Emergency Repairs definition

Emergency Repairs means repairs to a utility facility located in or adjacent to a primary city street that must be performed immediately when the necessity arises to safeguard life or property or maintain continued operation of the facility.
Emergency Repairs means the repair of water pipes to prevent imminent damage to property.
Emergency Repairs means any repairs that, if not made in a timely manner, will likely result in immediate and substantial damage to the common areas and facilities or to another unit or units.

Examples of Emergency Repairs in a sentence

  • The cost of Work performed by the Owner in correcting the Emergency Repairs shall be paid by the Contractor.

  • For WSD, the cost of repairing major typhoon and rainstorm damage should be charged to Subhead 121, Item 702 - Emergency Repairs - Contract and appropriate maintenance votes as set out in WSD Departmental Instructions.

  • For Emergency Repairs (non-business hours only), after the Repair Facility has diagnosed the problem, and created a detailed estimate, please provide the Repair Facility with Your Contract number and instruct them to call the Emergency Claims number 844-757-0938 to initiate a claim.

  • Your Emergency Repairs claim will be processed according to the terms and conditions of this Contract.

  • In an emergency, the utility shall use all means at hand to complete repairs as rapidly as practicable and with the least inconvenience to the traveling public.(C) Emergency Repairs.

More Definitions of Emergency Repairs

Emergency Repairs means repairs which are necessary, as a result of emergencies, to protect, maintain, or repair the Hotels. Emergencies, for the purposes hereof, shall mean immediate threats of damage or injury to persons or property or immediate threats of violations of law.
Emergency Repairs means a building improvement or public works project undertaken on an expedited basis to:
Emergency Repairs means the same as defined in Title 11 Chapter 39 of Utah Code.
Emergency Repairs means a building improvement or public works project
Emergency Repairs means any Capital Repairs, which, if not immediately made, would endanger the health and safety of the people working in or attending an event, would cause imminent damage to any significant component of the Stadium, or would render any material portion of the Stadium’s mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems or other significant component thereof unusable.
Emergency Repairs has the meaning specified in Section 9.04(b).
Emergency Repairs means minor repairs which are essential for you to be able to tow your caravan safely from the accident or event causing the damage.