Adoption Sample Clauses

Adoption. The Member hereby adopts this Agreement as the “limited liability company agreementof the Company (as that term is used in the Act) as of the Effective Date. Unless a provision of the Act expressly provides that the Act supersedes any provision contained in this Agreement, the terms and conditions of this Agreement, as the same may be amended, shall govern.
Adoption. A unit member adopting a child will be entitled, upon request, to a long-term parental leave to commence at any time during the first year after receiving defacto custody of said child, or prior to receiving custody, if necessary, in order to fulfill the requirements for adoption.
Adoption. An employee who wishes to take unpaid time off upon placement of a child for adoption should apply for Family Leave. Family Leave will be granted in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
Adoption. The start of a family leave for adoption shall begin on a date reasonably close to the date the child is placed in the custody of the employee. Leave for adoption or foster care of a child may also be granted prior to placement if an absence from work is required.
Adoption. Unless contrary to the laws of the State of Florida, the United States of America, or other applicable laws, all corporate acts, plans, policies, applications, agreements, orders, registrations, licenses, approvals, and authorizations of Company Sub and RRI, their respective shareholders, boards of directors, committees elected or appointed by their boards of directors or officers, and agents that were valid and effective immediately before the Effective Time shall be taken for all purposes at and after the Effective Time as the acts, plans, policies, applications, agreements, orders, registrations, licenses, approvals, and authorizations of the Surviving Corporation and shall be effective and binding thereon as the same were with respect to Company Sub and RRI immediately before the Effective Time.
Adoption. Up to ten (10) days of sick days may be utilized foradoption.
Adoption. Affiliate shall adopt, as amendments to its By-Laws or as official policy, the foregoing principles set forth in Sections II and III within 180 days of the date of this Agreement. It shall be a condition of the continuation of the grant of affiliate status contained herein for Affiliate to deliver, upon request, written proof of such adoption to MH. If Affiliate does not adopt the foregoing principles as required herein, its members shall not be entitled to the benefits of membership in MH.
Adoption. Upon ratification by UFE, the Agreement shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees for its approval. The Agreement shall take effect after ratification by UFE and approval by the Board of Trustees.
Adoption. An Employee shall be granted up to three (3) Days leave with pay to be present at the proceedings for the adoption of the child. An Employee taking parental leave as an adoptive parent may be eligible to receive benefits in accordance with the University’s Supplementary Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Plan as agreed upon in 1992. The SUB Plan supplements Employment Insurance (EI) benefits during the leave of absence period due to adoption. In order to be eligible to receive benefits under the SUB Plan, an Employee must: - be eligible for a parental leave in accordance with Article 17.1.1; - commence the parental leave prior to or on the date of placement of the child; - apply for and be eligible for Employment Insurance benefits. The period of eligibility for the SUB plan is in accordance with Article In the event of cancellation of the SUB Plan, should the Employee so elect, the Board shall pay 50% of his/her regular salary up to a maximum of three (3) consecutive months. An Employee who commences parental leave for adoption may continue benefit coverage during the leave. The payment of benefit premiums shall be shared between the Board and the Employee as per Article 16.2.