Your Investment definition

Your Investment means the money invested on Your behalf by Us in accordance with the Investment Program.

Examples of Your Investment in a sentence

  • Your Investment does not lead to any form of control in Lendahand, SME Finance, the Local Partner and/or the Business.

  • Online Access to Your Investment Information regarding your investment may also be accessed from our secure site.

  • If You have any complaint in respect of the operation of these Terms of Business or Your Investment in general, this should be made in writing to the address set out at Clause 31.1 below for the attention of the Head of Compliance and Risk.

  • If We do not receive payment by the Settlement Day, We reserve the right to cancel the deal, in which case You are entitled to have repaid to You any money You have paid to Us, subject to a deduction of the amount, if any, by which the value of Your Investment has fallen at the time at which We cancel the deal.

  • The price that You will receive for Your Investment will be calculated at the Valuation Point for the Fund that You are invested in.

  • This means that where Your Investment is held in any additional Funds, You may receive the proceeds from the PruFund Range of Funds after those additional Funds have been realised.Where this is the case, the Unit Price on the date of the transaction at the end of the delay period may be different to the Unit Price on the date that We received Your request.

  • Your Investment Account includes an interest-bearing FDIC-insured fund.

  • Income Allocations Assigned to an Investor’s Units May Result in a Tax Liability in Excess of Cash Distributions Which Means You May Have to Pay Income Tax on Your Investment with Personal Funds.

  • Likewise, we will determine how much Policy Value to transfer out of the Portfolio Allocation Method Investment Options into Your Investment Options.

  • Based on the relationship of the rider guarantees to Your Policy Value, we will determine how much Policy Value to transfer out of Your Investment Options to one or more Portfolio Allocation Method Investment Options.

Related to Your Investment

  • Capital investment means an investment in real property, personal property, or both, at a

  • Total Investment means the sum of the aggregate Capital Contributions made by a Member.

  • PIPE Investment has the meaning specified in the Recitals hereto.

  • Follow-On Investment means an additional investment in the same issuer, including, but not limited to, through the exercise of warrants, conversion privileges or other rights to purchase securities of the issuer.

  • Minimum Investment means an investment in the project of at least two and one‑half million dollars within the investment period. If a county has an average annual unemployment rate of at least twice the state average during the last twenty‑four month period based on data available on the most recent November first, the minimum investment is one million dollars. The department shall designate these reduced investment counties by December thirty‑first of each year using data from the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and the United States Department of Commerce. The designations are effective for a sponsor whose fee agreement is signed in the calendar year following the county designation. For all purposes of this chapter, the minimum investment may include amounts expended by a sponsor or sponsor affiliate as a nonresponsible party in a voluntary cleanup contract on the property pursuant to Article 7, Chapter 56, Title 44, the Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program, if the Department of Health and Environmental Control certifies completion of the cleanup. If the amounts under the Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program equal at least one million dollars, the investment threshold requirement of this chapter is deemed to have been met.

  • Private Investment means a securities offering that is exempt from registration under certain provisions of the U.S. securities laws and/or similar laws of non-U.S. jurisdictions. It includes investments in hedge funds, private equity funds, limited partnerships, real estate, peer to peer lending clubs and private businesses.

  • Investment Options means the investment options, as determined from time to time by the Committee, used to credit earnings, gains and losses on Account balances.

  • covered investment means, with respect to a Party, an investment in its territory of an investor of the other Party in existence as of the date of entry into force of this Treaty or established, acquired, or expanded thereafter.

  • Widely Held Fixed Investment Trust as that term is defined in Treasury Regulations section 1.671-5(b)(22) or successor provisions.

  • Other Investments means assets which are not Direct Investments or Underlying Funds.

  • Investment Option means any of the guaranteed investments and variable investment funds available under the Plan.

  • Net Investment means (i) as it relates to the Stockholders, the total amount of Gross Proceeds raised in all Offerings; and (ii) as it relates to the Limited Partners (other than the General Partner in its capacity as a Limited Partner) the total amount of Capital Contributions.

  • Nonpurpose Investment means any investment property (as defined in Section 148(b) of the Code) that is acquired with the Gross Proceeds of the Funding Loan and which is not acquired to carry out the governmental purpose of the Funding Loan.

  • Investment Funds means all monies and financial resources available for investment by the Authority, other than proceeds of bonds issued by the Authority.

  • Qualified equity investment means any equity investment in, or long-term debt security issued by, a qualified community development entity that:

  • Alternative Investments means investments in the said State which are within the ability and competence of the Company or of corporations which are related to the Company for the purposes of the Companies (Western Australia) Code and which are approved by the Minister from time to time as alternative investments for the purpose of this Agreement (which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld in the case of an investment which would add value or facilitate the addition of value, beyond mining, to the mineral resources of the said State);”;

  • Initial Investment : means the amount that you initially subscribed to invest into the Plan.

  • Restricted Investment means an Investment other than a Permitted Investment.

  • Prior Period Investments means investments made in a previous evaluation period that are outstanding as of the examination date.

  • Permitted Business Investment means any Investment made in the ordinary course of, and of a nature that is or shall have become customary in, the Oil and Gas Business including investments or expenditures for actively exploiting, exploring for, acquiring, developing, producing, processing, gathering, marketing or transporting oil, natural gas or other Hydrocarbons and minerals through agreements, transactions, interests or arrangements which permit one to share risks or costs, comply with regulatory requirements regarding local ownership or satisfy other objectives customarily achieved through the conduct of the Oil and Gas Business jointly with third parties including:

  • Family of Investment Companies as used herein means two or more registered investment companies (or series thereof) that have the same investment adviser or investment advisers that are affiliated (by virtue of being majority owned subsidiaries of the same parent or because one investment adviser is a majority owned subsidiary of the other).

  • Direct investment means a direct investment as defined by the International Monetary Fund under its Balance of Payments manual, fifth edition (BMP 5), as amended;

  • Joint Venture Investment means, with respect to any Obligor, any Investment by such Obligor in a joint venture or other investment vehicle in the form of a capital investment, loan or other commitment in or to such joint venture or other investment vehicle pursuant to which such Obligor may be required to provide contributions, investments, or financing to such joint venture or other investment vehicle and which Investment the Borrower has designated as a “Joint Venture Investment”.

  • Equity Investment means (i) an Equity Security; and (ii) an ownership interest in any company or other entity, any membership interest that includes a voting right in any company or other entity, any interest in real estate; and any investment or transaction which in substance falls into any of these categories even though it may be structured as some other form of investment or transaction.

  • Investment is any beneficial ownership interest in any Person (including stock, partnership interest or other securities), and any loan, advance or capital contribution to any Person.

  • Special Purpose Investment Personnel means each SEI Access Person who, in connection with his or her regular functions (including, where appropriate, attendance at Board meetings and other meetings at which the official business of a Trust or any Fund thereof is discussed or carried on), obtains contemporaneous information regarding the purchase or sale of a Security by a Fund. Special Purpose Investment Personnel shall occupy this status only with respect to those Securities as to which he or she obtains such contemporaneous information.