Definition of Stormwater management plan

Stormwater management plan means a document containing material describing methods for complying with the requirements of a VSMP.

Examples of Stormwater management plan in a sentence

Stormwater management plan means a document containing material that describes how existing runoff characteristics will be maintained within a land development project, that describes controls for the management of the rate of stormwater discharge, and that describes any best management practices provided for water quality protection.
Stormwater management plan shall mean the detailed analysis, drawing, and related supporting documents which describe how the proposed stormwater management system for the development has been planned, designed, and will be constructed to meet the requirements of this chapter.
The applicant shall submit the following at the preliminary plan stage: * Stormwater management plan * Erosion control plan * Site maintenance plan 4 * Lighting and signage plan * Detailed landscape plan 2.
Stormwater management plan A stormwater management plan shall be submitted as part of the development review procedures required by SS6.13 and in conjunction with site plan or subdivision approval.
These BMPs shall be part of a Stormwater management plan (SWMP) as necessary for compliance with requirements of the NPDES permit.