FIFTH Sample Clauses

FIFTH. The Distributor shall act as an agent of the Company in connection with the sale and redemption of Shares. Except with respect to such sales and redemptions, the Distributor shall act as principal in all matters relating to the promotion of the sale of Shares and shall enter into all of its own engagements, agreements and contracts as principal on its own account. The Distributor shall enter into agreements with investment dealers and financial institutions selected by the Distributor, authorizing such investment dealers and financial institutions to offer and sell the Shares to the public upon the terms and conditions set forth therein, which shall not be inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement. Each agreement shall provide that the investment dealer or financial institution shall act as a principal, and not as an agent, of the Company.
FIFTH. Amounts payable pursuant to paragraph SECOND above shall compensate/reimburse the Distributor for financing any activity which is primarily intended to result in the sale of the Class K Shares, including, but not limited to, expenses of organizing and conducting sales seminars, advertising programs, finders fees, printing of prospectuses and statements of additional information (and supplements thereto) and reports for other than existing shareholders, preparation and distribution of advertising material and sales literature, supplemental payments to dealers and other institutions as asset-based sales charges and providing such other services and activities as may from time to time be agreed upon by the Company. Such reports, prospectuses and statements of additional information (and supplements thereto), sales literature, advertising and other services and activities may be prepared and/or conducted either by Distributor's own staff, the staff of affiliated companies of the Distributor, or third parties. SIXTH: Amounts set forth in Schedule B may also be used to compensate/reimburse the Distributor for making payments of service fees under a shareholder service arrangement to be established by Distributor in accordance with paragraph SEVENTH below. To the extent that amounts paid hereunder are not used specifically to compensate Distributor for any such expense, such amounts may be treated as compensation for Distributor's distribution-related services. All amounts expended pursuant to the Plan and Agreement shall be paid to Distributor and are the legal obligation of the Company and not of Distributor. That portion of the amounts paid under the Plan and Agreement that is not paid or advanced by Distributor to dealers or other institutions that provide personal continuing shareholder service as a service fee pursuant to paragraph SEVENTH below shall be deemed an asset-based sales charge. No provision of this Plan and Agreement shall be interpreted to prohibit any payments by the Company during periods when the Company has suspended or otherwise limited sales. SEVENTH: Distributor may make payments to selected banks, financial planners, retirement plan service providers and other appropriate third parties acting in an agency capacity for their customers who provide shareholder services to their customers from time to time. The maximum service fee paid to any service provider shall be twenty-five one hundredths of one percent (0.25%), per annum of the avera...
FIFTH. The name and address of the Corporation’s current resident agent are as set forth in Article IV of the foregoing amendment and restatement of the charter.
FIFTH. All sales literature and advertisements used by the Distributor in connection with sales of shares of any of the Funds shall be subject to the approval of the Funds. The Funds authorize the Distributor in connection with the sale or arranging for the sale of shares to give only such information and to make only such statements and representations as are contained in the current Prospectuses and Statements of Additional Information of the Funds or in sales literature and advertisements approved by the Funds or in such financial statements and reports as are furnished by the Distributor pursuant to this Agreement. The Funds shall not be responsible in any way for any information, statements or representations given or made by the Distributor or its representative agents other than such information, statements or representations contained in the then current Prospectuses and Statements of Additional Information or other financial statements of the Funds or sales literature or advertisements approved by the Funds. SIXTH: The Distributor as agent of the Funds, and any Selected Dealer entering into a Selected Dealer Agreement with the Distributor are authorized, subject to the direction of the Funds, to accept shares of the Funds for redemption at their net asset value determined as prescribed in the then current Prospectuses and Statements of Additional Information of the Funds.
FIFTH. (a) The total number of shares of all classes of stock of the Corporation heretofore authorized was 15 825 000 shares, of which 5 450 000 of the par value of $100 each were Cumulative Preferred Stock (amounting in the aggregate to $545 000 000 par value) and 10 375 000 shares without nominal or par value were Common Stock.
FIFTH. In furtherance of and not in limitation of powers conferred by statute, it is further provided that:
FIFTH. Notwithstanding the above procedure, an employee will be allowed to displace an employee in a classification not previously performed in when that classification is in a logical progression from a present or former classification held. Again, the employee must meet the minimum requirements for the classification and have the ability to perform the duties of the position.
FIFTH. The foregoing amendments have been duly advised by the Board of Directors of the Corporation and approved by the stockholders of the Corporation as required by law. SIXTH: The undersigned acknowledges these Articles of Amendment to be the corporate act of the Corporation and as to all matters or facts required to be verified under oath, the undersigned acknowledges that to the best of his knowledge, information and belief, these matters and facts are true in all material respects and that this statement is made under the penalties for perjury.
FIFTH. No person shall, by virtue of the granting of this option to the Holder, be deemed to be a holder of any shares purchasable under this option or to be entitled to the rights or privileges of a holder of such shares unless and until this option has been exercised with respect to such shares and they have been issued pursuant to that exercise of this option. The Company shall, at all times while any portion of this option is outstanding, reserve and keep available, out of shares of its authorized and unissued stock or reacquired shares, a sufficient number of shares of its Common Stock to satisfy the requirements of this option; shall comply with the terms of this option promptly upon exercise of the option rights; and shall pay all fees or expenses necessarily incurred by the Company in connection with the issuance and delivery of shares pursuant to the exercise of this option.