Cash Management Sample Clauses

Cash Management. (a) Borrowers shall (i) establish and maintain cash management services of a type and on terms satisfactory to Agent at one or more of the banks set forth on Schedule 2.7(a) (each a "Cash Management Bank"), and shall request in writing and otherwise take such reasonable steps to ensure that all of its Account Debtors forward payment of the amounts owed by them directly to such Cash Management Bank, and (ii) deposit or cause to be deposited promptly, and in any event no later than the first Business Day after the date of receipt thereof, all Collections (including those sent directly by Account Debtors to a Cash Management Bank) into a bank account in Agent's name (a "Cash Management Account") at one of the Cash Management Banks.
Cash Management. Requests for advance payment shall be limited to Grantee's immediate cash needs. Grantee must have written procedures to minimize the time elapsing between the receipt and the disbursement of Grant Funds to avoid having excess funds on hand. 2 CFR 200.305.
Cash Management. (a) Immediately upon the occurrence of a Cash Dominion Event, the Loan Parties, upon the request of any Co-Collateral Agent, shall deliver to the Co-Collateral Agents a schedule of all DDAs, that to the knowledge of the Responsible Officers of the Loan Parties, are maintained by the Loan Parties, which Schedule includes, with respect to each depository, (i) the name and address of such depository, (ii) the account number(s) maintained with such depository, and (iii) a contact person at such depository.
Cash Management. (a) Each Loan Party shall (i) instruct all Account Debtors of such Loan Party to remit all payments in respect of any Account on which such Account Debtor is obligated to a “P.O. Box” or “Lockbox Addressassociated with a deposit account subject to a Blocked Account Agreement (each, a “Payment Account”), which remittances shall be collected by the depository institution at which such “P.O. Box” or “Lockbox Address” is maintained and deposited in such Payment Account, (ii) except with respect to Excluded Accounts, Transition Accounts and the Operating Account, cause each deposit account held by such Loan Party (including, without limitation, each Payment Account) to become subject to a Blocked Account Agreement pursuant to which (without limiting the terms thereof) all amounts on deposit and available at the close of each Business Day in such deposit account shall be swept to an account designated by the Collateral Agent (the “Collection Account”), with such sweep instructions to be irrevocable unless otherwise agreed to by the Collateral Agent and (iii) cause the Operating Account to become subject to a Blocked Account Agreement pursuant to which (without limiting the terms thereof) the Collateral Agent may, upon the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, exercise full dominion over such account and sweep all funds on deposit therein to the Collection Account. Without limiting the foregoing, all amounts received by a Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries in respect of any deposit account (or by the depository institution at which such account is held), in addition to all other cash received from any other source, shall upon receipt be deposited into such deposit account. Each Loan Party agrees that it will not cause proceeds of any deposit accounts to be otherwise redirected.
Cash Management. In administering the Mortgages Trustee Transaction Account, the Mortgages Trustee GIC Account, the Funding Transaction Account, the Funding GIC Account and any Funding (Issuer) GIC Account on behalf of the Mortgages Trustee, Funding and the Security Trustee, as applicable, the Cash Manager shall comply with the provisions of Schedule 2 hereto prior to receipt by the Cash Manager of a copy of any Intercompany Loan Enforcement Notice served by the Security Trustee on Funding.
Cash Management. The Administrative Agent shall have received evidence that, as of the Closing Date, the procedures with respect to cash management required by the Collateral Documents have been established and are currently being maintained by each Loan Party, together with copies of all executed lockbox agreements and Deposit Account Control Agreements executed by such Loan Party in connection therewith.
Cash Management. (a) On or prior to the Closing Date, deliver to the Administrative Agent copies of notifications (each, a “Credit Card Notification”) substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit M (with such changes as may be approved by the ABL Facility Agent) which have been executed on behalf of such Loan Party and delivered to such Loan Party’s Credit Card Processors listed on Schedule 3.21(b).
Cash Management. Administrator shall manage the cash and cash equivalents of the Group and Administrator shall be entitled (and is hereby authorized) to transfer such cash to the account of Administrator and to use such cash for purposes as Administrator deems appropriate, subject to and consistent with the terms and provisions of this Agreement. Nothing in this Section 3.2(d) shall be construed to limit or otherwise modify the requirement that Administrator disburse funds in fulfillment of the obligations of the Group and Administrator under this Agreement.