Other Component definition

Other Component means any therapeutically active pharmaceutical ingredient that is not covered or claimed by, or is not included in, the Licensed Technology, or any proprietary delivery device or other proprietary delivery means.
Other Component is defined in the definition ofCombination Products”.
Other Component has the meaning set forth in Section 1.24 (Combination Product).

Examples of Other Component in a sentence

  • These assets are classified into four categories: Cash and Cash Equivalents, Investments, Cash and Investments with Other Component Units, and Other Restricted Assets.

  • Further, cash and investments invested by one component unit with another component unit are reported on the statement of net assets as “Cash and Investments with Other Component Units” and “Amounts Held in Trust by Component Units for Other Component Units”.

  • The first four digits of a component unit fund must be one of the following; 9001 – Direct Support Organization, 9002 – Faculty Practice Plan, or 9003 – Other Component Unit.

  • Operations previously included in the Other Component Manufactured Products segment were consolidated with the operations in the Primary Manufactured Products segment to form one new segment called Manufacturing.

  • Other Component Benefit Programs are funded through a trust or through the general assets of the Company.

More Definitions of Other Component

Other Component has the meaning set forth in Section 1.17.
Other Component shall have the meaning set forth in Section 1.20.
Other Component means a proprietary active therapeutic ingredient or a delivery device, in each case that is not itself a LICENSED PRODUCT, LICENSED SERVICE or LICENSED METHOD.
Other Component means one or more other devices or components.
Other Component means any therapeutically or prophylactically active ingredients other than a PCV or SAV. For clarity, an Other Component may include one or more of the following: Merck Agent, Moderna Agent, Third Party Agent or [***].
Other Component means, with respect to a Combination Product, (i) an active ingredient, or other therapeutically active material, that provides pharmacological activity in a pharmaceutical product that is not a Licensed Product, or (ii) a companion diagnostic related to a Licensed Product.
Other Component has the meaning set forth in Section 1.49.