New Building definition

New Building. ’ means a new construction to house a complete motor vehicle as- sembly process, where that construction includes the pouring or construction of a new foundation and floor, the erection of a new frame and roof, and the instal- lation of new plumbing and electrical and other utilities;
New Building means a building first available for occu- pancy on or after February 1, 2001.
New Building means any newly constructed building completed after July 1, 1981 for which a temporary certificate of occupancy or certificate of occupancy has been issued by the city.

Examples of New Building in a sentence

  • If applicable, issuance by the City of South Burlington Fire Marshal acting under 20 V.S.A. §2736 of any final occupancy/construction permit for a New Building in accordance with the City of South Burlington Fire Prevention and Safety Ordinance.

  • New Building Declines and More Complicated Business Relationships IncreaseAs greenhouse tomato prices have fallen in recent years, construction of new greenhouses has slowed in the United States.

  • If applicable, issuance by the City of South Burlington Zoning Administrator of a certificate of occupancy for a New Building in accordance with the City of South Burlington Land Development Regulations.

  • Following the submission of a Certification and receipt of a Certificate of Compliance, if the renewable primary heating system or renewable service water heating system in a New Building is replaced or a new fuel source is utilized, a new application must be submitted to the Building Inspector who will issue a new Certificate of Compliance upon receipt of a complete application and Certification.

  • A builder may contract with a licensed professional engineer, a licensed professional plumber, a licensed professional electrician, a licensed architect, or an accredited home energy rating organization to issue certification and to indemnify the builder from any liability to the owner of the New Building caused by noncompliance with this Ordinance.

More Definitions of New Building

New Building means a new building as defined in the Acton Zoning Bylaw, Chapter M of the General Bylaws of the Town of Acton, associated with a building permit application filed on or after the Effective Date.
New Building means the twelve-unit apartment building to be constructed on the Lands pursuant to this Development Agreement.
New Building means any lot being created by a subdivision upon which one or more buildings or structures could be erected under the provisions of the municipal zoning ordinance in the municipality in which said lot is located.
New Building means a new building or new accessory building (a building devoted exclusively to a use accessory to the principal use of the lot) that is associated with a valid building permit application on or after the Effective Date.
New Building means any building which does not fall under any of the categories of existing building;