Foreign Currency Sample Clauses

Foreign Currency. (“Currencies”) means any currency or any composite currency unit issued by a government or entity other than the United States Department of Treasury.
Foreign Currency. If DWR enters into any transaction for Customer effected in a currency other than U.S. dollars: (a) any profit or loss caused by changes in the rate of exchange for such currency shall be for Customer's account and risk and (b) unless another currency is designated in DWR's confirmation of such transaction, all margin for such transaction and the profit or loss on the liquidation of such transaction shall be in U.S. dollars at a rate of exchange determined by DWR in its discretion on the basis of then prevailing market rates of exchange for such foreign currency.
Foreign Currency. The term "Foreign Currency" shall mean any currency other than Dollars.
Foreign Currency. The term “Foreign Currency” shall mean any currency other than Dollars.
Foreign Currency. If the Agent or any Lender so notifies the Guarantors in writing, at the Agent’s or such Lender’s sole and absolute discretion, payments under this Guaranty shall be the U.S. Dollar equivalent of the Guaranteed Obligations or any portion thereof, determined as of the date payment is made. If any claim arising under or related to this Guaranty is reduced to judgment denominated in a currency (the “Judgment Currency”) other than the currencies in which the Guaranteed Obligations are denominated or the currencies payable hereunder (collectively the “Obligations Currency”), the judgment shall be for the equivalent in the Judgment Currency of the amount of the claim denominated in the Obligations Currency included in the judgment, determined as of the date of judgment. The equivalent of any Obligations Currency amount in any Judgment Currency shall be calculated at the spot rate for the purchase of the Obligations Currency with the Judgment Currency quoted by the Agent or such Lender’s in the place of the Agent’s or such Lender’s choice at or about 8:00 a.m. on the date for determination specified above. Each Guarantor shall indemnify the Agent and each Lender and hold the Agent and each Lender harmless from and against all loss or damage resulting from any change in exchange rates between the date any claim is reduced to judgment and the date of payment thereof by a Guarantor or any failure of the amount of any such judgment to be calculated as provided in this paragraph.
Foreign Currency. All drafts drawn on your account shall be payable in currency of the United States of America. You agree not to draw a draft payable in any foreign currency. If you give us an order to pay the draft in foreign currency, we shall have the right to return the draft unpaid. If, however, we should pay the draft we shall not be responsible for the currency conversion and any fees assessed for collection, and you shall be bound by our determination of the currency conversion rate and the data and manner in which we make the conversion.
Foreign Currency. To the extent consistent with the Investment Guidelines, the Sub-Adviser, as the Fund’s agent and attorney-in-fact, when it deems appropriate and without prior consultation with the Adviser or the Fund, may cause the Fund or its agent to purchase, sell, exchange or convert foreign currency in the spot or forward markets in connection with portfolio trades, at the market rate, as determined by the Sub-Adviser in its sole discretion. The Sub-Adviser may put in place standard instructions for the Custodian to execute foreign exchange trades on behalf of the Sub-Adviser.
Foreign Currency. The obligation of the Company pursuant to this Agreement in respect of any sum due to the Underwriters shall, notwithstanding any judgment in a currency other than United States dollars, not be discharged until the first Business Day, following receipt by such Underwriter of any sum adjudged to be so due in such other currency, on which (and only to the extent that) such Underwriter may in accordance with normal banking procedures purchase United States dollars with such other currency; if the United States dollars so purchased are less than the sum originally due to the Underwriter hereunder, the Company agrees, as a separate obligation and notwithstanding any such judgment, to indemnify the Underwriter against such loss. If the United States dollars so purchased are greater than the sum originally due to the Underwriters hereunder, such Underwriter agrees to pay to the Company an amount equal to the excess of the dollars so purchased over the sum originally due to the Underwriters hereunder.
Foreign Currency an English court may decline to give judgment in respect of an obligation under any Document in any currency other than sterling and any judgment other than in sterling may be converted to sterling for enforcement purposes and, in an English liquidation, foreign currency claims must be converted into sterling at the rate prevailing at the commencement of liquidation for the purpose of proving for such claims;
Foreign Currency. In any case where payment is made in foreign currency such payments shall be adjusted to the proper rate of exchange so that in no case shall the principal performer receive less than the equivalent in U.S. dollars of the minimums required by the Contract.