Note 1 Sample Clauses

Note 1. An Additional Service may include services in both the design and the construction contract administration phases. Each blank should be filled with one of the following three choices: (i) “Included,” for a service included within the Basic Design Services Fee or Basic Construction Contract Administration Services Fee; (ii) lump sum a dollar amount for an agreed Additional Service not included in the Basic Design Services Fee or Basic Construction Contract Administration Services Fee; or (iii) “N/A” for a service not included in the Contract. Each dollar amount must be followed by an indication whether it is a fixed price lump sum (FP) or a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). Allowable reimbursable expenses for the selected Additional Services shall be included in the description of scope of work description. Reimbursable expenses are additional to a fixed price lump sum fee, but are included within a GMP.
Note 1. Where the development contract is a design and build contract, the on-costs are deemed to include the builder’s design fee element of the contract sum. The amount included by the builder for design fees should be deducted from the works cost element referred to above, as should other non-works costs that may be submitted by the builder such as fees for building and planning permission, building warranty, defects liability insurance, contract performance bond and energy rating of dwellings. Note 2
Note 1. If due to any reason, work / assignment is not completed within the stipulated time, AERA may add its discretion extend the last date of completion of work without any financial implication to AERA. Delay in submission of assignment attributable to the selected consultant firm will make them liable for action(s) given in Para 8 “Liquidated Damages and Penalties.” Decision of AERA in this regard shall be final and binding on the consultant firm.
Note 1. (a) A nurse who is transferred to a position outsize of the bargaining unit shall, subject to below retain, but accumulate, her seniority held at the time of the transfer. In the event the nurse is returned to a position the bargaining unit she shall be credited with the seniority held at the time of transfer and resume accumulation from the date of her return to the bargaining unit. In the event that a nurse is transferred out of the bargaining unit under (a) above for a specific or task which does not exceed a period of six (6) months or an academic year and is returned to a in the bargaining unit, she shall not suffer any loss of seniority, service or benefits. It is understood and agreed that a nurse may decline such offer to transfer and that the period of time referred to above may be extended by agreement of the parties.
Note 1. Substances carried in packages with a volume of not more than 3 m3 are exempted from Class 4.2 if, tested with a 10 cm sample cube at 120 °C, no spontaneous combustion nor a rise in temperature to over 180 °C is observed within 24 hours. NOTE 2: Substances carried in packages with a volume of not more than 450 litres are exempted from Class 4.2 if, tested with a 10 cm sample cube at 100 °C, no spontaneous combustion nor a rise in temperature to over 160 °C is observed within 24 hours. NOTE 3: Since organometallic substances can be classified in Class 4.2 or 4.3 with additional subsidiary hazards, depending on their properties, a specific classification flow chart for these substances is given in 2.3.5.
Note 1. For the purpose of overtime calculations, the working day shall be the twenty-four (24) hour period following the start of a regularly scheduled shift. Days off, Statutory and other authorized holidays shall be calculated on a similar basis using the starting time of the preceding regularly scheduled shift. It will be noted that the last day of a group of consecutive days off shall terminate at the start of the next regularly scheduled shift.
Note 1. All the STM‐ 16 & STM ‐ 4 equipment in terms of supporting various interfaces shall be as per above as minimum in a single self except STM‐16 (O), the STM‐4 (O) shall be as per the present requirement suggested in proposed Telecommunication network Annexure – X; at any interface node present requirements with spare (25 % or minimum 2 nos) as required has to be considered while designing/ selecting the equipments. • Populating/Equipping of Hardware Modules/Units in SDH equipment shall be done following guidelines mentioned below:
Note 1. The Corporations Agreement 2002 as shown in this compilation is amended as indicated in the Tables below. Table of Instruments Title Date made Date of commencement Application, saving or transitional provisions Corporations Agreement 2002 6 Dec 2002 6 Dec 2002 Corporations Amendment Agreement 2005 No. 1 Corporations Amendment Agreement 2017 No. 1 13 Oct 2005 29 Jun 2017 13 Oct 2005 29 Jun 2017 — Sch 2 and Sch 3 Table of Amendments ad. = added or inserted am. = amended rep. = repealed rs. = repealed and substituted underlining = whole or part not commenced or to be commenced Provision affected How affected Preamble am. 2017 No. 1
Note 1. All references in the Loan Agreement to the Revolving Note in the form of Exhibit “A” to the Loan Agreement shall be deemed to be references to the Note 1 in the form of Exhibit “A-l” attached hereto and made a part hereof.

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  • Repayment of Loans; Evidence of Debt (a) The Borrower hereby unconditionally promises to pay to the Administrative Agent for the account of each Lender the then unpaid principal amount of each Loan on the Maturity Date.