The Participants definition

The Participants means the Secretary of State for Justice and the Commissioner. "The MoJ" means the Ministry of Justice
The Participants means the persons who have for the time being any right or interest in the hydrant systems or who (being a company concerned in the supply of fuel at the airport or in the provision of airline services thereat) have any interest in a company which has for the time being the entire leasehold interest in the hydrant systems;
The Participants means: the Participants as mentioned in Article 6 paragraph 1;

Examples of The Participants in a sentence

  • The Participants shall have no claim against any Participating Company for any changes in the value of any assets which may be invested or reinvested by the Company with respect to the Plan.

  • The Participant's acquisition of Common Stock under the Plan on any Purchase Date shall neither limit nor require the Participant's acquisition of Common Stock on any subsequent Purchase Date, whether within the same or a different offering period.

  • The Participant's remaining life expectancy is calculated using the age of the Participant in the year of death, reduced by one for each subsequent year.

  • The Participants shall not be entitled to assign any of the rights or sub-contract any of the obligations herein.

  • The Participants under the Plan shall be selected from time to time by the Administrator, in its sole discretion, from among Eligible Recipients.

  • The Participants shall be provided with adequate opportunity to deliver their instructions to the Trustee regarding the voting of Stock allocated to their Accounts.

  • The Participants will remain responsible for keeping account of their holdings on behalf of their customers.

  • The Participant's Beneficiary may exercise the Participant's rights to the extent they are exercisable under the Plan following the death of the Participant.

  • The Participant's entire interest will be distributed, or begin to be distributed, to the Participant no later than the Participant's required beginning date.

  • The Participants under the Plan shall be selected from time to time by the Administrator, in its sole discretion, from those individuals that qualify as Eligible Recipients.

More Definitions of The Participants

The Participants means APS as the Operating Agent or as Participant, as the case may be, or one or more of the other Participants.
The Participants pro rata share" shall be determined by (i) dividing the number of Shares held by the Participant by (ii) the total number of Shares held by all Participants. There will be no aggregation of Shares eligible for sell or transfer, and the Participant's Monthly Eligibility shall be the maximum number of shares eligible for sell or transfer for any month during the term of this Agreement. Each Participant, however, is entitled to sell a minimum of 7,500 shares per month, as a "floor," regardless of the terms specified above.
The Participants used herein shall include FG, Santa Rita, and whoever hereafter acquires an interest in the Project in cxxxxrmity with the same.
The Participants. Beneficiary" shall mean any person or entity designated by the Participant in the form and manner the Plan Administrator may prescribe or, in the absence of such designation or an effective designation, the Participant's estate.
The Participants family group" means the Participant's spouse and descendants (whether natural or adopted) and any trust solely for the benefit of the Participant and/or the Participant's spouse and/or descendants.

Related to The Participants

  • Participants is defined in Section 12.2.1.

  • CDS Participants means a broker, dealer, bank or other financial institution or other person for whom CDS effects book-entry transfers and pledges of Deposit Notes under the Book-Entry System.

  • L/C Participants the collective reference to all the Revolving Lenders other than the Issuing Lender.

  • Program Participants means, for any CRP, the Centers (other than the Lead Center for such CRP) and any Partner receiving funding for activities under such CRP that are funded by the CGIAR Fund.

  • Eligible Participants means persons who, at a particular time, are employees, officers, consultants, or directors of the Company or its subsidiaries;

  • Participant has the meaning specified in Section 10.06(d).

  • Section 16 Participants means Participants who are subject to the provisions of Section 16 of the Exchange Act.

  • Participating employee means an employee whose election to participate in a Plan has been approved by the employer.

  • FTR Participant means any Market Participant that provides or is required to provide Collateral in order to participate in PJM’s FTR auctions.

  • Book Entry Participants means institutions that participate directly or indirectly in the Depository’s book entry registration system for the Warrants;

  • Non-U.S. Participant means any Participant that if it were a Lender would qualify as a Non-U.S. Lender.

  • Other Participant means a cooperative project participant other than the United States.

  • Rights Offering Participants means those Persons who duly subscribe for Rights Offering Shares in accordance with the Rights Offering Procedures.

  • Eligible Employees means each employee of the Company or an Affiliate.

  • Participant’s Account means an account maintained for each Participant’s participation in DSUs and/or RSUs under the Plan;

  • Former Participant means a person who has been a Participant, but who has ceased to be a Participant for any reason.

  • Participant ID means each unique identifier assigned to a Participant other than a DMA Customer by BSEF for access to the SEF operated by BSEF.

  • CDS Participant means a broker, dealer, bank or other financial institution or other person for whom, from time to time, CDS effects book entries for the Units deposited with CDS.

  • Plan Participant means any individual who is eligible to receive benefits through a plan or trust established by a plan sponsor.

  • Participating Employer means any trade or business (whether or not incorporated) which adopts this Plan with the consent of the Company identified in the Adoption Agreement.

  • Program participant means that term as defined in section 3 of the address confidentiality program act.

  • Participant Contribution means the pre-tax or after-tax contribution required to be paid by a Participant, if any, as determined under each Welfare Program. The term “Participant Contribution” includes contributions used for the provision of benefits under a self- insured arrangement of the Employer as well as contributions used to purchase insurance contracts or policies.

  • U.S. Participant means a Participant who is a citizen of the United States or a resident of the United States, as defined in section 7701(a)(30)(A) and section 7701(b)(1) of the Code and any other Participant who is subject to tax under the Code with respect to compensatory awards granted pursuant to the Plan;

  • Inactive Participant means each Participant (other than a Retired Participant, Deceased Participant or Disabled Participant) who is not in active service as an Outside Director and is not actively employed by a Participating Company.

  • Lower Tier Participant refers any participant who has entered into a covered transaction with a First Tier Participant or other Lower Tier Participants (such as subcontractors and suppliers).

  • Qualified Participant means a Participant who has attained age 55 and who has completed at least 10 years of participation in the Plan.