ALL STOCK Sample Clauses

ALL STOCK. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of Section 1.6.1, if the Stock Purchase Agreement, as defined in Section 2.2.24, is terminated prior to Closing, each Micrion Share and the associated Rights outstanding immediately before the Effective Time, other than the Excluded Micrion Shares, will be converted into the right to receive (A) one share of FEI Common Stock plus (B) such number of shares of FEI Common Stock, which, when multiplied by the Pre-Closing Average Price, as defined below, equals $6.00, subject to Equitable Adjustment and subject to adjustment as provided in Section 4.2.1. The aggregate number of shares of FEI Common Stock to be issued to each Micrion stockholder will be rounded to the nearest whole share.
ALL STOCK. The Shareholder shall transfer herewith all common and preferred stock of Syntec owned legally or beneficially by the Shareholder. The Shareholder does not own or have any option, warrant or other right to purchase any common stock, preferred stock or other security of Mayford.
ALL STOCK. Option Plans shall be terminated as of the Effective Time and the provisions in any other Benefit Plan providing for the issuance, transfer or grant of any capital stock of the Company or any interest in respect of any capital stock of the Company shall be terminated as of the Effective Time. The Company shall ensure that following the Effective Time, no holder of a Company Stock Option or Warrant or any participant in any Stock Option Plan (other than those holders who are parties to an agreement to exchange or roll their equity interest in the Company for or into equity of Parent or the Surviving Corporation) shall have any right thereunder to acquire any capital stock of the Company, Parent or the Surviving Corporation.
ALL STOCK. Such Shareholder shall transfer herewith all common and preferred stock of Syntec owned legally or beneficially by such Shareholder other than the shares that such Shareholder has the right to acquire pursuant to options, warrants or other rights.

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  • Company Stock Each of Parent and Merger Sub is not, nor at any time during the last three years prior to the date of this Agreement has it been, an “interested stockholder” of the Company as defined in Section 203 of the Delaware General Corporation Law. As of the date of this Agreement, each of Parent and Merger Sub does not own (directly or indirectly, beneficially or of record) and is not a party to any agreement, arrangement or understanding for the purpose of acquiring, holding, voting or disposing of, in each case, any shares of capital stock of the Company (other than as contemplated by this Agreement).

  • Xxxxx Stock The Company agrees that it will use commercially reasonable efforts to prevent the Company from becoming subject to Rule 419 under the Securities Act prior to the consummation of any Business Combination, including, but not limited to, using its best efforts to prevent any of the Company’s outstanding securities from being deemed to be a “xxxxx stock” as defined in Rule 3a51-1 under the Exchange Act during such period.

  • ISSUED STOCK All the outstanding shares of its Common Stock are duly authorized and validly issued, fully paid and non-assessable.

  • Common Stock To the best of its knowledge, the Company is in full compliance with all reporting requirements of the Exchange Act, and the Company has maintained all requirements for the continued listing or quotation of the Common Stock, and such Common Stock is currently listed or quoted on the Principal Market which is presently the OTCQB.

  • Common Shares The Common Shares have been duly authorized and, when issued and delivered in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, will be validly issued, fully paid and non-assessable, and the issuance of such Common Shares will not be subject to preemptive or other rights afforded by the Company to subscribe for the Common Shares. Upon issuance, the Common Shares will conform in all material respects to the statements relating thereto contained in the Registration Statement, the Prospectus and the General Disclosure Package. Upon payment of the purchase price and delivery of the Common Shares in accordance with this Agreement, each of the purchasers thereof will receive good, valid and marketable title to such Common Shares, free and clear of all liens, charges and encumbrances.

  • Shares The term “

  • Common Stock Equivalents In any exchange pursuant to this Section 24, the Company, at its option, may substitute Common Stock Equivalents for Common Stock exchangeable for Rights, at the initial rate of one share of Common Stock Equivalent for each share of Common Stock, as appropriately adjusted to reflect adjustments in the voting rights of the Common Stock pursuant to the Company's Certificate of Incorporation, so that the share of Common Stock Equivalent delivered in lieu of each share of Common Stock shall have the same voting rights as one share of Common Stock.

  • Treasury Stock For the purposes of this Section 3.1, the sale or other disposition of any Common Stock of the Company theretofore held in its treasury shall be deemed to be an issuance thereof.

  • Shares of Stock Section 1 - Certificate of Stock --------------------------------

  • Shares of Common Stock The Company shall have duly reserved the number of Underlying Shares required by this Agreement and the Transaction Documents to be reserved for issuance upon conversion of the Debentures and the exercise of the Warrants;