Base Salary definition

Base Salary shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3(a) hereof.
Base Salary means the annual cash compensation relating to services performed during any calendar year, excluding distributions from nonqualified deferred compensation plans, bonuses, commissions, overtime, fringe benefits, stock options, relocation expenses, incentive payments, non-monetary awards, director fees and other fees, and automobile and other allowances paid to a Participant for employment services rendered (whether or not such allowances are included in the Employee’s gross income). Base Salary shall be calculated before reduction for compensation voluntarily deferred or contributed by the Participant pursuant to all qualified or nonqualified plans of any Employer and shall be calculated to include amounts not otherwise included in the Participant’s gross income under Code Sections 125, 402(e)(3), 402(h), or 403(b) pursuant to plans established by any Employer; provided, however, that all such amounts will be included in compensation only to the extent that had there been no such plan, the amount would have been payable in cash to the Employee.

Examples of Base Salary in a sentence

  • The Company may, in its discretion, provide payment of Executive’s Base Salary in lieu of all or a portion of the Notice Period.

  • From time to time, the Company, at its sole discretion, may review and increase Executive’s Base Salary.

  • Bonus potential under Supplemental Cash Bonus Plan: 50% of Base Salary.

  • Base Salary Continuation Period following Discharge Without Cause or Termination With Good Reason: 24 months.

  • As of the Effective Date, the target opportunity for equity grants to Executive under the Plan is two hundred percent (200%) of the annual Base Salary in effect for the then-current fiscal year.

More Definitions of Base Salary

Base Salary means the salary provided for in Section 4(a) hereof or any increased salary granted to Executive pursuant to Section 4(a) hereof.
Base Salary means the salary provided for in Section 4(a) or any increased salary granted to Employee pursuant to Section 4(a) below.
Base Salary shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4(a).
Base Salary has the meaning set forth in Section 4.01.
Base Salary means a Participant’s annual base salary, excluding bonuses, commissions, incentive and all other remuneration for services rendered to the Affiliated Companies and prior to reduction for any salary contributions to a plan established pursuant to section 125 of the Code or qualified pursuant to section 401(k) of the Code.