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FAST. Air Internet will provide subscriber a shared Internet connection for full use up to a transfer quota of 200 gigabytes per month. Fast-Air Internet reserves the right to establish incremental service charges for use of its services exceeding stated thresholds as set forth, from time to time. These service charges will be posted on the Fast- Air Internet Plans Page. Said usage charges will be billed in arrears.
FAST. 2.195-242; Livy 6.1.11; Tac. Hist. 2.91.1; Macrob. Sat. 1.16.23; cf. Macer FRHist 27 F23. I note in passing that the critical issue in Macer is that the same curia had the principium in the year of the battles at Cremera and Allia. Palmer’s clever suggestion that it was the curia not the gens that lost 300 men is unlikely to be right, but I suspect he may be right to think that Macer was onto something; see Palmer (1970) 234-5; Richard (1989). Oakley (1997-2005), on Livy 9.38.15 and in FRHist on Macer F23 is more sceptical.the account has to be thinner and at a higher level of abstraction. The other, as is well illustrated by this volume and other recent work, is to look at this critical but difficult period within its wider context. And the third is to give greater weight to the least disputable aspects of the evidence, archaeology, the Twelve Tables, and the festival calendar.If our focus is in part on why the fifth century is so problematic then we have to start with the sixth century and ask what continuities and discontinuities we can trace. Hopkins’ recent book on Roman architecture reminds us that the divide around 500 BC is a largely modern one and is unhelpful.23 At the same time, Glinister (this volume) reminds us that the transitions at the end of the monarchical period were not neatly focused on the expulsion of Tarquinius Superbus. In short, the period from the sixth to the mid-fifth century is a period of profound architectural activity, and insofar as we can tell, significant constitutional change.Once we begin to think of building as a sign of a society under stress this makes rather more sense. There are plenty of parallels which show that building can take off in a dramatic way when it is being used to reinforce a society which feels a sense of insecurity, rather than operating as a sign of successful stable growth. This insecurity may have been heightened by the brutality of the labour demands.24 Certainly the level of construction in the city of Rome, as attested by temples, is now far greater than we had thought, and this highly visible and powerful display was combined with major infrastructure projects and elite housing.25 Instead of an index of stability, we may be seeing the exploitation of resources within an increasingly competitive world. Internal competition and peer-polity interaction are both likely factors if we can extrapolate from a Mediterranean-wide model.26The flattening out of a messy model of competition into the cano...
FAST. Approvals within 24 hours and settlement within 5 working days.SIMPLEWith no application forms and no servicing calculators, we can provide simple, flexible solutions for your clients. LOANSOur flexible commercial products help SMEs of all shapes and sizes access the finance they need. We’ve partnered with brokers to help thousands of SME’s over the last 25 years.ENN
FAST. EU Project, INFSO-ICT-216048 (2008),
FAST. Air Internet is NOT responsible or liable for any of the following;  Any obstructions) that might be erected or grow between subscribers antenna and Fast-Air Internet's antenna causing degradation or loss of serviceDamage to equipment from lightning / power surges  Re-aiming the antenna  Installing hardware and/or software in a different computer after installation  Re-configuration of network settings due to, but not limited to: tampering or re-installation of operating system.  Any damage done to property from installation
FAST n Windscreen washand headlight wash
FAST. ATLAS detector simulation (Delphes)
FAST a Fast desorbing fractionb, c Rate constants of fast and slow desorption, respectivelyfastslowPhenanthreneBenzo(a)pyrenecarbonD20aD20 aTable 3. Bioavailability of phenanthrene and benzo(a)pyrene in the samples described in table 1. Sample Organic Claya fraction of PAH extracted with Tenax after 20 h 22Legends to figures FIGURE 1. Kinetics of spontaneous desorption, determined by Tenax extraction, of phenanthrene (triangles) and benzo(a)pyrene (square) in samples from the area of "Ex-Carbochimica" in Fidenza, Italy (sample 8, Table 1). The dashed lines represent model fitting desorption results to equation 1. The porcentages in this figure indicate the theoretical recovery of the fast desorbing fraction after 20 h of extraction with Tenax for phenanthrene and benzo(a)pyrene. FIGURE 2. Profile of total concentration (figure A) and D20 (fraction of PAH extracted with Tenax after 20 h) (figure B) in samples from the area of "Ex-Carbochimica" in Fidenza, Italy sample 8 (black bars) and for sample originated from sample 8 after a 60 days of bioaugmentation experiment, sample 9 (white bars). FIGURE 3. Profile of total concentration (figura A) and D20 (fraction of PAH extracted with Tenax after 20 h) (figure B) for bioaugmented polluted soil from Andújar, Jaén (sample 6) (black bars) and for sample originated from sample 6 after a 60 days of bioaugmentation experiment, sample 7 (white bars).Figure 1. Posada-Baquero et al. 93.5 %Benzo(a)pyrene99.99 %PhenanthreneFigure 2. Posada-Baquero et al.
FAST. Agencies annually report motor vehicle fleet data using FAST, a web-based reporting tool cosponsored by GSA and the Department of Energy. The annual Federal Fleet Report publishes motor vehicle fleet inventory, cost, and use data from these annual submissions, and the resulting data tables are available in these datasets. For more information, refer to the following link: