Notice of Protest definition

Notice of Protest means a written document signed by the protester and

Examples of Notice of Protest in a sentence

  • The Notice of Protest must include a written statement specifying in detail each and every one of the grounds asserted for the protest.

  • In addition, the Notice of Protest must specify facts and evidence sufficient for the City to determine the validity of the protest.

  • The Notice of Protest must be signed by an individual authorized to represent the Proposer, and must cite the law, rule, local ordinance, procedure or Solicitation provision on which the protest is based.

  • The Notice of Protest form, SPOH-801, and related forms are available on the SPO website.

  • IB.4 BID PROTESTSA Bidder may file a Notice of Protest regarding the awarding of the contract with the authorized representative designated by the public body within five (5) working days after the date the bids were opened by the public body or its authorized representative pursuant to the provisions of NRS 338.142.

  • The Notice of Protest shall be postmarked by USPS or hand delivered to 1) the head of the state purchasing agency conducting the protested procurement and 2) the procurement officer who is conducting the procurement (as indicated below) within five working days of the postmark of the Notice of Findings and Decision sent to the protestor.

  • Failure to file a Notice of Protest or failure to file a Formal Written Protest shall constitute a waiver of proceedings under this rule.

  • The Board shall provide the estimated contract amount to the protestor within seventy-two (72) hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays when the Board administrative office is closed) after the filing of the Notice of Protest.

  • A Notice of Protest shall be transmitted by a means that will objectively establish the date the City received the Notice of Protest.

  • If a Notice of Protest is mailed, the protestor bears the risk of non-delivery within the deadlines specified herein.

Related to Notice of Protest

  • Protest means a written objection by an interested party to this solicitation or to a proposed or actual award of a contract pursuant to this solicitation.

  • Notice of Dissent means a notice of dissent duly and validly given by a registered holder of Aphria Shares exercising Dissent Rights as contemplated in the Interim Order and as described in Article 4;

  • Notice of Hearing means a notice containing the information set out in Schedule VIII;

  • Notice of Proposal to Negotiate has the meaning set forth in Section 10(c) hereof.

  • Summons means the call for a Bondholders’ Meeting or a Written Resolution as the case may be.

  • Permitted Protest means the right of Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries to protest any Lien (other than any Lien that secures the Obligations), taxes (other than payroll taxes or taxes that are the subject of a United States federal tax lien), or rental payment, provided that (a) a reserve with respect to such obligation is established on Borrower’s or its Subsidiaries’ books and records in such amount as is required under GAAP, (b) any such protest is instituted promptly and prosecuted diligently by Borrower or its Subsidiary, as applicable, in good faith, and (c) Agent is satisfied that, while any such protest is pending, there will be no impairment of the enforceability, validity, or priority of any of Agent’s Liens.

  • Agent for Service of Process means every person now or hereafter appointed by the Contractor to be served or to accept service of process in any State of the United States. Without excluding any other method of service authorized by law, the Contractor agrees that every Agent for Service of Process is designated as its non-exclusive agent for service of process, summons, and complaint. The Contractor will instruct each Agent for Service of Process that after such agent receives the process, summons, or complaint, such agent shall promptly send it to the Contractor. This subsection (ii) does not apply while the Contractor maintains a registered agent in North Carolina with the office of the N. C. Secretary of State and such registered agent can be found with due diligence at the registered office.

  • Notice of Charges means a notice sent by the Compliance Department pursuant to Rule 607.

  • Notices is defined in Section 6.3.

  • Notice means notice in writing;

  • Notice of Meeting means the notice of the Meeting accompanying this Information Circular;

  • Notice of Motion means an advance notice to members of a matter on which Council will be asked to take a position.

  • Notice of Appeal means a notice containing the information set out in Schedule VI;

  • Notice of LITIGATION With respect to any Mortgage Loan or A/B Mortgage Loan as to which litigation is instituted, the Primary Servicer, if aware of such litigation, shall notify the Master Servicer immediately as to the status of the litigation related to such Mortgage Loan or A/B Mortgage Loan and shall, when reasonably required or requested by the Master Servicer, provide to the Master Servicer copies of all pertinent information in the Primary Servicer's possession related to such litigation, including, without limitation, copies of related Servicing Documents.

  • Rules of Procedure means the Rules of Procedure of the Court, as established in accordance with Article 41.

  • Notice of Default means a written notice of the kind specified in Section 501(4).

  • Notice of Dispute has the meaning provided in Section 2.1(f)(iii) of this Commercial Shared-Loss Agreement.

  • Notice of Tender means, in connection with an Optional Tender, a notice, substantially in the form attached to the Tender and Paying Agent Agreement, delivered by a Beneficial Owner or its Agent Member to the Tender and Paying Agent, indicating an intention to tender VRDP Shares for sale on a Purchase Date pursuant to Section 1 of Part II of this Statement.

  • Notice of Lien means any "notice of lien" or similar document intended to be filed or recorded with any court, registry, recorder's office, central filing office or other Governmental Authority for the purpose of evidencing, creating, perfecting or preserving the priority of a Lien securing obligations owing to a Governmental Authority.

  • Notice of Dissatisfaction means the notice given by either Party to the other indicating its dissatisfaction and intention to commence arbitration.

  • Notice of Arbitration has the meaning set forth in Section 10.6(b).

  • Notice of Prepayment has the meaning assigned thereto in Section 2.4(c).

  • Notice of Intent means a notice that an environmental impact statement will be prepared and considered. The notice shall briefly:

  • Notice of Objection has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(d).

  • Notice in Writing or written notice shall mean a notice in writing, type or printed characters sent (unless delivered personally or otherwise provided to have been received) by registered post to the last known private or business address or registered office of the addressee and shall be deemed to have been received when in the ordinary course of post it would have been delivered.

  • notice of assessment means the notice given to a Defaulting party by the Clearing House under either Section 8.5 or Section 8.7 stipulating the amount of fines payable for late performance or failure to perform;