Collaborate with Sample Clauses

Collaborate with. First Nations to create or enhance opportunities and capacity for their participation in SMC recovery planning and implementation, including to the extent possible, stable, multi-year funding arrangements; and
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Collaborate with other mentors and colleagues to assist with participating teacher support.
Collaborate with the Project Manager to estimate timeframes for carpentry work phases for project scheduling purposes.
Collaborate with. Jurisdictional Agencies and IMTs on media releases that provide fire statistics and on-going suppression/management actions on fires. Questions regarding Jurisdictional Agency policy or actions will be referred to the appropriate Jurisdictional Agency.
Collaborate with. SHA and MSGIC to assure that the Maryland Roads web Map Service complies with applicable International for Organization Standardization (ISO), Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), and Open GIS Consortium (OGC) standards.
Collaborate with all pertinent participating service agencies and local educational agencies to provide assistance to all students and/or parents/ guardians, who have been referred.
Collaborate with. Second Chance Program Coordinator to help address the onboarding and re-entry needs and services for students transitioning from the IGNITE jail program to SRJC campus environments.

Related to Collaborate with

  • Commercialization Intrexon shall have the right to develop and Commercialize the Reverted Products itself or with one or more Third Parties, and shall have the right, without obligation to Fibrocell, to take any such actions in connection with such activities as Intrexon (or its designee), at its discretion, deems appropriate.

  • Commercialization Efforts The RECIPIENT shall, including whether through its own efforts or the efforts of a licensee under a License Agreement allowed by the terms of this Attachment, use diligent and commercially reasonable efforts to commercialize at least one Commercial Product or Commercial Service or otherwise bring to practical application the Project Results in accordance with the commercial development plan submitted with the Application and including any changes to such commercial development plan in accordance with Section D3.01. For the avoidance of doubt, partnering or licensing activities shall be considered to be efforts to commercialize.

  • Commercialization Plan On a Product by Product basis, not later than sixty (60) days after the filing of the first application for Regulatory Approval of a Product in the Copromotion Territory, the MSC shall prepare and approve a rolling multiyear (not less than three (3) years) plan for Commercializing such Product in the Copromotion Territory (the "Copromotion Territory Commercialization Plan"), which plan includes a comprehensive market development, marketing, sales, supply and distribution strategy for such Product in the Copromotion Territory. The Copromotion Territory Commercialization Plan shall be updated by the MSC at least once each calendar year such that it addresses no less than the three (3) upcoming years. Not later than thirty (30) days after the filing of the first application for Regulatory Approval of a Product in the Copromotion Territory and thereafter on or before September 30 of each calendar year, the MSC shall prepare an annual commercialization plan and budget (the "Annual Commercialization Plan and Budget"), which plan is based on the then current Copromotion Territory Commercialization Plan and includes a comprehensive market development, marketing, sales, supply and distribution strategy, including an overall budget for anticipated marketing, promotion and sales efforts in the upcoming calendar year (the first such Annual Development Plan and Budget shall cover the remainder of the calendar year in which such Product is anticipated to be approved plus the first full calendar year thereafter). The Annual Commercialization Plan and Budget will specify which Target Markets and distribution channels each Party shall devote its respective Promotion efforts towards, the personnel and other resources to be devoted by each Party to such efforts, the number and positioning of Details to be performed by each Party, as well as market and sales forecasts and related operating expenses, for the Product in each country of the Copromotion Territory, and budgets for projected Pre-Marketing Expenses, Sales and Marketing Expenses and Post-Approval Research and Regulatory Expenses. In preparing and updating the Copromotion Territory Commercialization Plan and each Annual Commercialization Plan and Budget, the MSC will take into consideration factors such as market conditions, regulatory issues and competition.

  • Commercialization License Subject to the terms of this Agreement, including without limitation Section 2.2 and Theravance's Co-Promotion rights in Section 5.3.2, Theravance hereby grants to GSK, and GSK accepts, an exclusive license under the Theravance Patents and Theravance Know-How to make, have made, use, sell, offer for sale and import Alliance Products in the Territory.

  • Extracurricular Activities Effective July 1, 2009, stipends for participation in extracurricular activities which are authorized by the appointing authority shall be: Pathfinders/Mountaineering: Inland $950/year Sailing $400/year Art Club Advisor $300/year Drama Club Advisor $300/year Cross Country Skiing $150/year Interscholastic Coaches: Boys’ Basketball $1000/year Girls’ Basketball (if class D) $1000/year Asst. Boys’ Basketball $750/year Asst. Girls’ Basketball (if class D) $750/year Interscholastic Sport: Scorekeeper/Timekeeper $10/game Club Sport Coaches: Soccer $400/year Track $400/year Cross County Running $400/year Girls’ Basketball (if not class D) $400/year Sports Activity Director $400/year Athletic Director $200/year Committee:

  • Proposing Integration Activities in the Planning Submission No integration activity described in section 6.3 may be proposed in a CAPS unless the LHIN has consented, in writing, to its inclusion pursuant to the process set out in section 6.3(b).

  • Development Efforts 4.2.1 Hana shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to Develop each Product in the Territory (including carrying out its responsibilities under the Development Plan) to:

  • Professional Development Plan Professional Development Plan (PDP) refers to plans developed by faculty members addressing the criteria contained in Article 22 and Appendix G.

  • Collaboration We believe joint effort toward common goals achieves trust and produces greater impact for L.A. County’s youngest children and their families.

  • Development and Commercialization Subject to Sections 4.6 and 4.7, Fibrocell shall be solely responsible for the development and Commercialization of Fibrocell Products and Improved Products. Fibrocell shall be responsible for all costs incurred in connection with the Fibroblast Program except that Intrexon shall be responsible for the following: (a) costs of establishing manufacturing capabilities and facilities in connection with Intrexon’s manufacturing obligation under Section 4.6 (provided, however, that Intrexon may include an allocable portion of such costs, through depreciation and amortization, when calculating the Fully Loaded Cost of manufacturing a Fibrocell Product, to the extent such allocation, depreciation, and amortization is permitted by US GAAP, it being recognized that the majority of non-facilities scale-up costs cannot be capitalized and amortized under US GAAP); (b) costs of basic research with respect to the Intrexon Channel Technology and Intrexon Materials (i.e., platform improvements) but, for clarity, excluding research described in Section 4.7 or research requested by the JSC for the development of a Fibrocell Product or an Improved Product (which research costs shall be reimbursed by Fibrocell); (c) [*****]; and (d) costs of filing, prosecution and maintenance of Intrexon Patents. The costs encompassed within subsection (a) above shall include the scale-up of Intrexon Materials and related active pharmaceutical ingredients for clinical trials and Commercialization of Fibrocell Products undertaken pursuant to Section 4.6, which shall be at Intrexon’s cost whether it elects to conduct such efforts internally or through Third Party contractors retained by either Intrexon or Fibrocell (with Intrexon’s consent).