Related Services Sample Clauses

Related Services. Licensee shall be responsible for obtaining and installing all proper hardware and support software (including operating systems) and for proper installation and implementation of and training concerning the Licensed Software. In the event that Licensee retains Licensor to perform any services with respect to the Licensed Software (for example: installation, implementation, maintenance, consulting and/or training services), Licensee and Licensor agree that such services shall be subject to Licensor’s then current standard terms, conditions and rates for such services unless otherwise agreed in writing by Licensor.
Related Services. (1) a. Transportation – Round Trip b. Transportation – One Way c. Transportation – Dual Enrollment d. Public Transportation e. Parent*
Related Services. SERVICE RATE PERIOD Intensive Individual Services (340)     Language and Speech (415)     Adapted Physical Education (425)     Health and Nursing: Specialized Physical Health Care (435)     Health and Nursing: Other Services (436)     Assistive Technology Services (445)     Occupational Therapy (450)     Physical Therapy (460)     Individual Counseling (510)     Counseling and Guidance (515)     Parent Counseling (520)     Social Work Services (525)     Psychological Services (530)     Behavior Intervention Services (535)     Specialized Services for Low Incidence Disabilities (610)     Specialized Deaf and Hard of Hearing (710)     Interpreter Services (715)     Audiological Services (720)     Specialized Vision Services (725)     Orientation and Mobility (730)     Specialized Orthopedic Services (740)     Reader Services (745)     Transcription Services (755)     Recreation Services, Including Therapeutic (760)     College Awareness (820)     Work Experience Education (850)     Job Coaching (855)     Mentoring (860)     Travel Training (870)     Other Transition Services (890)     Other (900)     Other (900)     EXHIBIT B: 2022-2023 ISA INDIVIDUAL SERVICES AGREEMENT (ISA) FOR NONPUBLIC, NONSECTARIAN SCHOOL SERVICES (Education Code Sections 56365 et seq.) This agreement is effective on July 1, 2022 or the date student begins attending a nonpublic school or receiving services from a nonpublic agency, if after the date identified, and terminates at 5:00 P.M. on June 30, 2023, unless sooner terminated as provided in the Master Contract and by applicable law. Local Education Agency   Nonpublic School   XXX Xxxx Manager: Name   Phone Number   Pupil Name       Sex: M F Grade:   (Last) (First) (M.I.) Address   City   State/Zip   DOB   Residential Setting: Home Xxxxxx LCI #   OTHER   Parent/Guardian   Phone (  )   (   )   (Residence) (Business) Address   City   State/Zip   (If different from student)
Related Services. The Provider offers also other Software-related services. Those include premium technical support with guaranteed response times, training and consulting, certification services, Customer Success Packages and other services according to the currently effective Price List. The other Software-related services are provided under a separate agreement and must be ordered and paid separately.
Related Services. 7.1 Under no circumstances shall the Agreement oblige the Licensor to provide technical assistance or maintenance services for the Software. However, the Licensor is entitled to offer this type of services. The terms and conditions of such technical assistance, and/or such maintenance, shall be set forth in a separate instrument. Only the Licensor offering said maintenance and/or technical assistance services shall incur liability therefor.
Related Services. 3.1 Upon request by ACC, AWS and ACC shall consider implementing a common System Identification Number (SID) for markets operated by the respective parties in the same general vicinity or taking other steps to suppress the roaming indicator on a customer's handset from lighting to indicate that the customer is roaming in such markets, but each party may, in its sole discretion, decide whether to implement such measure.
Related Services. These terms and conditions and the Documentation are intended to define the rights and obligations of the Client with respect to Communication Products used by the Client in connection with all services (e.g., custody, funds transfers, foreign exchange etc.) offered by Xxxxxx Guaranty Trust Company of New York and its affiliates to the Client. The provisions of this Agreement and any documents relating to other services offered by Xxxxxx Guaranty Trust Company of New York and its affiliates may supplement these terms and conditions but in the event of any inconsistency between this Agreement or such other documents and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail.
Related Services. (a) The services of the Adviser to the Fund hereunder are not to be deemed exclusive and the Adviser shall be free to render similar services to others so long as its services hereunder are not impaired or interfered with thereby.