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Figure 1. Symbol "Does not protect chin from impacts@
Figure 1 of this Chart means Chart 2 of this thesis.
Figure 1. Schematic cross-section of embedded ferroelectric RAM. ** . ** . ** . ** Table 1: ** ** .

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  • Any further distribution of this work must maintain attribution to the author(s) and the title of the work, journal citation and DOI.Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd 1 Figure 1.

  • Figure 1 below, before section 7.7, illustrates the procedure to follow if you have any concerns about a child’s welfare.Where possible, speak to the DSL first to agree a course of action.If in exceptional circumstances the DSL is not available, this should not delay appropriate action being taken.

  • Repeat these same steps with the TN Zone and Long-term Grand Geometric Mean TN Concentration Figure 1 and Figure 2.

  • This determination will clarify which attachments, detailed in Figure 1, will be required to be completed and returned.

  • Figure 1: Hydrologic Cycle and Sources of Drinking Water Illustration courtesy of USGS Types of Public Water SystemsA public water system is defined as a system for the provision to the public of water for human consumption through pipes or other constructed conveyances, if such system has at least 15 service connections or regularly serves at least 25 individuals.

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Figure 1. Overall organizational structure as defined in GEI Plan North Sea. GEI PLAN NORTH SEA Coordination Committee Land CP-OPS On Scene Commander Dir-CP-OPS Platform at sea - On Scene Coordinator SAR - On Scene Coordinator ENV D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 CP-OPS Co-ordination Committee
Figure 1. SITA’s Global Project Management: SITA’s project management processes and procedures have been tested through 50+ years of providing wide area network services to the air transport community on an unprecedented global scale. SITA is uniquely positioned to draw upon proven global Program Management expertise, processes, and operations (see Figure 1) to provide Worldspan with a low risk migration path to IP. We will provide the necessary resources to ensure the successful delivery of quality Wide Area Network (WAN) services. Our robust Program Management plan employs a total quality management approach that includes: • Worldspan not only as the final decision maker but also as an integral member of the Project Management team • A mutually agreed, realistic and low risk schedule through integrated management and maintenance • Implementation of Change Management to provide flexibility in accommodating project changes • Proactive Risk Management designed for early identification, assessment, and mitigation of project risks • A dedicated Customer Satisfaction Manager to ensure the highest level of quality and Worldspan’s complete satisfaction [**] = Confidential treatment requested for redacted portion; redacted portion has been filed separately with the Commission. • The use of Project Management experts who have managed and executed programs of similar size and scopeState of the art communications technology to ensure timely and accurate communication between the Worldspan and SITA Project Offices Resources To support the Worldspan IP Migration, the London-based Project Management team will consist of [at least] three fully dedicated resources for the duration of the project: one (1) Senior Project Manager / Project Director and two (2) Project Managers. These resources will comprise the core of the “Worldpan IP Migration Project Office,” that will be the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all project issues. This Project Office will be Worldspan’s link to SITA’s global Program Management infrastructure, described in greater detail below. It will be this team’s responsibility to insure that the migration progresses according to Worldspan’s and SITA’s mutually agreed objectives.
Figure 1. Sample Siebel Screen: (does not represent actual screen) [**] Semi-Annual Updates to the Call Plan The Call Plan will be updated according to the updated Target List. The updated Call Plan will be submitted to the CPMC for review and approval within [**] days of OBI’s receipt of the updated Target List. Each updated Call Plan will be incorporated into the Co-Promotion Plan following approval by the CPMC and will replace the immediately preceding Call Plan. OBI will provide all OBI Sales Representatives with a copy of the most current Call Plan in the next available production run of the Siebel Assignment Manager System after approval by the CPMC.
Figure 1. Location Map of the Xxxxxx East Property Terms of the Acquisition Pursuant to the Agreement, the Company may acquire a 100% interest in the Property by issuing an aggregate of 400,000 shares and making aggregate cash payments of $86,000 over a period of three years, as outlined in Table 1 below. Table 1: Share Issuance and Cash Payment Schedule Milestone Shares Issuances Cash Payments Upon Signing 200,000 $12,000 1 Year Anniversary 200,000 $17,000 2 Year Anniversary n/a $22,000 3 Year Anniversary n/a $35,000 Totals 400,000 $86,000 On completion of the earn-in, the optionors will retain a net smelter return (“NSR”) of 1.5%, 0.5% of which may be purchased by Hawkmoon for $600,000. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, President of Hawkmoon, states “We are very pleased to enter into a purchase option agreement related to these new claims, as they are contiguous to our Xxxxxx property. This opportunity reinforces our focus on the Quévillon area. The claims appear prospective for gold exploration.” About Hawkmoon Resources Hawkmoon is focused entirely on its three Quebec gold projects. Two of these projects are in one of the world’s largest gold deposits, the Abitibi Greenstone Belt. Both these gold projects are accessed by government-maintained roads and are in close proximity to each other east of xxx xxxx xx Xxxxx xxx Xxxxxxxxx. The third project is situated in the Belleterre Gold Camp southwest of Val-d’Or. For more information, review the Company’s filings available at
Figure 1. The XXXxX logo – the two basic variations. n p w This deliverable contains information on ROSiE’s website (xxxxx://xxxxx- xxxxxx.xx/) and its social media sites (Twitter and LinkedIn pages). ROSiE’s website acts as a hub, where all online dissemination channels converge. Twitter and LinkedIn pages of the project can be easily reached through the front page of the website. Additionally, the Twitter account has an active window at the bottom of the front page, where the activity of XXXxX and other projects is visible. h s NTUA started designing the website and created the Social Media sites even before the official start of the project, in close collaboration with the project’s coordinators. The non-public version of the website was presented at t e coordinating entity, where there was the chance to comment on the different elements of the website (i.e. content, design, and aesthetics). NTUA implemented all needed amendments. The de ign and aesthetics of the Social Media sites are for branding purposesadjusted to and in line with the website. n w ROSiE’s website was launch d on the 24th of June 2021, for the necessary final finishing touches to be applied in the real enviro ment (i.e. not in a mock-up form) and will be idely disseminated through the existing social media channels on the 31st of June – on time for the MS2 to be successfuly reached. Technical specifications r o ROSiE’s website has been launched through the official server of NTUA. The current version of the website is based on the popular content management system WordPress. Relevant technologies: PHP, MySQL database, WordPress. Future updated versions f the website will extend the existing infrastructure and use more flexible web development fra PHPto better support advanced usage scenarios. m eworks like Laravel w s The 1st version of XXXxX’s website was launched on the 24th of June 2021 and most of its content can be reached by scrolling do n. This option was chosen, since at this early point of the project’s timeline, there is not a large volume of information to be communicated. NTUA, in cooperation with UiO, decided to refrain from adding pop-up menus and keep the website a simple as possible, in order to spread the word of the project’s basic objectives, key concepts, vision, challenges and mission as efficient as possible. Below there is a series of screen captures of the project's website. r o Figure 2: The upper part of the XXXxX website front page; it acts as the welcome or the “rec...
Figure 1. Iwi Consent Approval/Comment Process Need Iwi approval or comment? Application Prepared No Dont Know? Phone ORC or Iwi for help Get Iwi approval or comment Yes Lodge Application with ORC Lodge application with ORC with request to obtain approval or comment as appropriate Get Iwi approval or comment Modify application as appropriate Give Applicant opportunity to comment and modify application as appropriate ORC process application either notified or non-notified as appropriate Decision RMA Consent application received Summary referred to Iwi office Figure 2 Xxx office wants full application to assess YES ORC provides full application NO Iwi office identifies significant issue(a) NO