THE COLLEGE SHALL. 1. Provide a list aligning each college campus with specified area high schools for the purposes of coordination of all dual enrollment processes.
THE COLLEGE SHALL. 1. Offer collaborative workshops between college and high school faculty to develop curriculum and instructional methodologies and cumulative final exams.
THE COLLEGE SHALL. 1. Review the educational credentials of each proposed first-time dual enrollment instructor and inform District within 2 weeks of document submission if the proposed candidate meets credential standards.
THE COLLEGE SHALL. 1. Send preliminary determination of the proposed course list back to District within 3 weeks of receipt in the office of Dual Enrollment. Courses offered for the first time at any high school site may require notifications or permissions from the college’s accrediting body, and therefore may not receive approval from the college for the immediate term requested.
THE COLLEGE SHALL. 1. Compensate FSCJ faculty teaching a combination of regular FSCJ students and dual enrollment students on a college campus or online course if there are more than 16 District dual enrollment students and the course was not specifically requested by District.
THE COLLEGE SHALL. A. Provide the Resident with an assigned space in a Scripps residence hall.
THE COLLEGE SHALL. 1. Award to students who successfully complete a postsecondary course through dual enrollment or another accelerated education option identified in this Agreement the prescribed number of credit hours in accordance with FS 1 007.271.
THE COLLEGE SHALL a. accept full responsibility for the development, organization, and implementation of the Course curriculum under the direction of an Instructor of Record who shall be a qualified professional educator employed by the College and shall be the College’s representative responsible for implementing this agreement;
THE COLLEGE SHALL. 1. Provide a master list for EFSC campus courses taken through dual enrollment organized by high school with each student’s name, EFSC course titles and grade earned in each course.
THE COLLEGE SHALL. 1. Assign only such students and faculty to the School as having been certified as being in good health. This will include immunization required by the State and the School.