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Exactly. This Promissory Note is delivered pursuant to paragraph 2.1(b) of the Asset Purchase Agreement dated as of November 15, 2006, among (i) Almost Family, Inc., a Delaware corporation, Caretenders Visiting Services of Cook County, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company, Caretendexx Visiting Services of Southern Illinois, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company, Caretenders Visiting Services of St. Louis, LLC, a Missouri limited liability company, and National Health Industries, Inc., a Kentucky corporation, (ii) Health Management Consultants, Inc., a Delaware corporation, United Home Health Services of Cook County, Inc. d/b/a Mederi of Cook County, an Illinois corporaxxxx, and United Home Health Servixx xf St. Louis, Inc. d/b/a Mederi, a Missouri corporation, and (iii) David Nesslein and Sandra Vazquez (the "Agreement"). Commexxxxx xx xx xxe datx xx xxxx Xxxxissory Note, the outstanding principal balance of this Promissory Note from time to time shall bear interest at the annual rate equal to six percent (6%). Interest shall be payable quarterly on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31, commencing with the first quarterly payment on December 31, 2006. The principal amount and all accrued and unpaid interest on this Promissory Note shall be paid in full on May 15, 2009. All or any part of the outstanding principal amount of this Promissory Note may be prepaid at any time without penalty. Failure of the holder of this Promissory Note to exercise any of its rights and remedies shall not constitute a waiver of any provision of this Promissory Note, or of any of such holder's rights and remedies, nor shall it prevent the holder from exercising any rights or remedies with respect to the subsequent happening of the same or similar occurrences. All remedies of the holder hereof shall be cumulative to the greatest extent permitted by law. The following shall constitute a default under this Promissory Note: (i) the failure to make any payment when due under this Promissory Note within five (5) days after such payment is due; (ii) failure of the Maker to perform or observe any covenant, obligation or provision of this Promissory Note, which failure has not been fully corrected within thirty (30) days from the date of such failure or after notice has been given to the Maker of such failure; or (iii) the Maker or any guarantor shall file a petition in bankruptcy or for reorganization or for an arrangement pursuant to any present or future state or federal ...
Exactly. 7 money for The Mission Continues, were they? 7 Q. Do you know who asked you to sign this, was it
Exactly. In a perfect world, it would be beautiful that all AMRs would bring everything, old medical records together and then it would come in one specific piece of paper. But unfortunately there's still a lot of nuances to making it streamlined. There was a couple of studies that showed that the time it takes can be over one hour, just to create one for a patient. And so I think that once someone is completing active treatment, I think it's important to always get a copy of your records. Some people are great at using their EMR, but I think making sure - Xxxxxxx Xxxxx: Define EMR for the audience.
Exactly. Exactly.
Exactly. The question is this: What has the Simla Agreement done for us or peace in the subcontinent in the last 35 years? I was reading the Lahore Declaration. And it uses almost the same words that were used at Simla, For example: “Convinced that durable peace and the development of harmonious relations and friendly cooperation will serve the vital interests of the peoples of the two countries ….” I cannot help quoting veteran diplomat Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx who said that, at Simla, we succeeded in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. IFAJ: Anything else of significance, which you recollect? KNB: I will only conclude by saying that, when one initially interacts with Pakistanis, they seem so much like us; they dress like us; they speak like us; their food habits are like ours. It is easy to conclude that they must be thinking like us. But really they don’t. They are very different. More than two whole generations have grown up seeing us as an enemy or an adversary. In fact, we are the enemy number one; we are their major preoccupation. And anti-India indoctrination begins very early at home, in school and school books. It continues in the media where our government is derisively called Bharat ki Brahman-Baniyan Sarkar. (the Brahmin-Xxxxxx Government of India.) This mindset is reflected in what ZAB told a closed-door meeting: Hum Ghaas Khaleenge, Lekin Bomb Zaroor Banayenge (we will eat grass but must manufacture an atomic bomb). We may no longer hear boasts of flying their flag on the Red Fort or of one Pakistani soldier being equal to ten Indians, but the basic attitude of hostility does not seem to have undergone any radical change. So long as such a mental attitude continues, is there any reasonable hope for “durable peace,” “coexistence,” “cooperation,” etc.? Despite this, I would say, that we should continue to make all efforts to have a dialogue with Pakistan, to try, inch by inch, to move forward. But, we should also be clear that “you cannot clap with one hand”. This is what we can learn from Simla. IFAJ: Thank you ambassador once again for sharing with us this fascinating history which many people are unaware of.
Exactly. But it was reasonable in terms of what the University would be doing. Because the institute would still be renting the space, they would pay. But in fact, Santa Xxxxxxx offered for free a floor of a whole building. Of course you know that today they’ve built a whole new building for the institute. It was built by one of the most outstanding architects in the world, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx. I was at the inauguration just a few months ago. It has brought UC Santa Xxxxxxx rapidly into one of the foremost departments in physics in the country. Xxxxxxx: Right. People will want to come. Because it’s there. Nauenberg: Of course UC Santa Xxxxxxx became very attractive because of the institute. This could have happened here. It was certainly within our power. We still could have lost in the end, but what I haven’t gotten over is the fact that we lost because we never really competed. As I said, the fact was that Xxxxxxxxxx said no to what was absolutely a key element. After that of course we were all discouraged. The NSF was not going to give the institute to UC Santa Xxxx where there was only one FTE, when UC Santa Xxxxxxx promised four. After we lost, I went to see Xxxxxxxxxx, and I said, “Bob, perhaps now you’ll explain it to me.” I remember vividly that he said: “Well Xxxx, you know, if I had given you the additional three FTE’s, then Xxxxxxxxxx would have given another two FTE’s to his people, and you would have come back . . .” Xxxxxxx: And said, I want more? Xxxxxxxxx: Right then I said to him, “That’s why we lost. Because that’s not the way one should think about it.” Xxxxxxxxxx had a lot of good qualities. But he didn’t understand what any good rug dealer knows, the give and take when selling a rug. Xxxxxxx: You have to be flexible? Xxxxxxxxx: You have to be flexible. XxXxxxx had this seat-of-the-pants political sense. It was a disaster that he left too early, before our institution had time to flourish and settle down. It felt like he had abandoned us. After all, he was the person who was responsible for my coming here. He knew everybody. He was friendly and cared about what you did. Now that I have retired I got two letters from him saying nice things about me. Xxxxxxx: Isn’t that lovely. Xxxxxxxxx: You know, he was the only one. Xxxxxxx: It’s a different place now. Xxxxxxxxx: Oh, it’s totally changed. Xxxxxxx: It’s more impersonal, more bureaucratic? Nauenberg: By design. Chancellor Xxxxxx has made it a point not to meet faculty. I tried to encourage him to meet wit...

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  • Please review Xxx 0 xxx Xxx 0. Crossing out item 2 in Box 6 and/or checking the box in Box 7 may result in the withholding of a substantial portion of the consideration payable to you.

  • Residence The Purchaser’s principal place of business is the office or offices located at the address of the Purchaser set forth on the signature page hereof.

  • Taxpayer ID Number The Contractor shall include its taxpayer ID number on all invoices submitted to the County for payment to ensure compliance with IRS requirements and to expedite payment processing.

  • Date of Birth (format yyyy-mm-dd) - Employee's date of birth (e.g. if employee's birth date is March 25, 1951, it would appear as (1951-03-25).

  • Required Beginning Date The Participant’s entire interest will be distributed, or begin to be distributed, to the Participant no later than the Participant’s required beginning date.

  • DATE OF COMPLETION The Developer must ensure that the Developer’s Works reach Completion on or before the date or milestone referred to in clause 1 of Schedule 3 of this document.

  • Furloughs Effective July 1, 2011, there shall be no furloughs of bargaining unit members throughout the remainder of the term of this Agreement.

  • Birth Mother A pregnant employee shall be entitled to up to seventeen (17) consecutive weeks of maternity leave and up to thirty-five (35) consecutive weeks of parental leave, all without pay. The parental leave must immediately follow the maternity leave. In the event the birth mother dies or is totally disabled, an employee who is the father of the child shall be entitled to both maternity and parental leave without pay.

  • Rider Issuer and Agent acknowledge that DTC is not a party to the Document and that no obligations or liabilities shall be deemed to accrue to DTC with regard to the Document.

  • ANNUITANT The person designated by the Owner to be the measuring life in determining Annuity Payments. ANNUITY COMMENCEMENT DATE - For each Contract, the date on which Annuity Payments begin. ANNUITY OPTIONS - Options the Owner selects that determine the form and amount of annuity payments. ANNUITY PAYMENT - The periodic payment an Owner receives. It may be either a fixed or a variable amount based on the Annuity Option chosen.