Category 3 Sample Clauses

Category 3. The Administrator receives a pro-rata portion of the following annual fee on behalf of each Fund in Category 3 for administrative services: 0.10% of the first $100 billion of average daily net assets of all Category 3 funds in the JPMorgan Funds Complex plus 0.05% of average daily net assets over $100 billion. Name as of August 19, 2004 New Name as of February 19, 2005 JPMorgan 100% U.S. Treasury Securities Money Market Fund JPMorgan 100% U.S. Treasury Securities Money Market Fund
Category 3. Teachers who have been determined to be less than Effective in the classroom as documented through the current evaluation system that may result in an unsatisfactory rating or who fail to achieve gains based upon the state’s Student Growth model. These teachers shall be placed on a Professional Improvement Plan (PIP). Procedures for the Professional Improvement Plan are explained further in the Evaluation Manual and its glossary of terms.
Category 3. Teachers hired on or after September 1, 1998, and before September 1, 2001, will contribute $45 per month to a Minnesota State Retirement System Health Care Savings Plan.
Category 3. For China and ASEAN 6, this refers to all products with applied MFN tariff rates lower than 5%. For the newer ASEAN Member States, this refers to all products with applied MFN tariff rates lower than 15%.
Category 3. Pursuant to 42 CFR 438.704(c), ASES may impose a civil money penalty for the Contractor’s imposition of premiums or charges in excess of the amounts permitted under the Medicaid program. The maximum amount of the penalty is the greater of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) or double the amount of the excess charges. ASES will deduct from the penalty the amount of overcharge and return it to the affected Enrollees.
Category 3. 23.4.1 Liquidated damages up to $5,000.00 per day may be imposed for Category 3 events. For Category 3 events, a written CAPA/PC may be required and corrective action must be taken. In the case of Category 3 events, if corrective action is taken within four (4) Business Days, then liquidated damages may be waived at the discretion of DCH. Category 3 events are monitored by DCH to determine compliance and shall include the following: • Failure to submit required Reports and Deliverables in the timeframes prescribed in Section 4.18 and Section 5.7; • Submission of incorrect or deficient Deliverables or Reports as determined by DCH; • Failure to comply with the Claims processing standards as follows: o Failure to process and finalize to a paid or denied status ninety-seven percent (97%) of all Clean Claims within fifteen (15) Business Days during a fiscal year; o Failure to pay Providers interest at an eighteen percent (18%) annual rate, calculated daily for the full period during which a clean, unduplicated Claim is not adjudicated within the claims processing deadlines. For all claims that are initially denied or underpaid by the Contractor but eventually determined or agreed to have been owed by the Contractor to a provider of health care services, the Contractor shall pay, in addition to the amount determined to be owed, interest of twenty percent (20%) per annum (based on simple interest calculations), calculated from 15 calendar days after the date the claim was submitted. A Contractor shall pay all interest required to be paid under this provision or Code Section 33-24-59.5 automatically and simultaneously whenever payment is made for the claim giving rise to the interest payment. All interest payments shall be accurately identified on the associated remittance advice submitted by the Contractor to the Provider. A Contractor shall not be responsible for the penalty described in this subsection if the health care provider submits a claim containing a material omission or inaccuracy in any of the data elements required for a complete standard health care claim form as prescribed under 45 C.F.R. Part 162 for electronic claims, a CMS Form 1500 for non-electronic claims, or any claim prescribed by DCH. • Failure to comply with the eighty percent (80%) of screening ratio on the Contractor’s CMS-416 Health Check as described Section • Failure to achieve the Performance Target for any one Quality Performance Measure. • Failure to provide an initial vi...
Category 3. 20.4.1 Liquidated damages in accordance with any applicable provision this Contract of five-thousand dollars ($5,000) per day may be imposed for Category 3 events. The following constitute Category 3 events:
Category 3. For China and Pakistan, this refers to all products with applied MFN tariff rates lower than 5%.
Category 3. The Cable Channel Programming Specialist shall work two hundred twenty-five (225) days per year which includes nine (9) holidays. He/she shall have an eight (8) hour workday but will have a flexible schedule. The Cable Channel Programming Specialist shall be required to have a Bachelor’s Degree, and salary shall be based on education.

Related to Category 3

  • Category 3 Funds On sales of Class A shares and Class 529-A shares of Funds listed in Category 3 on the attached Schedule A that are accepted by us and for which you are responsible, you will be paid dealer concessions as follows: Concession as Sales Charge Percentage of as Percentage Purchases Offering Price of Offering Price Less than $500,000 2.00% 2.50% $500,000 but less than $750,000 1.60% 2.00% $750,000 but less than $1 million 1.20% 1.50% $1 million or more See below None

  • Category 4 Funds On sales of Class A shares and Class 529-A shares of the Funds listed in Category 4 on the attached Schedule A, no dealer concessions will be paid.

  • Category 2 Funds On each purchase order for Class A shares and Class 529-A shares of Funds listed in Category 2 on the attached Schedule A that is accepted by us and for which you are responsible, you will be paid the same compensation indicated above except as follows: Compensation as Sales Charge Percentage of as Percentage Purchases Offering Price of Offering Price Less than $100,000 3.00% 3.75%

  • Category the category under which the product concerned falls for the purposes of tariff elimination.

  • Categories All personnel of the Logistics & Supply Business Unit, within the following work categories and in classifications as enumerated in Article 8.03, are covered by this Agreement. Nothing in this agreement prevents an employee from performing either on a day to day or regular basis, any function or task that is generally performed by any category, provided that the employee is competent to perform the work required. Any efficiencies attained out of this flexibility is not intended to eliminate a category.

  • EMPLOYEE CATEGORIES All employees fall into one or the other of four principal categories as outlined below.

  • Thresholds MAXIMUM ALLOCATION % OF MAXIMUM ACCUMULATION VALUE PREMIUM % DOLLAR CAP ------------------ --------- ---------- Contract Limits [30%] [99.999%] [$9,999,999] THRESHOLDS ---------- Each Restricted Fund has one or more thresholds at which point no further amounts may be allocated to that division. Compliance with a threshold is verified whenever there is a transaction initiated which is subject to such threshold (premium payments, transfers, withdrawals). A threshold is applied to the total Accumulation Value of each Restricted Fund. Thresholds may be changed by the Company for new premiums, transfers or withdrawals by Restricted Fund upon 30 day notice.

  • Client Categorisation 4.1. According to Applicable Regulations, the Company has to categorise its Clients in one of the following categories: Retail Client, Professional Client or Eligible Counterparty. The categorisation shall depend on the information provided by the Client in his Account Opening Application Form and according to the method of categorisation as this method is explained under the document “Client Categorisation Policy”. By accepting this Agreement, the Client accepts application of such method. The Company will inform the Client of his categorisation according to Applicable Regulations. The Client has the right to request different categorisation as per the provisions of the “Client Categorisation Policy”.

  • Threshold (a) Subject to Section 11.3(b), the Selling Shareholders shall not be required to make any indemnification payment pursuant to Section 11.2 until such time as the total amount of all Damages (including the Damages arising from such Breach and all other Damages arising from any other Breaches of any representations or warranties) that have been directly or indirectly suffered or incurred by any one or more of the Indemnitees, or to which any one or more of the Indemnitees has or have otherwise become subject, exceeds the amount equal to the positive Working Capital as shown in the Audited Balance Sheet, if any, (the "Deductible"). At such time as the total amount of Damages exceeds the Deductible, the Indemnitees shall be entitled to be indemnified against any Damages in excess of the Deductible.

  • Customer Satisfaction 4.1 Goods and/or Services to be provided under Call Off Contracts to the satisfaction of Contracting Authorities 100% Confirmation by the Authority of the Supplier’s performance against customer satisfaction surveys