfaction of the parties.

  • Every reasonable effort must be taken to provide protection from predators.

  • Every reasonable effort must be made to provide protection from predators at all times.

More Definitions of Every reasonable effort

Every reasonable effort means multiple attempts to contact the prescriber or the prescriber's support staff through multiple means, if available, except in cases when the emergency refill request is received after hours and the pharmacy has confirmed that the prescriber is unavailable.
Every reasonable effort means the use of the reasonably available personnel and equipment
Every reasonable effort. This is Contractor initiated action to promote EPSDT related screenings, laboratory tests, immunizations, follow-up treatment or other services. Every reasonable effort shall include at a minimum a telephone call or mailed reminder either prior to the due date of each visit or upon learning that a visit has been missed and scheduling appointments for members. In the case of being notified of a missed appointment, a telephone call or mailed reminder for the missed appointment is required. If there is no response, a personal visit to urge the parent or guardian to take the child to his or her EPSDT appointment is required.

Related to Every reasonable effort

  • Reasonable Efforts means, with respect to any action required to be made, attempted, or taken by an Interconnection Party or by a Construction Party under Tariff, Part IV or Part VI, an Interconnection Service Agreement, or a Construction Service Agreement, such efforts as are timely and consistent with Good Utility Practice and with efforts that such party would undertake for the protection of its own interests.

  • Commercially Reasonable Efforts means, with respect to the performance of development or commercialization activities with respect to a Product by Licensee, the carrying out of such activities using efforts and resources comparable to the efforts and resources a similarly situated company in the research-based bio-pharmaceutical industry for compounds or products of similar commercial and scientific potential at a similar stage in development or product life, taking into account relevant factors, including without limitation the competitive landscape, the nature and extent of market exclusivity (including without limitation patent coverage and regulatory exclusivity), the likelihood, timing or existence of generic products, technical, legal, scientific, and medical factors, such Product’s safety and efficacy, its time and cost to develop, the likelihood of regulatory approval, its reasonably expected or actual labeling, its reasonably expected or actual profitability, the amounts of marketing and promotional expenditures with respect to the Product, its reasonably expected or actual pricing, reimbursement and formulary status, and the cost of any studies necessary or reasonably useful to obtain favorable pricing, reimbursement or formulary status for the Product. “Commercially Reasonable Efforts” may be determined with reference to specific markets or group of markets.

  • Best Efforts the efforts that a prudent Person desirous of achieving a result would use in similar circumstances to ensure that such result is achieved as expeditiously as possible; provided, however, that an obligation to use Best Efforts under this Agreement does not require the Person subject to that obligation to take actions that would result in a materially adverse change in the benefits to such Person of this Agreement and the Contemplated Transactions.

  • Good Faith Efforts means actions undertaken by a bidder or contractor to achieve a Contract Specific Goal that the CPO or his or her designee has determined, by their scope, intensity, and appropriateness to the objective, can reasonably be expected to fulfill the program’s requirements.

  • Use shall have the meaning given to such term under the HIPAA regulations in 45 CFR § 160.103.

  • Reasonable pupil means a pupil, including, but not limited to, an exceptional needs pupil, who exercises average care, skill, and judgment in conduct for a person of his or her age, or for a person of his or her age with his or her exceptional needs.

  • Reasonable Steps means those steps the Receiving Party takes to protect its own similar proprietary and confidential information, which must not be less than a reasonable standard of care.

  • Reasonable further progress means annual incremental reductions in emission of an air pollutant which are sufficient to provide for attainment of the NAAQS by the date identified in the State Implementation Plan.

  • Good means any merchandise, product, article or material;