Skilled Personnel Sample Clauses

Related to Skilled Personnel

  • SKILLED TRADES The provisions of the General Agreement shall apply to employees in the Skilled Trades classifications except as altered by the provisions of this Article.

  • Contractor Personnel In addition to the rights set forth in paragraph 7, County’s project manager shall have the right to require the removal and replacement of any of Contractor’s personnel from providing services to County under this Contract. County’s project manager shall notify Contractor’s project manager in writing of such action. Contractor shall accomplish the removal of the specified personnel within one (1) calendar day after written notice by County’s project manager. County is not required to provide any reason, rationale or factual information in the event it elects to request the removal of any of Contractor’s personnel from providing services to County under this Contract.

  • Personnel Provide, without remuneration from or other cost to the Trust, the services of individuals competent to perform the administrative functions which are not performed by employees or other agents engaged by the Trust or by the Adviser acting in some other capacity pursuant to a separate agreement or arrangement with the Trust.

  • Qualified Personnel Contractor shall utilize only competent personnel under the supervision of, and in the employment of, Contractor (or Contractor’s authorized subcontractors) to perform the Services. Contractor will comply with City’s reasonable requests regarding assignment and/or removal of personnel, but all personnel, including those assigned at City’s request, must be supervised by Contractor. Contractor shall commit adequate resources to allow timely completion within the project schedule specified in this Agreement.

  • Supplier Personnel 12.1 Supplier’s personnel are not eligible to participate in any of the employee benefit or similar programs of the Funds or CMA. Supplier shall inform all of its personnel providing Services pursuant to this Agreement that they are not intended to be considered employees of the Funds or CMA for any purpose.

  • DESIGNATED PERSONNEL The Contractor will provide the Designated Personnel listed below for the duration of the Contract at no charge to the State. Information regarding the Designated Personnel is set forth in Appendix D – Contractor and Reseller Information. Contractor must notify OGS within five (5) business days if any of the Designated Personnel change, and provide an interim contact person until the position is filled. Contractor may submit a Designated Personnel change by submission electronically via e-mail of a revised Appendix D – Contractor and Reseller Information to the OGS Contract Administrator. The Designated Personnel must have the authority to act on behalf of the Contractor: Account Manager The Account Manager is responsible for the overall relationship with the State during the course of the Contract and shall act as the central point of contact. Contract Administrator The Contract Administrator is responsible for the updating and management of the Contract on a timely basis. Sales Manager The Sales Manager is responsible for the overall relationship with the Authorized Users for matters relating to RFQs.

  • Assigned Personnel The Contractor warrants that the personnel it will assign to perform the Products and Services under this Agreement shall possess the requisite education, competence and experience. The Contractor further acknowledges and agrees that such personnel may be subject to the evaluation and approval of the Authority, who shall retain the right to determine the sufficiency of the education, competence and experience of the personnel assigned to perform the Products and Services identified in Exhibit A attached and incorporated into this Agreement.

  • Project Personnel It is understood and agreed that the Project Director identified at Item 3, Page One of this Agreement shall be responsible for the overall supervision and conduct of the Work on behalf of the Contractor and that the persons described in the Statement of Work shall serve in the capacities described therein. Any change of Project Director by the Contractor shall be subject to the prior written approval of NYSERDA. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, and, in the event that notice of approval or disapproval is not received by the Contractor within thirty (30) days after receipt of request for approval by NYSERDA, the requested change in Project Director shall be considered approved. In the event that NYSERDA requires additional time for considering approval, NYSERDA shall notify the Contractor within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request for approval that additional time is required and shall specify the additional amount of time necessary up to thirty (30) days.

  • Contractor’s Personnel Contractor warrants that all Contractor personnel engaged in the performance of Work under this Contract shall possess sufficient experience and/education to perform the services requested by the County. County expressly retains the right to have any of the Contractor personnel removed from performing services under this Contract. Contractor shall effectuate the removal of the specified Contractor personnel from providing any services to the County under this Contract within one business day of notification by County. County shall submit the request in writing to the Contractor’s Project Manager. The County is not required to provide any reason, rationale or additional factual information if it elects to request any specific Contractor personnel be removed from performing services under this Contract.

  • Review Systems; Personnel It will maintain business process management and/or other systems necessary to ensure that it can perform each Test and, on execution of this Agreement, will load each Test into these systems. The Asset Representations Reviewer will ensure that these systems allow for each Review Receivable and the related Review Materials to be individually tracked and stored as contemplated by this Agreement. The Asset Representations Reviewer will maintain adequate staff that is properly trained to conduct Reviews as required by this Agreement.