Emergency repairs definition

Emergency repairs means repairs to a utility facility located in or adjacent to a primary city street that must be performed immediately when the necessity arises to safeguard life or property or maintain continued operation of the facility.
Emergency repairs means repairs which are necessary, as a result of emergencies, to protect, maintain, or repair the Hotels. Emergencies, for the purposes hereof, shall mean immediate threats of damage or injury to persons or property or immediate threats of violations of law.
Emergency repairs means the repair of water pipes to prevent imminent damage to property.

Examples of Emergency repairs in a sentence

Emergency repairs requiring quick attention i n order to avoid the occurrence of additional damages, or works to be executed in conflict areas in which private firms may not be interested.

Repair or replacement You must not authorise the repair or replacement of any insured item without our agreement, except as provided for in Policy Section 11 – Commercial Motor under Extra Cover 5 — "Emergency repairs", or when reasonably necessary to prevent further loss, damage or injury.

Emergency repairs shall be corrected immediately, with the verbal authorization (Emergency Field Directive).

Emergency repairs may be required throughout operation of the T/L due to accidents, violent storms, etc.

The priority uses for the program will be:• Emergency repairs that address an immediate threat to health and safety• Repairs that cannot be funded by other available home repair programs, including repairs that enable the homeowner to access free weatherization grants OH staff will conduct an inspection of the home and must approve the scope of work.

More Definitions of Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs means a building improvement or public works project undertaken on an expedited basis to:
Emergency repairs means any repairs that, if not made in a timely manner, will likely result in immediate and substantial damage to the common areas and facilities or to another unit or units.
Emergency repairs means minor repairs which are essential for you to be able to tow your caravan safely from the accident or event causing the damage.
Emergency repairs means a building improvement or public works project
Emergency repairs means such work as may be necessary to repair the CP Rail Trail which cause or present a danger to the public.
Emergency repairs means repairs needed to the Property as a result of damage caused by the total loss of electricity, gas or water supply, flooding, severe storm damage, blocked or ruptured drains or any other defect with or repair needed to the Property which would put the health safety or security of the Tenant, the Sub-tenant or anyone else staying at or visiting the Property in immediate risk or danger or which would adversely affect the structure of the Property and therefore make the Property uninhabitable by the Tenant or the Sub-tenant. Such repairs are to be carried out immediately by the Landlord or their agent as soon as the Landlord is made aware that they are required to the Property by the Tenant save for in instances where the failure of the electricity, water or gas supplies requires work to be carried out by the relevant utility company to the Property in which case such work must be done before the Landlord or his/her agent can carry out any works to or at the Property which are required in order to restore the relevant supply.
Emergency repairs means, but is not limited to, unforeseen deterioration of roads, bridges or equipment due to accidents, natural disasters or other causes that could not have been expected or that pose an immediate danger to the public."