Network Sample Clauses

Network. PHARMACY is a retail, mail order or specialty pharmacy that has a contract to accept our pharmacy allowance for prescription drugs and diabetic equipment or supplies covered under this plan. NETWORK PROVIDER is a provider that has entered into a contract with us or other Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans. For pediatric dental care services, network provider is a dentist that has entered into a contract with us or participates in the Dental Coast to Coast Network. For pediatric vision hardware services, a network provider is a provider that has entered into a contract with EyeMed, our vision care service manager.
Network. Organization grants to Keyholder (i) a limited non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable sub-license to use the network (the “Network”), the use of which Organization licenses from UTC Fire & Security Americas Corporation, Inc. (“Supra”), which is necessary for the use and operation of the XpressKEY or xXXX (collectively, “Key”) for the Term shown on page 4 of this Agreement and (ii) a limited, non-exclusive, nontransferable, revocable sub-license to use the software Organization licenses from Supra (the "Software") for the Term.
Network. 2.7.1 DCH will provide to the Contractor up-to-date changes to the State’s list of excluded Providers, as well as any additional information that will affect the Contractor’s Provider network.
Network. Your ability to perform the transactions or access the accounts set forth above depends on the location and type of ATM you are using and the network through which the transaction is being performed. A specific ATM or network may not perform or permit all of the above transactions. You may access your ATM Card or Debit Card through the following network(s): Intercept, Pulse, Visa®. ATM FEES. When you use an ATM not owned by us, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator or any network used, and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a fund transfer. POINT OF SALE TRANSACTIONS. Listed below is the card you may use to purchase goods and services from merchants that have arranged to accept your card as a means of payment (these merchants are referred to as "Participating Merchants"). Some Participating Merchants may permit you to receive cash back as part of your purchase. Purchases made with your card, including any purchase where you receive cash, are referred to as "Point of Sale" transactions and will cause your "designated account" to be debited for the amount of the purchase. We have the right to return any check or other item drawn against your account to ensure there are funds available to pay for any Point of Sale transaction. We may, but do not have to, allow transactions which exceed your available account balance or, if applicable, your available overdraft protection. If we do, you agree to pay an amount equal to the overdrawn balance plus any overdraft fee. The following card and the corresponding designated account(s) may be used for Point of Sale transactions: • ATM/Debit Card: checking account. Your ATM and Debit cards may also be used to obtain cash from your designated account(s) at participating financial institutions when so authorized under the terms of your Account Agreement.
Network. Provider will make the Network available to Subscriber in accordance with this Subscription Agreement. Provider may, in its sole discretion, modify, enhance and/or expand the Network at no additional cost to Subscriber. Provider may also modify, enhance or expand the Network by providing additional features or functionality, which may, but are not required to be, added by Subscriber to this Subscription Agreement at additional cost. Such additional cost features and functionality may be added by mutual written agreement of the parties.
Network. Landlord may cause to be developed a mall video network within the Retail Development (the "Network"). The object of the Network shall be to provide a program of information, entertainment and advertisements, which shall, in Landlord's judgment, serve to enhance or promote the Retail Development and its occupants. The Network shall have the right to sell available time and access on the Network for advertisements or other uses. The Network shall be under the sole and exclusive direction of Landlord and shall be administered by Landlord. The costs and expenses paid or incurred by Landlord for administering, operating, equipping, staffing, protecting, insuring, repairing, replacing and maintaining the Network shall be charged to the Fund. Any production by Landlord of advertising messages for Tenant and any air time on or access to the Network is subject to availability, as determined solely by Landlord, and shall be at the then applicable rates and fees set by Landlord. Landlord shall have the right to reject, remove or discontinue showing any video taped advertising message of the business conducted, or to be conducted, in the Leased Premises (herein "Tenant Video") or advertising message on the Network the content of which is, in the opinion of Landlord, unethical, misleading, in bad taste, or shall tend to injure the reputation of the Retail Development or its occupants, or shall be deemed to be detrimental to the Retail Development or is in violation of any applicable rule, law or existing agreement with occupant(s) of the Retail Development. Tenant acknowledges that Tenant shall be solely responsible for the content of its Tenant Video and except with respect to the gross negligence of Landlord and the Network, Tenant agrees to save harmless Landlord, its officers, directors, partners, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liability, cost or expense, including attorneys' fees that arise from or with respect to the content of such advertising message, including without limitation any claims for infringement of the intellectual property rights of others or actions for unfair competition. Landlord reserves the right at any time to dissolve the Network and cease providing its promotional services as well as Tenant Videos and in lieu thereof, to provide, or cause to be provided, a program of advertising and promotional events which in Landlord's sole judgment, will serve to promote the Retail Development and its occupan...
Network. Guidance: please provide details of the network at the offshore locations, and of any network connectivity used to transfer DWP information, systems or services to and/or from the offshore locations. Where possible, please provide diagrams that show where these are stored and transferred in terms of these networks.]