Medical Records Sample Clauses

Medical Records. Medical records relating to Trial Subjects that are not submitted to Sponsor may include some of the same information as is included in Trial Data; however, Sponsor makes no claim of ownership to those documents or the information they contain. c.
Medical Records a) With the proper patient consent and in accordance with all local, state and federal laws governing confidentiality, Provider shall make available to USA, INSURER, or as applicable all federal, state and local agents, copies of all medical records for the purpose of maintaining a quality assurance program required by USA or INSURER for a period of the greater of five (5) years from the date of treatment or consultation or the number of years that medical records are required to be kept under applicable governing laws.
Medical Records. Develop and utilize accurate medical, appointment, financial and billing records of all matters relating to obligations under this Agreement and provide them to BCBSM upon request;
Medical Records. Performer List;
Medical Records. Business Manager shall advise and assist --------------- Practice as to the establishment, monitoring and maintenance of procedures and policies for the timely creation, preparation, filing and retrieval of all medical records generated by Practice in connection with Practice's provision of Medical Services; and, subject to applicable law, shall ensure that medical records are promptly available to Physicians and any other appropriate persons. All such medical records shall be retained and maintained in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws. All medical records are, and will remain, the property and Confidential Information of Practice and its patients.
Medical Records. Upon termination of this Agreement, the Medical Group shall retain all patient medical records maintained by the Medical Group or the Management Company in the name of the Medical Group.
Medical Records. HMO must require, through contractual provisions or provider manual, providers to create and keep medical records in compliance with the medical records standards contained in Appendix O, Standards for Medical Records. All medical records must be kept for at least five (5) years, except for records of rural health clinics, which must be kept for a period of six (6) years from the date of service."
Medical Records. (A) The Contractor shall maintain a medical record keeping system that complies with state and federal law.
Medical Records. The Resident acknowledges that all patient related records are the property of Advocate and agrees to cooperate fully with the Advocate, Program and Medical Staff policies regarding the completion of medical records.
Medical Records. Seller has maintained the confidentiality of all Medical Records as required by and in conformance with all applicable Laws, including HIPAA, and regulations. To Seller’s knowledge, no Medical Records have been transferred to any individual or entity against the request of any patient prohibiting Hospital from transferring his or her patient information or records.