Accounts Payable Sample Clauses

Accounts Payable. To the extent not apportioned at Closing, any indebtedness, accounts payable, liabilities or obligations of any kind or nature related to Seller or the Property for the periods prior to and including the Closing Date shall be retained by Seller and promptly allocated to Seller and evidence thereof shall be provided to Buyer, and Buyer shall not be or become liable therefor, except as expressly assumed by Buyer pursuant to this Contract, and invoices received in the ordinary course of business prior to Closing shall be allocated to Seller at Closing.
Accounts Payable. Each of the Company and its Subsidiaries shall promptly pay when due, or in conformity with customary trade terms, all accounts payable incident to the operations of such Person not referred to in Section 6.1.1; provided, however, that any such accounts payable need not be paid if the validity or amount thereof shall at the time be contested in good faith and if such Person shall have set aside on its books adequate reserves with respect thereto to the extent required by GAAP.
Accounts Payable. The accounts payable specified on the Seller Balance Sheet do, and those specified in the most recent balance sheet included in the Unaudited Financial Statements do, and those specified on the books and records of the Seller at the time of the Closing will, specify all amounts owed by the Seller in respect of trade accounts due and other Payables, and the actual Liabilities of the Seller in respect of such obligations was not, and will not be, on any of such dates, in excess of the amounts so specified on the balance sheets or the books and records of the Seller, as the case may be.
Accounts Payable. 65 Section 6.19. Advance Payment Contracts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 Section 6.20. Current Ratio. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 Section 6.21.
Accounts Payable. All material accounts, notes, contracts and other amounts payable of CommerceWAVE (collectively, "CommerceWAVE Accounts Payable") are currently within their respective terms, and are neither in default nor otherwise past due by more than 90 days. CommerceWAVE has previously provided Parent with a true and complete aging report prepared as of April 30, 1998 which shows the time elapsed since invoice date for all CommerceWAVE Accounts Payable as of such date.
Accounts Payable. In the event that, subsequent to the Closing, Buyer or an Affiliate of Buyer receives any invoices from any Third Party with respect to any account payable of the Product Business outstanding prior to the Closing, then Buyer shall, within 30 days of receipt of such invoice, provide such invoice to Seller. In the event that, subsequent to the Closing, Seller or any of its Affiliates receives any invoices from any Third Party with respect to any account payable of Buyer or any of its Affiliates for any period after the Closing, then Seller shall, within 30 days of receipt of such invoice, provide such invoice to Buyer.
Accounts Payable. Accounts payable to trade creditors for goods and services and current operating liabilities (not the result of the borrowing of money) incurred in the ordinary course of such Borrower Party’s or Subsidiary’s business in accordance with customary terms and paid within the specified time, unless contested in good faith by appropriate actions or proceedings and reserved for in accordance with GAAP, and provided such trade payables and accrued expenses are not outstanding for more than sixty (60) days;
Accounts Payable. Each party and their Affiliates will promptly deliver to the other a true copy of any invoice, written notice of accounts payable or written notice of a dispute as to the amount or terms of any accounts payable received from the creditor of such accounts payable to the extent such accounts payable is owed by the other party. Should either party discover it has paid an accounts payable belonging to the other party, then Buyer or Sellers, as applicable, shall provide written notice of such payment to the other party and the other party shall promptly reimburse the party that paid such accounts payable all amounts listed on such notice.
Accounts Payable. Section 1.28 of the Disclosure Schedule sets forth a true, correct and complete breakdown and aging of the accounts payable of the Company as of the Financial Cut-Off Date, which are individually or in the aggregate in excess of $25,000. All such accounts payable were incurred in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice, are valid payables for products or services purchased by the Company and except as set forth on the Disclosure Schedule, as at the date of this Agreement and the Financial Cut-off Date, there is no account payable that is outstanding more than 90 days past the invoice date.
Accounts Payable. The Accounts Payable report represents invoices that have been received and recorded, but checks have not been issued. If necessary, please provide a reconciliation of this report to the general ledger account balances. Accrual Schedules: Accrual schedules must be submitted in the monthly accounting package detailing the accrual entries made to the general ledger in the current month.