Right to Audit Sample Clauses

Right to Audit. Customer may audit, at its expense, the VISION Web Site and the Distribution Support Services Web Site once in each 12 month period and any associated systems or networks within FAN, after providing reasonable written notice to DST. The audit may include review of configurations, audit trails, and maintenance of systems and software within FAN associated with the VISION Web Site and the Distribution Support Services Web Site. Tools which may be used for the audit may include network security tools; provided, that DST may specify the time at which any tool is used, if DST reasonably believes that such tool may affect system performance. The audit will be coordinated through the DST Internal Audit Office and DST will be entitled to observe all audit activity. Customer will not perform any action that may interfere with the uptime or stability of DST’s systems or networks. Subject to the foregoing, Customer may perform any audit activity which is technically possible for a user of the public Internet. In particular, Customer and its review team will be considered authorized users and DST will not seek prosecution under any computer crime or other applicable statutes for such activity.
Right to Audit. The COUNTY reserves the right to require the CONTRACTOR to submit to an audit by any auditor of the COUNTY’s choosing. The CONTRACTOR shall provide access to all of its records, which relate directly or indirectly to this Agreement at its place of business during regular business hours. The CONTRACTOR shall retain all records pertaining to this Agreement and upon request make them available to the COUNTY for three (3) complete calendar years following expiration of the Agreement. The CONTRACTOR agrees to provide such assistance as may be necessary to facilitate the review or audit by the COUNTY to ensure compliance with applicable accounting and financial standards. This provision is hereby considered to be included within, and applicable to, any subcontractor agreement entered into by the CONTRACTOR in performance of any work under this Agreement. If an audit inspection or examination pursuant to this section discloses overpricing or overcharges of any nature by the CONTRACTOR to the COUNTY in excess of one percent (1%) of the total contract billings, in addition to making adjustments for the overcharges, the reasonable actual cost of the COUNTY’s audit must be reimbursed to the COUNTY by the CONTRACTOR. Any adjustments or payments which must be made as a result of any such audit or inspection of the CONTRACTOR’s invoices or records must be made within a reasonable amount of time, but in no event may the time exceed ninety (90) calendar days, from presentation of the COUNTY’s audit findings to the CONTRACTOR.
Right to Audit. The Board shall have the right to inspect and audit all accounting reports, books or records which concern the performance of the Services. Inspection shall take place during normal business hours at Contractor’s place of business. Contractor shall retain all records relating to the performance of this Contract for five (5) years after the end of the term of this Contract.
Right to Audit. Service Provider agrees that The County or its duly authorized representatives shall, until the expiration of three (3) years after final payment under this Contract, have access to and the right to examine and photocopy any and all books, documents, papers and records of Service Provider which are directly pertinent to the services to be performed under this Contract for the purposes of making audits, examinations, excerpts, and transcriptions. Service Provider agrees that The County shall have access during normal working hours to all necessary Service Provider facilities and shall be provided adequate and appropriate work space in order to conduct audits in compliance with the provisions of this section. The County shall give Service Provider reasonable advance notice of intended audits.
Right to Audit. If University has a reasonable basis to believe that Contractor is not in compliance with the terms of this Addendum, University may audit Contractor’s compliance with FERPA as Contractor’s compliance relates to University’s FERPA Records maintained by Contractor.
Right to Audit. Subject to Vendor’s reasonable security and confidentiality procedures, Purchaser, or any third party retained by Purchaser, may at any time upon prior reasonable notice to Vendor, during normal business hours, audit the books, records and accounts of Vendor to the extent that such books, records and accounts pertain to sale of any Products and Services hereunder or otherwise relate to the performance of this Agreement by Vendor. Vendor shall maintain all such books, records and accounts for a period of at least three (3) years after the date of expiration or termination of this Agreement. The Purchaser’s right to audit under this Article 12 and Purchaser’s rights hereunder shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement for a period of three (3) years after the date of such expiration or termination.
Right to Audit. A. The City shall have the right to audit and make copies of the books, records and computations pertaining to the Contract. The Contractor shall retain such books, records, documents and other evidence pertaining to the Contract period and five years thereafter, except if an audit is in progress or audit findings are yet unresolved, in which case records shall be kept until all audit tasks are completed and resolved. These books, records, documents and other evidence shall be available, within ten (10) business days of written request. Further, the Contractor shall also require all Subcontractors, material suppliers, and other payees to retain all books, records, documents and other evidence pertaining to the Contract, and to allow the City similar access to those documents. All books and records will be made available within a 50 mile radius of the City of Denton. The cost of the audit will be borne by the City unless the audit reveals an overpayment of 1% or greater. If an overpayment of 1% or greater occurs, the reasonable cost of the audit, including any travel costs, must be borne by the Contractor which must be payable within five (5) business days of receipt of an invoice.
Right to Audit. Company and its representatives may examine all books, records and files maintained for Company by Property Manager. Company may perform any audit or investigations relating to the Property Manager’s activities regarding the Property at Property Manager’s office at the address as set forth in Section 18, or at the office of any local property manager or leasing company to whom Property Manager may have subcontracted its duties hereunder or at the Property. Should Company discover defects in internal control or errors in record keeping, Property Manager shall undertake, with all appropriate diligence, to correct such discrepancies either upon discovery or within a reasonable period of time thereafter. Property Manager shall inform Company in writing of the action taken to correct any audit discrepancies.