The Manufacturer definition

The Manufacturer means the person, firm, or company who manufactured the Goods supplied by the Seller under the Contract.
The Manufacturer means the person who undertakes the last process of manufacture of the goods;
The Manufacturer means the user of the starch for the production of approved products.

Examples of The Manufacturer in a sentence

  • The Manufacturer should have documentary evidence to the effect that they are the original Manufacturer of the quoted product with indication of manufacturing site and its location.

  • The Manufacturer has provided a declaration about the control of, or the lack of Asbestos in this product.

  • The Manufacturer will cover the costs and arrange for the delivery of the new product and for the return of the old product.

  • The Manufacturer reserves the right to terminate the guarantee if its staff or representatives are subjected to physical or verbal abuse in the course of carrying out their duties.

  • The Manufacturer is the default user of the TOE during the Phase 2 Manufacturing.

More Definitions of The Manufacturer

The Manufacturer s” means the individual or firm supplying the Goods and Services under this Contract.
The Manufacturer means the manufacturer of the Goods where the Company does not manufacture the Goods.
The Manufacturer means Mersive Technologies Inc., Denver, CO, USA.
The Manufacturer means the person or persons by whom the goods were manufactured or produced.
The Manufacturer means any natural or legal person who manufactures a safety component for lifts or has a safety component for lifts designed or manufactured, and markets it under his name or trademark;
The Manufacturer means the manufacturer of all or any of the Goods or any part or parts thereof.
The Manufacturer s pipeline”. This means the customers’ product moves from plant to market consistently and efficiently.