Contract Value Sample Clauses

Contract Value. The current total Not-To-Exceed (NTE) value of this contract is: $ The Contractor exceeds the NTE amount at its own risk. The Contractor is under no obligation to provide additional goods and/or services that would cause the Contractor’s fees to exceed the NTE amount without prior revision of this amount by written change order. Further, MPHA reserves the right to amend the NTE amount at any time during the ensuing contract period(s).
Contract Value. In consideration for Contractor’s performance under this contract, MPHA agrees to pay Contractor a firm-fixed price of: $
Contract Value. The Contract Value for any Valuation Period is equal to the total dollar value accumulated under this Contract. The Contract Value in a Fund of the Variable Account is determined by multiplying the number of Accumulation Units allocated to the Contract Value for the Fund by the Accumulation Unit Value. Purchase Payments, surrenders and transfers from or to a Fund will result in the addition of or the cancellation of Accumulation Units in a Fund. We deduct an annual Contract Maintenance Charge shown on the Contract Schedule. Prior to the Income Date, this will be deducted from the Contract Value by canceling Accumulation Units to reimburse us for expenses relating to maintenance of this Contract. The number of Accumulation Units to be canceled will be from each applicable Fund is the ratio that the value of each Fund bears to the total Contract Value.
Contract Value. The total cost of the goods and/or services under this Agreement will not exceed the “Cap Amount” without the prior written authorization of MD Anderson’s Supply Chain Management Department. Absent prior written authorization, invoices for amounts in excess of the Cap Amount will not be paid and will be returned unpaid.
Contract Value. The Contract Value is the sum of the Contract Value in the Regular Fixed Account, Contract Value in the Special DCA Fixed Account and Contract Value in the Variable Account. DAY Unless specified otherwise, a Day is a calendar day. FIXED ACCOUNT The Fixed Account is made up of all Our assets other than those in any separate account. FIXED ANNUITY A Fixed Annuity is an annuity with payments which are guaranteed by Us as to dollar amount during the annuity payment period.
Contract Value. We will calculate the Contract Value, which will equal Contract Price x Contract Quantity.
Contract Value. The current total Not-To-Exceed (NTE) value of this contract is: $__,___.__