Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Sample Clauses

Xxxxxxx Xxxxx. In addition to the appellant, any person that is directly and materially affected by the substantive or procedural action or inaction referenced in the complaint shall be heard by the panel. The panel shall not consider any expansion to the scope of the appeal that was not presented in the Level 1 Appeal. The panel may in its decision find for the appellant and remand the issue to the SC with a statement of the issues and facts in regard to which fair and equitable action was not taken. The panel may find against the appellant with a specific statement of the facts that demonstrate fair and equitable treatment of the appellant and the appellant’s objections. The panel may not, however, revise, approve, or disapprove a MRO Regional Reliability Standard, as these responsibilities remain with the standard’s RBB and BOD respectively. The SPM shall publicly post the actions of the Xxxxx 0 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx. In addition to the foregoing, a procedural objection that has not been resolved may be submitted to the BOD for consideration at the time the BOD decides whether to approve proposing a particular MRO Regional Reliability Standard for NERC consideration and eventual enforceability. The objection must be in writing, signed by an officer of the objecting entity, and contain a concise statement of the relief requested and a clear demonstration of the facts that justify that relief. The objection must be filed no later than 30 days after the announcement of the vote by the RBB on the MRO Regional Reliability Standard in question.
Xxxxxxx Xxxxx. The foregoing arbitrators shall serve as single arbitrators in rotation according to the order in which they are listed. If an arbitrator is not available within a reasonable period of time, but in any case not to exceed six weeks, the next arbitrator on the list shall be selected, and so on until one of the arbitrators is available. If none of the arbitrators on the list is available within the six week period and if the parties do not agree on another arbitrator who is available within six weeks, either party may request the Minister of Labour to appoint an arbitrator. For the next arbitration thereafter the arbitrator whose name appears on the list immedi- ately after that of the last arbitrator selected shall be next in sequence of selection. By mutual agreement, the parties may select a listed arbitrator out of turn, or select an arbitrator not on the list. No person may be appointed an arbitrator who has been involved in an attempt to negotiate or resolve the grievance, or who has acted as a member of a panel or committee which has been involved in the case at any level.
Xxxxxxx Xxxxx. Fiscal Officer to act as the Chief Fiscal Officer; and
Xxxxxxx Xxxxx. On signing the Agreement on encouragement and reciprocal protection of investments between the Republic of Costa Rica and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the undersigned plenipotentiaries have, in addition, agreed on the following provisions which shall be regarded as an integral part of the said Agreement. Ad Article 5 'Without restriction or delay' means that transfers shall be made in accordance with normal banking and commercial practices and shall in any case be made within a period of two months from the date the application for transfer was made. Ad Article 6 Nothing in this Article shall affect the authority of any Contracting Party to decide whether or not to negotiate with the other Contracting Party, or with any other third State, quantitative export restrictions, nor its authority to allocate those quotas in accordance with international law.
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Xxxxxxx Xxxxx. The Honourable