DTC Sample Clauses

DTC. The term “DTC” shall mean The Depository Trust Company or its successor.
DTC. The Securities shall be eligible for clearance and settlement through DTC.
DTC. The Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the approval of DTC to permit the Notes to be eligible for “book-entry” transfer and settlement through the facilities of DTC, and agrees to comply with all of its agreements set forth in the representation letters of the Company to DTC relating to the approval of the Notes by DTC for “book-entry” transfer.
DTC. The Company shall use its best efforts to permit the Securities to be eligible for clearance, settlement and trading in book-entry-only form through the facilities of DTC.
DTC. Not later than the effective date of the Registration Statement, the Company shall cause its Common Stock to be eligible for transfer with its transfer agent pursuant to the Depository Trust Company Automated Securities Transfer Program.