December 2018 Sample Clauses

December 2018. Parties:  Lender: Kingdee China; and  Borrower: Shanghai Jinyi Medical, a company established under the laws of the PRC with limited liability and is owned as to 99% by Diechuang Holdings, is an investment holding company which through its subsidiary is principally engaged in the development and operation of medical information systems and software and medical records database, as well as the provision of mobile Internet hospital services through mobile service platforms which connect patients and hospitals Outstanding principal amount: RMB104,979,000, which had been financed by the Group’s internal resources. Term: From 2 January 2019 to 31 December 2021 Interest rate: 5% per annum. The principal amount and the accrued interest are repayable at the date of maturity. The interest rate was determined by the parties with reference to the existing interest rate charged under the Existing Jinyi Medical Loan Agreement and the prevailing market interest rate for loan in similar nature and tenure in the PRC. Annual cap: RMB110,227,950, being the sum of the principal amount and the annual interest income to be received by Kingdee China.
December 2018. Rooms need to be vacated during mid-year break (1 July 2018 to 20 July 2018) for the purposes of maintenance and deep cleaning as per SU Guidelines. The LESSEE may, by August of each year, make a further offer to the LESSOR to lease the PROPERTY during a subsequent year, subject to the condition that his/her academic achievements and disciplinary record may be taken into account by the LESSOR in the consideration of the offer. However, if the LESSEE commits a breach of contract, amongst others, by not obeying the annexed Nooitgedacht C House Rules (Addendum “B”), Housekeeping Rules (Addendum “C”) or the University of Stellenbosch’s Code for Student Discipline as contained in part 1 of the General Year Book for the relevant year, or if the LESSEE does not qualify for registration as a student at the University of Stellenbosch for the following year, he/she will have no right to make a further offer.
December 2018. The Parties acknowledge that any waiver of the provisions of this Section 7.1 must be expressly stated in writing executed by all Parties.
December 2018. Parties: (i) Tibet Xinchengyue; and
December 2018. The increase in overseas sales was mainly due to higher revenue contribution from Vietnam from RM0.8 million in the previous financial year to RM2.7 million in FYE 31 December 2018. This was achieved on the back of increase in marketing activities to market and promote Busway’s products in Vietnam during the FYE 31 December 2018. The increase in sales to Vietnam in FYE 31 December 2018 was partially offset by the decrease in overseas sales to other countries in the same year. Despite the lower revenue, XXX for the FYE 31 December 2018 increased by RM0.7 million or 217.4% as compared to the previous financial year. The higher XXX was mainly due to the lower operating expenses of RM17.2 million in FYE 31 December 2018 as compared to RM19.2 million in the previous financial year as raw material and consumables used was lower by RM2.8 million in FYE 31 December 2018 as compared to the previous financial year. In FYE 31 December 2018, Busway used more aluminum than copper to manufacture its busway systems. As aluminum is relatively cheaper than copper, this contributed to the lower cost of raw materials.
December 2018 practitionerCompleted years of post-graduate experience as a qualified medical practitioner: 2019) PG Years 3 & 4less than 5 years $77,905 $77,905$80,242 PG Years 5 & 65/6 years $85,965 $85,965$88,544 PG Years 7+7+ years $94,023 $94,023$96,844 Years of post-graduate work experience as a medical Base Salary (effective from 10 December 2018) Base Salary (Effective from 10 December 20189 December Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.19 cm
December 2018. Failure to return an instrument on the due date will make the hirer liable to pay the maintenance fee in full. I, the hirer, (full name) have read the Instrument Hire Agreement and I agree to abide by the regulations in it.
December 2018. 1.1 Approval of the individual annual accounts of the Company relating to the financial year that ended on 31 December 2018.
December 2018. Parties: Xi’an Civigas Haihui; and Xianyang Haihui As at the date of this announcement, (i) Xi’an Civigas Haihui is an indirect non wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company; and (ii) Xianyang Haihui is a shareholder of Xi’an Civigas Haihui holding 49% equity interests in Xi’an Civigas Haihui and hence, a connected person of the Company at the subsidiary level. Term: Pursuant to the LNG Master Supply Agreement, Xianyang Haihui has agreed to supply and Xi’an Civigas Haihui has agreed to purchase LNG commencing for the period from 1 October 2018 and ending 31 March 2021 (both dates inclusive). According to Rule 14A.52 of the Listing Rules, the period for the agreement must not exceed three years. The Company will re-comply with Chapter 14A of the Listing Rules upon expiry of the term of the LNG Master Supply Agreement should the Group decides to continue with such transactions with Xianyang Haihui.
December 2018. You must advise Ministry for Women, in writing, of changes to your contact details. You agree that Ministry for Women can publish your name, a description of the project and the amount of the grant and may also include a brief description of and extracts from the project in media releases and Ministry for Women’s publications including its website. I agree to comply with the terms and conditions stated in this Funding Agreement and any additional conditions specified in the offer of grant email. I understand that as the signatory to this Funding Agreement I accept liability for complying with the terms and conditions attached to this grant. (Required) (Optional) Full name of authorised person/Director: Full name of authorised person/Director: Signature of authorised person/Director: Signature of authorised person/Director: Position/office held: Position/office held: Signee email address: Signee email address: Signee phone number: Signee phone number: Date signed: Date signed: Please complete the payment details on the next page. Payment details Important: You must complete and return this form with the signed Funding Agreement. Is the grant to be made to the bank account of someone other than the applicant: YES NO For payment: Bank account name: Bank account number: GST number: I am not GST registered Returning your Funding Agreement