THIS NOTE Sample Clauses

THIS NOTE. 2.1 This Note is issued pursuant to and subject to the provisions of the Securities Purchase and Redemption Agreement dated as of the date first above written, by and among the Borrower, the Holder and the other parties thereto (as amended, supplemented or modified from time to time in accordance with the terms thereof, the “Agreement”), a copy of which is available for inspection at the offices of the Borrower in Park City, Utah and will be furnished without charge to a Holder upon written request.
THIS NOTE. Unless this subordinated note (“Note”) is otherwise redeemed pursuant to Section 5 hereof, interest and principal on this Note shall be payable at the address indicated in the Subscription Agreement executed by the Holder in connection with the investment in this Note or any such other address as the Holder may from time to time designate in writing to the Company, regardless of whether payment becomes due on the Maturity Date (as defined below) or upon the occurrence of an Event of Default (as defined below).
THIS NOTE. This Note is issued pursuant to Section 6 of the Separation Agreement, dated as of September 8, 2006, among Norcraft Companies, L.P., and Xxxxx Xxxxxxx.
THIS NOTE. This Note is issued pursuant to the Call Notice, also dated as of September 25, 2006, issued by Norcraft Holdings, L.P.

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  • The Note The Loan shall be evidenced by that certain Promissory Note of even date herewith, in the stated principal amount of Eleven Million Two Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Five Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($11,287,500.00) executed by Borrowers and payable to the order of Lender in evidence of the Loan (as the same may hereafter be amended, supplemented, restated, increased, extended or consolidated from time to time, the “Note”) and shall be repaid in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Note and the other Loan Documents.

  • The Notes The Notes shall be registered in the name of a nominee designated by the Depository. Beneficial Owners will hold interests in the Notes through the book-entry facilities of the Depository in minimum initial Note Balances of $25,000 and integral multiples of $1,000 in excess thereof. The Indenture Trustee may for all purposes (including the making of payments due on the Notes) deal with the Depository as the authorized representative of the Beneficial Owners with respect to the Notes for the purposes of exercising the rights of Noteholders hereunder. Except as provided in the next succeeding paragraph of this Section 4.01, the rights of Beneficial Owners with respect to the Notes shall be limited to those established by law and agreements between such Beneficial Owners and the Depository and Depository Participants. Except as provided in Section 4.08, Beneficial Owners shall not be entitled to definitive certificates for the Notes as to which they are the Beneficial Owners. Requests and directions from, and votes of, the Depository as Noteholder of the Notes shall not be deemed inconsistent if they are made with respect to different Beneficial Owners. The Indenture Trustee may establish a reasonable record date in connection with solicitations of consents from or voting by Noteholders and give notice to the Depository of such record date. Without the consent of the Issuer and the Indenture Trustee, no Note may be transferred by the Depository except to a successor Depository that agrees to hold such Note for the account of the Beneficial Owners.

  • The Debentures SECTION 2.01.

  • NOTE For greater clarity, recent related experience includes recent related RN experience out of province and out of country.

  • Reissuance of This Note Upon receipt by the Company of evidence reasonably satisfactory to the Company of the loss, theft, destruction or mutilation of this Note, and, in the case of loss, theft or destruction, of an indemnification undertaking by the Holder to the Company in customary form and, in the case of mutilation, upon surrender and cancellation of this Note, the Company shall execute and deliver to the Holder a new Note representing the outstanding Principal which Note (i) shall be of like tenor with this Note, (ii) shall represent, as indicated on the face of such new Note, the Principal remaining outstanding (iii) shall have an issuance date, as indicated on the face of such new Note, which is the same as the Issuance Date of this Note, (iv) shall have the same rights and conditions as this Note, and (v) shall represent accrued and unpaid Interest from the Issuance Date.

  • Promissory Note The Promissory Note is enclosed. The Chief Financial Officer is required to sign it and return it to the OPWC Loan Officer, Xxxxx XxXxxx. It is preferable that you scan and email it to her at Xxxxx.XxXxxx@xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx but may also mail it to the address on our letterhead. Only use one method.

  • Convertible Note The term “Convertible Note” shall mean the $4.3725 billion aggregate principal amount of 6.75% Series U Convertible Senior Debentures Due December 31, 2012 issued under that Indenture, dated as of January 8, 2008, between GM and the Bank of New York, as Trustee, including all supplemental indentures thereto, substantially in the form attached as Exhibit B to this Settlement Agreement.

  • The Guarantees To induce the Lenders to provide the credits described herein and in consideration of benefits expected to accrue to the Borrower by reason of the Commitments and for other good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, each Guarantor party hereto (including any Guarantor formed or acquired after the Closing Date executing an separate Guaranty or an Additional Guarantor Supplement in the form attached hereto as Exhibit G or such other form acceptable to the Administrative Agent) hereby unconditionally and irrevocably guarantees, jointly and severally, to the Administrative Agent, the Lenders, and their Affiliates, the due and punctual payment of all present and future Obligations, Hedging Liability and Bank Product Obligations, including, but not limited to, the due and punctual payment of principal of and interest on the Loans, the Reimbursement Obligations, Hedging Liability, and Bank Product Obligations, and the due and punctual payment of all other obligations now or hereafter owed by the Borrower under the Loan Documents as and when the same shall become due and payable, whether at stated maturity, by acceleration, or otherwise, according to the terms hereof and thereof (including all interest, costs, fees, and charges after the entry of an order for relief against the Borrower or such other obligor in a case under the United States Bankruptcy Code or any similar proceeding, whether or not such interest, costs, fees and charges would be an allowed claim against the Borrower or any such obligor in any such proceeding); provided, however, that with respect to any Guarantor, its Guarantee of Hedging Liability of the Borrower or any Guarantor shall exclude all Excluded Swap Obligations. In case of failure by the Borrower or other obligor punctually to pay any obligations guaranteed hereby, each Guarantor hereby unconditionally agrees to make such payment or to cause such payment to be made punctually as and when the same shall become due and payable, whether at stated maturity, by acceleration, or otherwise, and as if such payment were made by the Borrower or such obligor.

  • Execution of Debentures The Debentures shall be signed in the name and on behalf of the Company by the manual or facsimile signature of its Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Vice Chairman, President, one of its Managing Directors or one of its Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents or Vice Presidents. Only such Debentures as shall bear thereon a certificate of authentication substantially in the form herein before recited, executed by the Trustee or the Authenticating Agent by the manual signature of an authorized signer, shall be entitled to the benefits of this Indenture or be valid or obligatory for any purpose. Such certificate by the Trustee or the Authenticating Agent upon any Debenture executed by the Company shall be conclusive evidence that the Debenture so authenticated has been duly authenticated and delivered hereunder and that the holder is entitled to the benefits of this Indenture. In case any officer of the Company who shall have signed any of the Debentures shall cease to be such officer before the Debentures so signed shall have been authenticated and delivered by the Trustee or the Authenticating Agent, or disposed of by the Company, such Debentures nevertheless may be authenticated and delivered or disposed of as though the Person who signed such Debentures had not ceased to be such officer of the Company; and any Debenture may be signed on behalf of the Company by such Persons as, at the actual date of the execution of such Debenture, shall be the proper officers of the Company, although at the date of the execution of this Indenture any such person was not such an officer. Every Debenture shall be dated the date of its authentication.

  • The Securities The Securities have been duly authorized by the Company and, when duly executed, authenticated, issued and delivered as provided in the Indenture and paid for as provided herein, will be duly and validly issued and outstanding and will constitute valid and legally binding obligations of the Company enforceable against the Company in accordance with their terms, subject to the Enforceability Exceptions, and will be entitled to the benefits of the Indenture.