Year End definition

Year End means December 31.
Year End means the end of a Fiscal Year. Accountability Framework‌
Year End means the last day of each fiscal year of the Corporation.

Examples of Year End in a sentence

  • Last Financial Year End: Year…………………………..Month………………..Day .....................

  • For each Fiscal Year End, upload an Annual Report within 90 days of the fiscal year end.

  • Costs to utilize NSCC system to send commissions to brokerage firms; NSCC Fee, NSCC Year End Fee; o all other miscellaneous expenses reasonably incurred by FTIS in the performance of its obligations under the Agreement.

  • GSFA will not issue any state scholarship or grant funds for the Fall term until the previous Fiscal Year End Reconciliation process is complete.

  • In addition to the Term-Reconciliations, the Eligible Postsecondary Institution must conduct the Fiscal Year End Reconciliation through SURFER.

More Definitions of Year End

Year End means [Insert date] in each year.117 Payment of Base Rent and Turnover Rent Starting on the Rent Commencement Date118, instead of the Rent the Tenant must pay as a rent an annual sum equivalent to: the Base Rent, payable at the same time as the Rent would otherwise have been payable under Clause 3.2 if the provisions of this Part of the Schedule did not apply; and the Turnover Rent, payable as set out in this Part of the Schedule. The remedies for late payment or non-payment of Rent will apply equally to late payment or non-payment of the sums payable under this Part 10 of the Schedule.
Year End means the 30 June in any year.
Year End means the end of a fiscal year. Accountability
Year End means the 30 June of any Year.
Year End. The year end for each company will be December 31; however, in order to meet CDP's reporting deadlines, each company will prepare audited financial statements as of November 30 each year and an additional financial statement for tax purposes as of December 31.
Year End means December 31, 2016.
Year End means the calendar year ending December 31st.