ATTACHMENT C Sample Clauses

ATTACHMENT C. Undertaking The undersigned understands that in the course of its employment as Investment Advisor to New England Funds Trust III (the "Customer") it will have access to State Street Bank and Trust Company's ("State Street") Multicurrency HORIZON Accounting System and other information systems (collectively, the "System"). The undersigned acknowledges that the System and the databases, computer programs screen formats, report formats, interactive design techniques, documentation and other information made available to the Undersigned by State Street as part of the Data Access Services provided to the Customer and through the use of the System constitute copyrighted, trade secret, or other proprietary information of substantial value to State Street. Any and all such information provided by State Street to the Undersigned shall be deemed proprietary and confidential information of State Street (hereinafter "Proprietary Information"). The Undersigned agrees that it will hold such Proprietary Information in confidence and secure and protect it in a manner consistent with its own procedures for the protection of its own confidential information and to take appropriate action by instruction or agreement with its employees who are permitted access to the Proprietary Information to satisfy its obligations hereunder. The Undersigned will not attempt to intercept data, gain access to data in transmission, or attempt entry into any system or files for which it is not authorized. It will not intentionally adversely affect the integrity of the System through the introduction of unauthorized code or data, or through unauthorized deletion. Upon notice by State Street for any reason, any right to use the System and access to the Data Access Services shall terminate and the Undersigned shall immediately cease use of the System and the Data Access Services. Immediately upon notice by State Street for any reason, the Undersigned shall return to State Street all copies of documentation and other Proprietary Information in its possession. NEW ENGLAND FUNDS MANAGEMENT, L.P. By: Name: Title: Date: Undertaking The undersigned understands that in the course of its employment as Investment Advisor to New England Funds Trust III (the "Customer") it will have access to State StreetBank and Trust Company's ("State Street") Multicurrency HORIZON Accounting System andother information systems (collectively, the "System"). The undersigned acknowledges that the System and the databases, ...
ATTACHMENT C. Special Conditions version 1.2, is hereby revised and restated in its entirety with Attachment C – Special Conditions, version 1.3 (Revised May 2021).
ATTACHMENT C incorporated herein by reference, is a true and correct copy of the Application Package of the Charter Holder, relied upon by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools in granting this Charter.
ATTACHMENT C. 34. Should the Series and the Company desire to distribute the prospectuses of the Funds within the Series pursuant to Rule 498 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, (“Rule 498”), the roles and responsibilities of the Parties to the Agreement (the “Parties”), for complying with Rule 498 and other applicable laws, are set forth as follows:
ATTACHMENT C. ● If a union member opts out of King County’s medical plan and is not covered under another qualified group health plan, he/she must continue to contribute $50 a month but will be unable to access the funds until separation of employment. ● If a union member subsequently opts back into a King County medical plan (and was not covered under a qualified group health plan) then: ○ HRA XXXX funds contributed during the opt-out period may only be accessed upon separation. ○ HRA XXXX funds contributed after the opt-in period may be accessed immediately for qualified expenses. The parties understand that the VEBA options and elections process must comply with applicable law, and options available or conditions placed on specific options may change from time to time as necessary to comply with legal and systems requirements. Should the County need to change options or process due to legal requirements or systems changes, it will so notify unions and discuss such changes in the Joint Labor Management Insurance Committee (JLMIC). A Qualified Group Health Plan is defined as a health plan that meets the minimum value requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) law. For example, these may include plans sponsored by an employer or group of employers, coverage through a former employer and TRICARE but do not usually include Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration (VA) coverage or individual plans purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace (exchange). Unions opting to conduct a VEBA election must report election results for each bargaining unit to King County BPROS using the King County standardized form found on the BPROS Website. If there are discrepancies in the parties’ understandings of the makeup of the individual bargaining units, the parties will meet to discuss and resolve the issue. Unions may conduct VEBA elections once per year, if they so choose. Election results must be received by King County BPROS by the last Friday in June each year, for implementation the following year. Bargaining Units that are participating in the HRA VEBA Plan and wish to ATTACHMENT C terminate, or who wish to change their options, may do so via the above referenced election process and agreed upon reporting process. Union representatives must notify the King County BPROS no later than the last Friday in June of 2014 and 2015, using the County’s standardized VEBA elections report form, of the VEBA Program Option election results for each County identified bargaining unit...