Electrical Power Sample Clauses

Electrical Power. CUSTOMER acknowledges that the Services will not function in the absence of electrical power.
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Electrical Power. Standard 120‐amp duplex outlets are available for specific booths. Please bring extension cords. All electrical equipment requirements and or a specific receptacle (plug) MUST be listed below. Cooking facilities are not available at Region 4. Please submit a picture cut sheet showing receptacle requirements, for each piece of equipment. This information must be provided. Any additional equipment not listed below, will not be allowed.
Electrical Power other voltages possible if specified within two weeks of the time of order. ______________.
Electrical Power. Customer shall provide electrical power, at Customer’s expense, for the Distribution System or Inside Wiring as requested by Company in locations reasonable designated by Company. Company shall have the right (but not the obligation) to install optical network units (each, an “ONU”), modems or other required equipment in units where applicable and deemed necessary by Company. Such equipment shall remain owned by Company, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Customer or a resident. In addition, if requested by Company, Customer shall, at Customer’s cost, provide one or more environmentally controlled spaces in mutually agreed upon locations on the Property for distribution facilities.
Electrical Power. The Landlord will supply to the Premises sufficient electrical power to operate the standard lighting fixtures supplied by the Landlord plus circuits sufficient to deliver power to the Premises as set out in Schedule "C" of this Lease. If the Tenant requires electrical power at a different voltage or at a greater capacity than the Landlord's system can deliver, then any additional systems required, if available, shall be installed operated and maintained at the Tenant's cost.
Electrical Power. The Licensee shall have the right to connect the Licensee’s Equipment to the electric power distributing system within the Building at the sole cost and expense of the Licensee. Where the Licensee’s Equipment consumes more than approximately one (1) kilowatt per hour, the Owner may require the Licensee to pay for all electricity consumed by the Licensee on a load and usage
Electrical Power. 3.5.1 Landlord shall furnish electricity to the OS Tenant Space in the amount of the OS Electricity Consumption Threshold set forth in Item 11 of the Basic Rider Information of this Rider. The obligation of Landlord to provide electricity to the OS Tenant Space shall be subject to the rules, regulations and requirements of the supplier of such electricity and of any governmental authorities regulating providers of electricity and shall be limited to providing the OS Electricity Consumption Threshold. Landlord shall have no responsibility to provide Back-Up Power for use in the OS Tenant Space.
Electrical Power. The Licensee shall have the right to connect the Licensee’s Equipment to the electric power distributing system within the Building at the sole cost and expense of the Licensee. The Licensee, at its sole cost and expense, shall install a separate metre in the Licensed Premises, and the Licensee shall pay for its electricity consumption based on metred use. The Licensor shall use reasonable commercial efforts to notify the Licensee in advance of any planned utility outages that may interfere with the Licensee’s operations. The Licensee agrees that the Licensor has no obligation or responsibility to provide emergency or backup power to the Licensee, unless the parties agree that the Licensor will provide emergency or backup power to the Licensee on such terms and conditions as mutually agreed between the parties.
Electrical Power. Astrotech will provide 60Hz, and for Payloads processed at Astrotech TICO 50Hz, electrical power as defined in the Facility Accomodation Handbook, for electrical ground support equipment.