Schedule of Values Sample Clauses

Schedule of Values. 9.2.1 Before the first Application for Payment, the Contractor shall submit to the Architect a schedule of values allocated to the various portions of the Work, prepared in such form and supported by such data to substantiate its accuracy as the Architect may require. This schedule, unless objected to by the Architect, shall be used only as a basis for the Contractor's Applications for Payment.
Schedule of Values. The Contractor shall submit to the ODR and the A/E for acceptance a Schedule of Values, or Work Breakdown, accurately itemizing material and labor for the various classifications of the Work based on the organization of the specification sections and using the same activity names and terms as the Work Progress Schedule. The accepted Schedule of Values will be the basis for the progress payments under the Contract.
Schedule of Values. Developer will provide a schedule of values, approved by the District, which will be attached hereto as Exhibit G (“Schedule of Values”). The Schedule of Values must be approved by the District.
Schedule of Values. The Developer shall provide for District review and approval prior to commencement of the Work a schedule of values for all of the Work, which includes quantities and prices of items aggregating the Guaranteed Maximum Price and subdivided into component parts as per specifications. The Schedule of Values shall not be modified or amended by the Developer without the prior consent and approval of the District, which may be granted or withheld in the sole discretion of the District. The District shall have the right at any time to revise the schedule of values if, in the District’s sole opinion, the schedule of values does not accurately reflect the value of the Work performed.
Schedule of Values. The schedule of values attached hereto as Exhibit E (the “Schedule of Values”) (i) subdivides the Work into its respective parts, (ii) includes values for all items comprising the Work, and (iii) serves as the basis for monthly progress payments made to Design-Builder throughout the Work.
Schedule of Values. 1 The Contractor shall submit to the Contract Administrator, within fourteen (14) Calendar Days of the Effective Date and prior to the first Proper Invoice, a schedule of values with a detailed breakdown of the Fixed Price Work not relating to milestones, aggregating the total amount of the Fixed Price not attributable to the milestones, so as to facilitate evaluation of Proper Invoices.
Schedule of Values. Within thirty (30) calendar days of executing this Subcontract and before submitting its first application for payment, the Subcontractor shall submit to the Contractor a schedule of values, prepared in a form and degree of detail acceptable to the Contractor. If approved, this schedule of values shall become the basis for determining the amount due on applications for progress payment. If the parties do not agree on a schedule of values for this purpose, the Contractor shall establish the schedule of values.
Schedule of Values. A detailed, itemized breakdown of the Contract Sum, which provides for a fair and reasonable allocation of the dollar values to each of the various parts of the Work.
Schedule of Values. Where the Contract Sum is based on a stipulated sum or Guaranteed Maximum Price, the Design-Builder, prior to the first Application for Payment after execution of the Design-Build Amendment shall submit to the Owner a schedule of values allocating the entire Contract Sum to the various portions of the Work and prepared in such form and supported by such data to substantiate its accuracy as the Owner may require. This schedule, unless objected to by the Owner, shall be used as a basis for reviewing the Design-Builder’s Applications for Payment.
Schedule of Values. Contractor’s Schedule of Values will serve as the basis for progress payments and will be incorporated into a form of Application for Payment acceptable to Architect and Owner. Progress payments on account of Unit Price Work will be based on the number of units completed.