Adoption Sample Clauses

Adoption. The start of a family leave for adoption or xxxxxx care of a child shall begin on a date reasonably close to the date the child is placed in the custody of the employee. Leave may be granted prior to placement if an absence from work is required.
Adoption. The provisions of this MOU shall be made applicable on the dates indicated and upon approval by the Board of Supervisors. Resolutions and Ordinances, where necessary, shall be prepared and adopted in order to implement these provisions. It is understood that where it is determined that an Ordinance is required to implement any of the foregoing provisions, said provisions shall become effective upon the first day of the month following thirty (30) days after such Ordinance is adopted.
Adoption. A unit member adopting a child will be entitled, upon request, to a long-term parental leave to commence at any time during the first year after receiving defacto custody of said child, or prior to receiving custody, if necessary, in order to fulfill the requirements for adoption.
Adoption a. In the case of adoption, parental leave shall be granted on request and shall commence up to three (3) days prior to the date of arrival of the child in the home. All the provisions of this section shall apply including all rights guaranteed under the Employment Standards Act. Paid leave shall be granted to either parent, or both, if both are teachers employed by the Board, for mandatory interviews or traveling time to receive the child.
Adoption. This Agreement will be deemed adopted and of binding effect, terminating negotiations during its term, upon approval and subscription of the Firefighters and the City.
Adoption. Up to ten (10) days of sick days may be utilized foradoption.
Adoption. Upon ratification by UFE, the Agreement shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees for its approval. The Agreement shall take effect after ratification by UFE and approval by the Board of Trustees.
Adoption. The Member hereby adopts this Agreement as the “limited liability company agreementof the Company (as that term is used in the Act) as of the Effective Date. Unless a provision of the Act expressly provides that the Act supersedes any provision contained in this Agreement, the terms and conditions of this Agreement, as the same may be amended, shall govern.
Adoption. Affiliate shall adopt, as amendments to its By-Laws or as official policy, the foregoing principles set forth in Sections II and III within 180 days of the date of this Agreement. It shall be a condition of the continuation of the grant of affiliate status contained herein for Affiliate to deliver, upon request, written proof of such adoption to MH. If Affiliate does not adopt the foregoing principles as required herein, its members shall not be entitled to the benefits of membership in MH.
Adoption. Any teacher adopting an infant child shall receive similar leave which shall commence upon her receiving de facto custody of such infant or earlier, if necessary, to fulfill the requirements for adoption.